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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    1. Being a pterodactyl.

      by , 10-04-2012 at 08:27 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I'll run through the first couple dreams somewhat quick to get to the lucid ones. First I had a dream I was at my house, and my sister's best friend's ghost was around bugging me. This weird annoying form of "Haunting" in the dream. (Her friend's not dead in real life) Well for some reason I had control over ghosts in some sort of fashion, but I didn't have control of making them go away or passing them on to the next life. I knew that my sister had the ability to pass ghosts onto the next life, so I went to her, and she did it for me. (Long story short)

      I was put in a mental hospital with my wife's other friend Corey, we met a few people there and had conversations around the table with a few other people. I remember at one point an elder japanese man pulled me off to another room and was kind enough to share his penut butter with me. We talked for a moment, and the dream was over.

      OH! One dream that I had was so interesting to me while I was in it, and when I woke up. I was looking out onto this very, very, very strange highway. It was a highway of hundreds of different auto mobiles not just going past each other, but driving around and over each other like a huge swarm of bugs. It wasn't just normal automobiles though, there was probably one of ever automobile I've ever seen in my life. Real ones and fictional ones. I saw some from old video games, like a Ghost vehicle from Halo III for instance. Everything. So I chose one. It looked nothing like a car, but it owned the highway. I was happy with my choice.

      So, my alarm went off and I fell back asleep. The dream started out with an explanation of a specific being that was a character in my dream. I'm pretty sure I watched her explanation twice. She was a tool of the universe, given the power to paint the world back into health each time that it had been severely damaged throughout history. When the earth would flood or move out of it's destined path, she would come and bring it back to normal. The problem was, she became angry, and wicked. It turned into a scene where I along with my family and a group of other people were being held captive in her house. She had a strange sense of humor, so she was ordering us to do a set of things like arrange her house and belongings. While killing each other and having people dissimbody each other while in the process. I remember at one point I was carrying out a keyboard with two disconnected legs hanging from it.
      At some point in this dream, I realized somewhat that it was a dream. I knew it was a dream, but I needed to save my family out of this house. I told my mother and sister to hold my hand, and I closed my eyes, and made us appear in my back yard. I then noticed.. that I didn't know how to get back to save my dad. I flew over the wall and tried to recall what the previous house looked like... it was too foggy to jump back to. Just then, I noticed my dad walking up to the side of the house. He walked up, not phased one bit with what just happen. He seemed alright. He said something to the nature of, "Eh, I get why she did it. The process just sucked." They all walked in the house, and I went off flying to explore. I flew up above the forest that shows up each time I start flying from my house, but I didn't want to get stuck in it. So I found a place behind the trees that wasn't the same. It was a huge field with a small bunch of very large and fancy houses going down one side of the area. I decided that I wanted to go in and explore the houses. Just as I flew up to one of the entrances, I noticed there was a guy that lived there about to walk in. I didn't want to struggle with this dream character, so I carried him up and put him in one of the tallest trees, then flew back down. For some reason, all of the houses had a bunch of very large books in front of them. The houses turned into bookshelves and there was no entrances. I knocked all of the books off, just a flat wall behind them. So I flew threw a few more scenes, and out the window of some appartment. Suddenly it was rainy, and cloudy. I was over a bay area, and the sea was strongly disturbed. I flew up into the clouds to try to find sunlight above them. The clouds went on for a very, very long time. Unnaturally long. I noticed even back at the appartment that something about my dream started to make me nervous. Maybe there was something wrong with my body, but it started to turn south. I was flying through the clouds some more, and thinking what could possibly go wrong? I'm hundreds of feet in the air. For some reason, I thought of the only dangerous thing I could think of that would be in the air in a dream state. Something like a Pterodactyl. I hope none of those pop up in my dream, I thought to myself. Then what do you think happened. A few pterodactyls flew by and tried snapping at me. HUGE, birds. They looked dangerous. I'm not sure how this happened, but after awhile I thought that I was dreaming with my wife. We both turned into small pterodactyls and flew around with some other little guys. I noticed on the side of the cliff there was a flock of them hanging their tails on little branches over the ocean.
      Brilliant! I thought. I've always wanted a tail. I used my tail to hang upside down and my wife did the same. We 'hung out' for a while. But I started getting nipped by the other birds around me. It actually really hurt. So my wife and I left, and returned to human form. We walked into some sort of storage room, and were about to get it on- when some lady walked past us. Very suspicious-like. In the dream, it was some lady that was supposed to be keeping an eye on my wife and we felt weird about it. That's about where I think it ended. Altogether, a very interesting night. But a little bit nerve wracking during the later parts of it.
    2. My flowers.

