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    1. Nicholas and I hung out with the wrong guys.

      by , 09-07-2012 at 02:30 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      These scenes started out with Nick (a friend of mine that recently moved to Minnesota) and I meeting up with two other guys. Nick, for some reason looked a bit older than he is. And looked a little bit more like a vulcan than he does. I have no explanation for that.
      We met up with these russian guys that were taking us around to private clubs and such. I could tell by the begining that we shouldn't have been hanging out with them, but it was fine I guess. We walked around this euro-styled town, into a couple shops and then finally found ourselves in a small but fancy little eating area. It was all white and blue. White benches, white tinted walls with blue trim. It was pretty cool, until the dream went absolutely weird. Someone walked in our booth, shot one of the guys we were hanging out with. His body goreishly exploded and his hand with a white glove was the only thing left. For some reason or another in that dream, I knew that the aggression that made that shooter shoot, had now fled into the hand of the blown up body. The hand began to run away, I chased it down- knowing that it was a danger to everyone.
      I found myself running up an american suburban driveway, in a neighborhood similar to mine. I saw the hand climb up someone's house and dive into their garage. Then I heard a women screaming in the garage.
      At this point, I want to take a second to point out... the last scene, this scene and the next scene make absolutely no sense pertaining to each other. But they did at the time.

      Back to the screaming. I run up to the garage, and notice that the things that I need to do in order to save this women are being highlighted in my vision. Like a videogame, telling you to go here, pull this, jump on this-etc.
      So I see a lever being highlighted on the garage door, I jump up and pull it down. The garage door opens and I run in an smash the hand while it tries to graphically assault the woman. Being thoroughly disturbed now, my consciousness backed up. As if I was looking at a screen. I was looking at this screen, with the creepy hand, and some weird people around it as video game characters. I start reading the words next to the pictures and it describes partially what had been going on. It was a plot summary. My wife comes up behind me and sees my innapropriete screen, and gets upset that I'm watching such a pervert game. ... This dream really fucked me over(Haha). But it was interesting none the less.

      After that, I went back into the screen I guess. But it changed. I was walking down some street that reminded me of a san fransisco/thailand ghetto. A bunch of strange deformed pornagraphic adds that weren't actual people, just... weird picasso style genitalia going for each other. I kept walking, hoping to get out of this place and saw some weird bars. There was this one pimp that looked like a circus clown, his hair was all bright orange and green and he had a white vest on with a bunch of accessories. He was in a hooker bar. It kind of seemed like this whole neighborhood was a hooker bar. I'm pretty sure the dream ended after a few more steps.