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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    Bigger on the inside.

    by , 09-11-2012 at 09:38 PM (265 Views)
    Last night was pretty fun. My friend Nicholas was in my dream. He was showing me his video collection. He put some type of high tech disc into this DVD looking disc slot, and the machine opened up into a whole seven foot shelf stacked full with his game collection.
    I began looking through it, and said "Wow, that's a nifty ass disc you got there. It's so small!" We looked towards each other and said "Ha, it's bigger on the inside." at the same time. For those of you who don't know, it's a Doctor Who reference.

    We looked through the collection and put in a game. The game like usual in my dreams put my mind at the controls. It was a very interesting play, to be honest. It was a mixture of a few games put together including one of my favorites, League of Legends. I was running around as one of the characters, Darius. Nicholas showed me a few tricks in the game, one of them being an item that gave your fighter some super badass wings that added to your attack a whole bunch.

    After that I found myself in another scene. This scene is hard to describe, but I'll do my best. I was walking on a scaffold surrounded by absolute void darkness- except for a room that I could see about ten feet above the scaffoled floor. It was lit, but I wasn't at it's level. On the scaffold with me was a little tinker robot. One that you would see on a video game as one of the low leveled enemys that dimly walked around and was defeated with one hit. I walked up to it, it stood about one foot tall- and I gave it a smack. It fell over and began short circuiting and sparking all over the ground so I back up right before it made a small explosion and into the blackness. I walked around and another one appeared around the edge. They didn't bother me, they were just kinda funny looking. I decided that I'd had it with this weird scaffold scene, so I tried to climb into the room up above. I managed to do that, but I can't stress enough how hard and exhausting it was for some reason, lol. And it made me terribly nervous because I didn't want to fall into whatever was down below, it was absolutely black and I knew that it was a very far fall.

    Once I got into the room, 'physically' exhausted- I saw a man talking to another man and woman. It was a well lit room with sofas and a few decoritive plants, a nice carpet and some paintings. At this point I thought to myself, am I dreaming? Because I've been practicing awareness, asking myself that question often enough in the day time. I had the feeling that I was, but the man talking distracted me. He began talking about how I was a lucid dreamer and that I needed to tell everyone about all my experiences. But he said it in a strange way that irritated me, and I was still so exhausted that I just walked out.

    That was the end of the night as far as I remember. I'm glad that I even thought to check myself in a dream. Unfortunetly my mind didn't follow through this time, but I'm getting there.

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