      by , 10-02-2012 at 09:10 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I strongly recall two dreams from last night. The first took place in a mall. My wife and I walked through it, looking in the shops and walking down the center hall. We began to argue about something, something not important. I rudely suggested that she... shut up, and she began to go on about whatever it is we were argueing about.
      As we continued walking, I caught the eye of a middle aged women in the mall. She looked at my wife while my wife rambled and muttered "Oh stop bein a lil bitch."
      I turned the the women seeing that she insulted my wife and began yelling at the top of my lungs, "Know what? %&#@ you %#&@*!" '*%&# you!" "You better shut, the *$&@# up!", and she returned my comment with an attitude, so I walked up and got in her face. I'm not like this in real life, honest. I find that in dreams, my emotions (espeically anger) are amplified and they turn on very swiftly. My wife backed me away and we kept walking through the mall. We went in one of the shops, and walked out it's other entrance, and there the lady was again. She gave me a look, and I yell "%*@% you!" as we walked out of the mall. I didn't know why I was acting out so harshly, but I did know that it felt good. (Sigh)

      The next dream was more pleasant. My wife and I had a small garden of flowers. I can't say that these flowers were, "Alive" as a description. Because of course, all flowers are alive. But these flowers, were a bit... 'more alive', if you will. We breathed on them and they moved about, almost snuggling with the other flowers. We began talking to them in gentle voices, routing them on and giving them suggestion to grow. A few of the plants sprouted buds and flowers and gained colors. I grew quite fond of that garden. Hopefully I'll see it again soon.

      Off to another dreaming event soon, goodnight Dreamviews!
    3. Saving the world or something.

      by , 09-29-2012 at 06:09 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      Last night's dream were a lot more interesting than the other's I've been having recently. They started out at a very, very large fancy school. It had large halls and glass walls, and a very well decorated exterior. I think, that somehow this school was also a private airport in the back courtyard. Also, they had rooms that people could board in for a few nights like a motel. It was a big place. My wife and I, and a friend were boarding there for the night, but things went south when the alarms started sounding. The building began being invaded by a terrorist army. There was a ton of commotion in the front part of the building, but most of the kids at school didn't hear it yet. I sent my wife out of the back to escape, and then ran through the halls hollering at the top of my lungs about what was going on, warning the rest of the building.
      My friend and I went up to our room and grabbed the little things we had, and escaped. He told me he had seen this happen before, and he knew what to do. We escaped the building and fled.
      The whole dream changed to another story, but the measure of alarm was still at large. In this portion of the dream, I was accompanied by the Winchester brothers from the T.V. show Supernatural (Sam and Dean). We were plotting a plan of attack on the enemy invasion. There's a few short sections of this part that I don't remember, but then I remember hurrying into a motel- where I met Bobby. If you haven't watched the show, it won't make sense- but Bobby at this point was a ghost, and he was on the verge of losing his mind and becoming a vengeful spirit. I managed to calm his commotion and level his head after a good minute of yelling and reasoning.
      We came to an understanding, and all sat down to make a plan. I have no idea how it got to this, but the plan was- to crash a plane into the enemy. And they did. Sam and Dean crashed a plane into the bad guys and somehow survived. I'll attribute it to their main character status.
      After that, there was a final battle scene where somehow- the enemies got their hands on a large group of super powers, making their appearance and abilities mimic exactly those of comic book heroes and videogame characters. Luckily, a make-shift group of civilians aided us in gainin those same powers and fighting them back off. Some time right after the large battle of flashing lights and explosions, I became lucid and was walking down the street towards where the commotion had been. Some teenaged boy kept trying to talk to me and panick to me, but... I knew it was a dream then and didn't care much. I floated him up in the air and threw him a good mile or two so I would be distracted. I was in the dream for a while longer but my alarm went off. And I faded into the next set of dreams.
    4. The underwater alien base.

      by , 09-26-2012 at 06:12 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      Last night I had a dream that I was in a city that was actually a mixture of Tustin and North Long Beach, California. The first couple scenes I recall, I was talking to my brother Jeremy. I don't remember what we were talking about, but the next thing I know- I'm headed towards a group of our friends. I'm walking right behind our friend Vinny, but Vinny won't seem to slow down for some reason. He starts ducking in behind walls and making it into a game of hide and seek. I finally seem to catch up with him and lean up against a wall surrounding wherever we were at the time. I notice that a few of my other friends were here, this was were I intended to go in the first place. I start being ridiculed by my friends about being bad at hide and seek, and I return to them that I wasn't... even playing. They went on about how I touched the wrong wall, that wall wasn't the base. I honestly insist I wasn't playing, lol. The normal playful namecalling commenses, and the dream shifts somewhat to where we're all standing on top of a jungle gym. (I guess that was a sign that this scene was a childish one.)
      So I begin to climb down from the jungle gym. But, the thing that I'm climbing down was like one I've never seen in real life. It was an orange piece of metal sprouting in all different minute directions. It was actually very entertaining to climb down.
      So I got down, and took off across the play ground- back to my friend's house. I got to a house that belonged to a friend of a friend. My good friend John was there, and we were outside in the backyard having a few cigerettes with the guy who owned the house. We just talked for awhile, and then walked out in the front yard. In the front driveway I noticed two sleeping bags opened up like they had just been in use. There was a pack of smokes laying on one of them that I picked up to inspect, but then put back down. Later I thought to myself, that's probably what that guy was looking for.
      "Where you looking for that pack laying on the sleeping bag?" I asked. "Oh damn, yeah. Thanks man." He said and ran over to pick them up. Right about then John was ready to leave, so I decided it was time for me to head out too. Then my sister was with me out of nowhere, and it was time for her to leave to- so the rest of the dream was us on our way home. First we took a taxi to the subway station, and the last scene of the dream was me reaching into my pocket and only having a one. The taxi driver started slowly pulling away but I knocked on the back of his car and said "Hold up, man."
      Rose let me borrow five bucks to give him a tip, cause he was nice as shit. He thanked me very kindly and we took off.

