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    What's My Password?

    by , 03-31-2022 at 07:41 PM (475 Views)
    A dream character approached me to borrow my phone (for eBay). As she logged in, I saw her use her own account instead of mine, which was less convenient. So I asked, “Why didn’t you use my account instead?"

    She avoided eye contact and uttered a quiet “I don’t know."

    So I asked her, “Don’t you know my password?”

    She looked visibly shaken by this question and shook her head no vigorously.

    "Go ahead and tell me. I think you know it. What’s my password?” I asked with confidence, curious about something.

    Visibly shaken now, she read off my password. It was correct, except one or two letters off.
    Soon after, she broke down and cried.

    I tried to reassure her she did a good job, the guess was mostly correct, and asked her what was wrong.

    She cried and told me it was horrifying to her that she was not her own person. It disturbed her that I was in her mind like that. Like a parasite, she said.

    I sat down. “Nooo no no no. Look, you’re a part of me, that’s normal." I went on to explain (as I've done many times with other dream characters in the past—this comes up every now and then).
    "We're part of a collective, the human race. We’re all just a part of something.” I said, explain it to her as best as I understood it.

    She didn't take it well, though. Ran off in a panic.

    I looked over at another woman who was standing by, having seen the whole thing.
    “Those parts of my password she got wrong… She knew them, didn’t she?” I asked the quiet witness.
    She nodded.
    I understood that the woman who had run away did purposely give part of the password incorrectly.
    It scared her too much to speak the correct word.

    I walked outside and eventually woke up.
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