      The dream I had after my WBTB alarm went of was a bit more bizzare. Jeremy and I were being held captive by two unhuman humanoid things. They weren't aloud to harm us but they weren't aloud to let us go. So we weren't that scared, it wasn't a nightmare. It was just strange and interesting. I remember twice were taken down in a transport to a small underwater base of operation. When we got to a certain point close to the base after we had been circling it waiting for deploy long enough- our individual bodies were encased in a hard bubble pod that transported us directly to the bay of the base. I remember the bubble pods very vividly, they made me very nervous. They were of some strange technology that doesn't exist, so I didn't know how they worked. It honestly felt like they might miss and I might just float off in the water. But both times it went right up into the ship. The ship was narrow, I remember. We followed the weird alien creatures around. They were about as tall as us or a bit taller. Their skin was a grey color, or grayish blue because of the water. They were a lot wider than us though, very firm and stout body shapes- with differently shape heads. We all walked into the main computer room, it was fascinating. I didn't pay much attention to what they were doing up front, I was looking at the ground. I noticed Jeremy started stepping on all of these little tiles on the ground and they were lighting up as if they were imbueing him with some kind of ability. Like if you stepped on a power-up in a video game. I began to look around, seeing a huge amount of little icons of a huge variety of gaming character abilities. One I specifically remember (Forgive me for being a nerd), was the Poke'mon Gengar's ability to hypnotize people into falling asleep. I grabbed that one, just incase we needed some action tools. I honestly don't remember much after that few minutes of looking around at the abilities and icons. Most of them didn't work, so I didn't fixate on them much. I'm pretty sure my alarm went off shortly after.
    5. Urgot Attack.

      by , 09-26-2012 at 01:17 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      The first dream I had was about my friend Nick and I. We were hanging out with a few other people at my house. My house had bunkbeds for some reason though. All I remember is having a group conversation for awhile, and then looking over at Nick because I heard him snoring. He had fallen asleep with his eyes open and was snoring. It was terribly funny to me so I pointed it out and threw a pen at him to snap him out of it.

      The next dream was very weird to me at the time. My family was getting ready to head out for church on a Sunday. I was in my back yard waiting for everyone to gather. I noticed my sister's boyfriend pull up in his car, and opened the gate for him. He was walking in with a toddler boy that looked a little bit like him.
      "Who's this little guy?" I asked him. He told me it was his son. I was so blown away, I said "Oh, alright." Then I walked back into my parent's house and talked to my mom.
      "Did you know that Tristan had another kid? I sure as heck didn't." I said to her. She had no idea either, we were both a bit dumb founded.

      After that, I had a dream that I was back at my old elementry school. I was having a cigerette and talking with someone else. After awhile I began having a very bad feeling like something was there. I told everyone we should leave, it was dark and I could feel something dangerous around. There were kids with us then and I began getting them to the exit. I saw what it was that was prowling. A character named Urgot from a videogame of mine. He was a biological machine that gave himself eternal life by replacing all of his organs and limbs with other creatures bodies and machine's. He looks like a huge wrotting mass with long metalic legs like a spider. We needed to get out. So we got to the exit and everyone was out except for one small boy. He had dissapeared. I ran back in the school and found him propped up against the wall, his chest was bleeding. Part of the skin of his chest had been taken out, so I rushed him away and back to his home down the street. The scene shifted to the next day. There were police in front of his house and his family had gathered to keep him company through recovery. I knew for some reason that I was the answer to Urgot's attacks. I walked in the house and pleaded with the family to let me through, I could help. They let me in, and I put my hand on the boy- and his injuries were healed. There was a bit more after this part but I don't remember it very well.

      The last dream was about my mother and I taking a trip up to the mountains with a little girl we were taking with us. Her parents both recently had died, and her and her sister were being taken in by my family but weren't together at the moment. The little girl wanted to hear about my mother parents, this was in the future some time after they both had died. My mother told me to tell the girl about them, so I did for the rest of the car ride. We got to a cabin we were going to be staying at, then my alarm went off.
    6. Work.

      by , 09-24-2012 at 09:38 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      Last night's dream was short. I was at work, walking around doing my normal duties(Fun right? Haha). There was a new employee there that new one of the managers that wasn't in.
      "So do you guys know Miguel?" he asked. Nobody there did at the time so I said Yeah I know him. One of the people working there was one of the kids I used to go to church with in real life when I was younger.
      I said "What's up Will, long time no see." not thinking much of it. We talked for a moment and then I started making Pizza. That was the end of the dream.
    7. "Where is my dream guide?"

      by , 09-23-2012 at 10:22 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      Last night I had quite a few dreams, but my recall has been lacking lately and I remember the main themes of two of the dreams.

      In the first scene, I was visiting my friend Marykate and her mother Wendy in a trailer home of theirs. In the dream it had been about seven to ten years since I had last seen them. It was a very pleasant visit. After a while I began to wonder where Marykates younger brother Kyle was. In real life he's currently in elementry school, we used to be somewhat close in a psuedo older brother type way when I was over at their house a lot- and I wanted to say hello. I asked them both what Kyle had been up to, to try to gain some information about where he was at. Marykate didn't say anything, and her mother's face went dull. Wendy leaned in a little closer and said, "You haven't heard what happened?"...
      "What do you mean?" I asked, and became a bit conserned. They both paused, and Marykates expression became very strained. "He died, Zech." She said, and began to cry. Wendy chimed in, "He had an accedent on a nature trip, he got attacked by an animal."
      "Oh my gosh..." I gasped... I couldn't believe it. It was so horrible, I sat closer to them and began to tear up myself. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know." I added. It was a terrible moment in the dream, but my dream turned it around thankfully. Wendy then flipped a swhich in emotion and said, he's in the other room- we were just messing around. (Now, in the dream they weren't at first. But the dream made a swhich, that meant they were all along.)
      "No fucking way you guys just made me think Kyle was dead. You guys are dick wads, major ones." I said relieved and pissed at the same time. An older version of Kyle then walked in the room and said Hey. I got up and hugged him and said Hey man, what's up- thank goodness. He said, "Yeah, they're assholes." and sat down with us. That was as much as I remember from that dream.

      The next dream I became lucid in some random place, walking down a suburban sidewalk. I remembered that I wanted to find out how well I could actually 'Hear' in dreams. Because I usually remember conversations and people talking, but I don't remember the voices or hearing their words after I wake up. So I yelled "HEY!... I'M DREAMING!" I could hear it loud an clear, it was pretty awesome. It made the dream more life-like. I began to float around checking things out, still yelling on the occasion. Then I got an idea. I've been curious about these things people call "Dream Guides", and I wanted to see if I could find one for myself. So I began going around, realizing there were no people around. I found a few people in the distance and cars driving by, and yelled at everyone "Hey! Where is my dream guide!?", "Hey you! Where can I find my dream guide."
      While doing this, I was playing around , trying to make little 'Resengan' like energy balls from that show Naruto. It worked like once, but my attention wasn't all the way there. I continued to fly around for awhile, and... I thought I might have found someone who knew something about my dream guide, but they got in a car and drove off. I was going to hunt them down, but my dream dissapated shortly after. I'm sure other things happened but like I said, not much dream recall lately. I'm hoping to fix that somehow. But that's it for now.
    8. Hitchiker.

      by , 09-23-2012 at 03:33 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I hardly remember anything about last night, I went to bed late and woke up in a hurry for a job interview. But I do remember that I was riding in a car with my father's friend Phil, and we picked up a somewhat dirty looking guy who needed a ride. He wanted to go to some part of town to look around for a party of rave, Phil instead drove him to a church and dropped him off.

      The last part I remember was being at a house, and someone telling me that the hitcher was back. I walked into the front of the yard and saw him, and something strange happen that seemed important... but I don't remember what.
    9. I destroyed the dream world on accedent.

      by , 09-21-2012 at 11:05 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      The first dream I had was of very little importance. I don't remember much of it, literally the only piece of it I can recall was Mulder from the X-files was gay. It didn't really make sense.

      The second dream that was actually memorable started out with me and my sister Rose at the park. I've been chanting a reminder in my head the past few days to attempt one of the DreamViews monthly challenges where you shrink your perspective down to the size of a tiny bug and explore the world. I finally remembered to do that in this dream, but it didn't last as long as I would hope. So, back to the plot.
      Rose and I were walking around with my niece in a stroller, like we have actually done in the past- nothing seemed out of place. I actually visit this park frequently in real life, it's down the street from my house. We walked along the pathway going through the grass and saw a small commotion over by the Park&Recreation office building, that's also next to the main playground. We made our way over to the side of the building and saw what everyone was buzzing about. There was a strange red-orange orb of energy hovering next to the sidewalk near the street. The orb had a dark ominous larger field of energy surrounding it, but you could tell the it the dark energy was radiating out of the smaller red one. I began to analyze my setting, trying to figure out what that could possibly be. It felt dark, and foreboding. I started to become lucid just then, I'm not sure if it was out of luck or if my critical thinking during the day is just paying off.
      I decided then that I wanted to get rid of that energy in the park. I attempted to create a orb of white and good energy to blend with the red one and nullify it but my white energy didn't seem to last very long. This is the part where it gets interesting. I decided to take an alternate route. I wanted to harness whatever this orb was, it obviously was of great importance in my head. But I also was reminded of my goal of shrinking, so I decided that if I DID get to explore the world of a bug or bacteria, it would be a well precaution to absorb the energy of that orb before going under, incase of any potential difficulties. I calmed my mind and focused on the perspective of my size. I wanted to make focus on both making myself smaller and the things around me larger. I focused my intent and closed my eyes for a technique that I usually use to summon things in front of my vision, but instead- I opened them to be standing next a forest of grass!
      I made my way just through a few blades and onto the side walk. The building next to me was much, much larger than it had been before and the projectile of my vision made the dark orb look like a red sun. This new light made the orb seem even more ominous, and what happened next- I guess I should have left undone. I began to expand the orb in my mind before I attempted to absorb it. I made it grow in size about twice as large as it had been but then, it ripped appart my dream. I guess it turned into some sort of black whole, the world went dark and I saw shapes of space and matter flying into it's spot until everything went dark and the dream ended. I woke up later, excited about the incredible visuals of the explosion but... it was unfortunet that I didn't get to roam around as a tiny me a bit longer.
    10. I'm so sorry, you're not real.

      by , 09-20-2012 at 06:45 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      These dreams started out in a huge grass field. The field was surrounded by trees and hills, and my brother Jeremy and I came across a cabin. The strange thing about this cabin though, was it was about fifteen feet above the ground suspended on ropes from the tree on above it. We looked around it for a while and designated it as our new hangout spot.
      The next scene was very, very interesting. There was a game going on that I was in, and everyone in this game was given a distinct set of abilities. It was in a team deathmatch setting. Players were eliminated if they were thrown down. What made it interesting... was all of the players were jumping from statue to statue, and the statues were coming out of a bed of molten lava. It was like lava tag, in a more literal sense. The statues were interesting, a bunch of different random objects and shapes, but I remember one in particular was a large stone embodyment of a 'long-neck' dinosaur. My personal ability was to morph my body into the body of a large snake. That made it easy for me to perch my self on objects and snag my opponents jumping by with my long body. One of the people on the enemy team though was very, very skilled. Overpowering, I'd say. It was her against my friend Bob, myself and some random person on our team, and we were trying to group up against her. I was wrapped around one of the stones and I needed to make a large leap across the pit to group with my mates, but it seemed too risky. Instead of making the jump I extended my long body across half way while Bob was extending his hand, so I wrapped around his wrist and then onto the stone he was hanging from.
      The scene changed but the game continued. The setting was a beach now. Not on the sand, but there was a manmade cement area built off the coast. On the cement my team had stairs leading up to a pedistal in which the other team couldn't step foot on. If they stepped onto it, they instantly lost. The enemy girl was still there, and my brother Jeremy and I were standing in the circle. I managed to steal one of these canisters that were the base of her abilities. The canisters sprayed a cloud of toxins into the air that knocked out whoever breathed it. I sprayed it once but it didn't work, Jeremy pointed out the wind was facing the wrong direction. So I ran around and released it into the air in the right angle but got both her and myself with it, ending the game but making me super dizzy. Jeremy wanted to go off and do something but I couldn't even stand up for a minute or two. We decided to let the girl from the other team hang out with us for a while, she had nothing better to do. We walked awhile and the dream scene changed again, we were back to that field and we went up inside of the cabin to show our new friend around. After getting up and taking a look around we all jumped back down and I was struggling to put the door back in it's place before we left. The door was also held to the house on a long rope, not on hinges. So the way to close the door was to set it exactly in the phrame of the door. I finally managed to get it well in, and began to walk off- when I heard wood crack and knew the door had fallen out of it's phrame. I jumped out of it's way and knocked our new friend out of the way as well. Right as I looked backwards, the door swung just a foot away from my face. "Phew! that was scary as shit." I said.
      At this point I'm not sure where he went, but I realized Jeremy wasn't there anymore. We decided to go find him, I think the dream hinted to me that he told me where he was going, so we set off walking.
      On the way to find him, we stopped by the girl's dad's house. He lived in a small house in the forest surrounding our grass fields. He was a really nice guy, clean cut and polite- but also looked like he knew his way around the outdoors.
      We also made another stop at my wife's aunt Nadine's house because I had to use the restroom. That restroom scene was so very uncomfortable, because the restroom was so small. And for some reason, they had a rigid shelf full of tiny relics that were filled with liquids, and no matter how careful I tried to move around the bathroom, even a small step would wobble the shelf and cause things to get knocked over. I spent a lot of the time in that place trying to re-arrange the little items on this shelf.
      Finally, it was night time, and I realized how long it had been since I last saw Jeremy. I began to suspect that something was strange. It hit me pretty fast, but I looked around and thought about what was going on throughout the day- and realized this was all just a dream. I looked at my new friend and became a bit sad. It was unfortunet that our new friend wasn't real to be honest. I said "This is strange to say, but I just realized something. I'm dreaming, that means that you aren't real. And looking around for Jeremy now is pointless, this is in my head."
      She gave me a look for a moment, analyzing what I said. "Are you sure?... I think I understand what you're saying, but I feel real." she said. This was also depressing in the moment, I said Yes I'm sure, I'm so sorry, you're not real. The meloncoly of the moment projected itself in her character, she became sad and told me that she understands, she would just leave and let me get on with my business. I flew up in the sky, and spotted the father's house that I visited earlier. I still knew it was a dream, but I decided to be kind to... my mind, I guess. I flew her back to her dads house, and was about to begin practicing my lucid control, but my dream ended.

      The next dream scene I had was very short. It was night time, and I was walking across the street, up to an open mini-mart. At that moment, I had a weird feeling of deja-vu- but as if I had a dream about this very moment. That small thought distracted me from the possibility that, this itself was the dream.

      The last dream I had was about my sister Rose and I going to get donuts. We drove into a parking lot on the way to get donuts, because for some reason the car couldn't be taken in the donut stores lot. I got out and began walking to the store, it was about a block away or so. As I began to cross the street, I noticed that my vision was so terribly blurry. It looked like I was half knocked out or something, a large portion of my vision was blackened. But I could make out a little bit, enough to have good reason to believe that I wouldn't be ran over if I crossed at a certain moment. I J-walked succesfully acrossed the road and over the center devider. My vision and balance was just as bad once I was on the sidewalk on the other side. I felt my glasses hanging from my shirt, so I put them on. It helped a bit, but there was still black areas in my vision. I never ended up getting to any donut shop, but the scene changed to a park setting.
      I was sitting on the ground with one of my old girlfriends, but in a different light I guess. Her character was just some friend on decent terms. This didn't take me long to figure out. She said something about her shoes, and I looked at them and thought to myself... this is a dream.
      "The hell are you doing in my dream?" I said, with no point in the question I guess.
      "What are you mad about? We're just friends." she replied.
      "No we're not, fuck you." I said, and walked away. lol.
      It sounds like I was being harsh, but I wasn't. Trust me. My alarm went off then and I got up for work.
    11. Kog'Maw.

      by , 09-18-2012 at 06:26 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      My recall has been a bit off lately, but I did manage to remember one silly dream I had. I was in a building full of people, most of them teenagers and children. We all wanted to play this huge game of freeze tag, and to my knowledge each person got a select group of abilities. My abilities were mirroring Kog'Maw, a character from League of Legends. My friend Marykate was the team captain. The character Kog'Maw has acids in his mouth that allow him to literally eat anything. He shoots it out as an artilary like shot, and if it lands on someone- you have vision on them for an amount of seconds. Also he can throw a line of muck in front of him, making anyone who runs through it slow down to speeds of almost nothing. I enjoyed playing with these two abilities, but they were hard to control at some points.
      I remember the enemy team conspiring to take advantage of my eye sight. I can't see in the dark, and it was dark enough in here for me to have to move slowly and cautiously. That peaved me, but I got into a possiiton of vantage, and began really turning the game around. There were two levels of paths, one about ten feet below the other. I stood on the top one, and jumped down whenever a victom of the enemy team would come my way. And if they came on the top path, I would jump down to the bottom and snag their feet. I had it set up pretty good, lol. After that I noticed that some had stopped playing, so I walked back down the lower path- continueing to try to master my game abilities. After a while it looked like my projectiles were just me chucking eggs up in the air. Shortly after that I woke up to my alarm.

      A dream fragment that I somewhat remember, but don't remember the dream at all was something having to do with- a group of cooks, my family and I were going to test them.
    12. The city park.

      by , 09-18-2012 at 04:36 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      This dream started out with my wife and I walking along the grass. We were in some kind of park, but a nice park that was connected to a city hall. There was an open field, but also a section full of semented water falls and pools of decoration. For some reason or another, my wife wasn't wearing a shirt- and started playing in the water. I was off about fifty feet on the cement, standing on a slab next to the city hall watching in awe.
      I began hearing people talking, wondering what she was doing in the water. They kept going, and going... I was suprised at how many people gave a crap that she was in the water. Didn't they have more important things to talk about? lol.
      I walked up to her and got in the fountain pool to back her up. No harm done, except maybe to our skin because of the chlorine. Shortly after we were joined by a few others that noticed it looked fun, and in no time we had a small crowd of fountain swimmers to mingle with. My family actually showed up and took a dip. They were on their way to Bible study in the park, and we decided to go with them.
      The study didn't start for a good hour, and my mom reminded me that I had an eye doctor's appointment to be at right now. So we hurried down the street to a new doctors office. They were still renovating and moving things around. My mom seemed so conserned today that I might lose my ability to see color, and she went on and on about how nervous she was about it.
      "Mom... Mom. Calm down, I can see fine. I can see colors fine, Mom. Red, blue, yellow green, their fine." I said trying to reassure her. I went in to the doctor and asked if we could get some type of test on my visual ability to see color. He was cool with that, and we did a couple tests. He said something a couple times that gave me the impression he was being rude, but every time in a few moments I noticed he meant something else entirely. The appointment was concluded and it was time to hurry back on over to the park. I remember I had a talk with my dad about my two brothers, I'm not sure what it was about though. We got back to the park and saw the studying pastor. I don't remember much after this point, but I do remember feeling strange and unnequiped, I didn't have a Bible.
    13. My most meaningful dream.

      by , 09-17-2012 at 06:22 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      My dreams last night where dull. First I got into an arguement with my wife about her getting mad at me for things she thinks I'm thinking. Then that arguements ran off onto my friend as if he was the one it had started with. It wasn't anything to go into, I think the aggression and poor recall was a result of me going to sleep drunk. Instead of writing down these dreams, I wanted to do something different today!
      I want to record one of my most meaningful dreams that I can recall. It lasted about two minutes probably, it didn't take long to show me what it wanted to show me. This dream was one of my stepping stones in the practice of LDing, it taught me a phrame of mind in the form of an analogy.

      The dream was simply this; I was standing in front of a window. The window was three times my highth, and had quite a marvelous look to it. Stained glass, with red, blue, green, yellow- all shimmering from whatever was behind it. There was nothing to my left, nothing to my right, nothing below me or above me. All there was, was this window. I didn't know exactly what was going on. All I knew at that point was I did not want to be here. Something about this place made me know deep down that I did not want to be standing here any more. But what was I supposed to do? It was a beautiful thing that was stopping me, am I supposed to move past it? The answer was yes, I needed to move past it. I leaped towards the glass surface with a good jump and shattered all the way through it. I wasn't met by a ground on the otherside, but I began to float in the clouds above the ocean. So much open space, so much fresh air. I started flying through the clouds with a sense of freedom. I could still see the window that was locking me in darkness as I turned to look, so I kept flying. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful moments of my life to be honest. I believe it was my mind teaching me that sometimes the answer to life and dreams is so simple. When there's something keeping you in a place you know you shouldn't be, break it down. You don't see it now, but there's freedom on the other side. It may look like a beautiful thing that's keeping you back, but the other side is of much more importance. This dream has helped me in a lot of my dreams, when I remember that if something isn't working- it's just me not taking the leap. Something jurassic needs to be done in order for me to understand how.
    14. Sorry...

      by , 09-17-2012 at 05:48 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      It took me three seperate hours of the day to write down all my dreams from last night. When I pushed post, it erased all of it. I'm too tired, I'm gonna have to skip last night's dreams. :\
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    15. One of the strangest nights yet.

      by , 09-16-2012 at 02:00 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I'm writing this entire night a second time, because I accedently pushed 'Back' on this page after I wrote it the first time(rage). So, I'll start out by saying that I have definitly had some strange dreams. We've all had some pretty strange dreams. Dreams are of the nature of being strange usually, but last night I honestly don't know how they got so out of the ordinary. There were about six to ten different scenes in total, I'll start with the first I remember.

      The first scene began in some sort of fantasy land. It was night time, but the night time here glowed. The glowing setting of this place was a dark shade of blue, it was peaceful. My body was in the form of a centaur. But not only did I have the four legs of a horse, I had a pair of wings on my back as well. This dream had a great deal to do with magic, although I don't remember what I was trying to accomplish with magic per say. All I really recall fondly is that I was a flying centaur, and that is badass.

      The second dream was in a fancy room. The walls were red, and the carpets, plants, and sofas matched it well. Also there were a few nice paintings along the wall that I noticed. My sister and a few of her friends were sitting on one of the couches talking as I lucidly flew around the room inspecting it. I wanted to continue the scenes, so I made a door in the wall and told everybody to follow me. I didn't know where the door led to, I wanted it to suprise me. So I opened it and walked into the hall way of a mall. On the right side was a marble wall and then a corner that went into the main sections and on the left was a wall made of glass that allowed you to see outside. I don't think this dream continued any longer- it shifted to another scene.

      My sister and I walked out of our house with our dog, Chiquis. We walked across the street and said hello to our niece. We talked to her for a bit and let Chiquis walk around the grass. There were a few dogs walking around as well that I didn't notice before. They started to surround Chiquis and sniff her. She gets really nervous around other dogs, and she looked scared shitless to be frank. I was in a sort of strange half lucid state at this point, so I grew out my claws and fur and grew a few inches. I walked towards the group of dogs surrounding mine and let out a menacing growl that sent them running in all directions. Then I picked my baby Chiquis up and pet her for a little while. She liked my fury form. Here's where the dream became extremely... out of the ordinary. I'm not sure how this all happened.

      People, turned into things that weren't human. I still considered them normal people in the dream, but everyone I encountered now had bodies shaped as dirty mounds of moving flesh. Their skins were all shades of green and brown and their anatomy's just did not make sense, it's so hard to explain. There was a couple walking down the sidewalk in front of me. Their grotesque blob-bodies where formed into one body with two heads when they were happy with each other, but when they began to fight their bodies would seperate. The male's mouth was in sections of four, and opened and closed in all different angles when he talked; and the female's mouth was came out of her face long and skinny with tiny lips at the end. They talked like normal people, acted like normal people- but everything was weird. The skies were orange. The buildings around me were strange and flesh looking. Some went up for miles, others were regular size. They all had holes and isles like a huge building of large entrails. Still walking down the sidewalk, I began recieving the feeling I was in danger- something was following me. I knew what it was in the dream, but now that I think of it I had no idea really. I began turning corners and picking up my speed when I stopped, almost running into a large neon orange fox shaped creature. The creature was probably the size of my livingroom, and had the body of shaped like a fox. But it didn't have fur, just solid bright mass. It's eyes were red, but not at all sinister. And it talked to me in my head. It's own head so so beatiful, but I can't imagine any way that I could explain it's shape right. The front of it's head had the eyes and nose in place, in the front- but the head was large, and it went back a good length. It was almost a cone shape going backwards, but the shape was made out of a large clump of curling and tethered orange tendons. I jumped on it's back and held on. It had the ability to run on any surface, straight up, straight down, upside down- you name it. We ran through twisting caverns and tunnels of the flesh like buildings I meantioned before, she went so fast. I couldn't hardly keep up with the way she moved. Her voice was soft and calming. She was a good pet.
      "So, I couldn't help but notice your horns. Are you one of the demon folk around here?" She asked me. In the dream, for some reason in that moment I was one of the beings they called demons in the city. But in this strange "Ugly Americans" sense. It seemed like the more grotesque you were here, the cooler you were. "Yeah, that's me." I replied. I was having a hard time thinking of conversation at the speeds we were going. We finally got to the complete other side of the town, and she let me off. "Thank you so much." I said. And she jumped away.

      The next dream was vivid and horrific, almost like a nightmare but not really. Now everything looked like this world. There was no distortion, it was vivid and realistic. I was walking through a very dirty and runned down area. It looked like a ghetto, but like... a ghetto after the apocolypse had happened or some shit. It was just wrecked. I was walking down an alley, and started seeing corpses here and there. They were rapped up in white tissues, almost like mumification, but less tactful. The body count increased, soon there were piles of these wrapped up bodies. I came upon a giant lot. It looked like a meat farm, but all of the hanging meats were human bodies. More of the bodies that I'd seen, all wrapped up in white material. Some of them were alive I noticed. There were a few workers in the lot, and they formed a twisted lotto game. They'd roll the numbers, and the body that had the same number got their wraps cut off. They got to run away if they were still alive. It was a strange and intensely disturbing scene, mostly because of how calm everyone was with it; other than the people who were wrapped up and hanging upside down.

      I ran out into the street and saw my wife and friends, and Tom Cruise(!?). The mood of the dream changed dramatically and I randomly became lucid. I didn't know why Tom Cruise was there, but I went along with it. He had a narley car, and they wanted to go off and do something. My friend Nick jumped in the drivers seat. I motioned my hand up, and he was lifted up in the air and landed in the back seat. "Ahah, dibs." I said and flew into the drivers spot.
      "Don't worry Tom, if I wreck your car- I'll fix it." I said, and took off much to fast to be safe in traffic. One part of me wanted to be safe and calm in the car, the other half just wanted to bust it's horse power. So we took off, swearving in and out of the legal peramiters of the road. I remember lastly pulling into a parking structure and everyone getting out. I'm not sure where the dream went after that, but altogether- it was a memorable night.

      I had a false awakening once, and sat in bed listening to my brother Jeremy talk to his mom outside of the room. (I was spending the night) But then I woke up shortly after.

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