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    Zechariah's Dream Journal

    Small dream about my meds.

    by , 09-04-2012 at 06:14 PM (517 Views)
    I haven't been dreaming a lot, but last night I remember a tiny fragment of a dream. I walked into my restroom feeling disoriented and picked up my anxiety pills. I don't know why I did what I did next, but I picked up the pills and took a few more than I should have. I knew it was too much. Then after swallowing them I came to my senses and wished I didn't. Good thing it was just a dream.

    Also I remember taking a sip of a drink that I don't currently have in my fridge. Just a couple fragments for today.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment


    1. Quiver's Avatar
      Hey Nerq,

      Thanks for sharing your journal. I especially like how you sometimes add analysis at the end of your entries (particularly your first entry). From the entries you have so far, you look like you tend to have a fairly wide range of dreams in terms of different characters, settings, roles.

      The most constant dream sign that I saw had to do with initiating physical conflict:
      - should I punch you in the face dream...
      - blonde douche guy that you threw down
      - star wars dream (no real conflict, but seems like there was an impending fight)
      - motorcycle gang
      - teenagers you were going to fight

      Do you think this might be a strong dream sign for you?
      Just my 2 cents. Hope you keep posting, and have many lucids to come

      - Q
    2. Nerq's Avatar
      Hey! Thanks for your input Quiver. I had a strong doubt that anyone actually read the things I wrote on here, lol. Funny that you meantion that, I've noticed something along these lines recently that I've tried to keep in mind as one of my dreams signs.

      In a ton of my dreams when it comes to a physical confrontation- I get too weak to throw a punch and my fists slow down. If I try to fight it harder, they might even come to a stop. It happened in the dream with the blonde guy, so I threw him instead with his own momentum(But, this was after a very tough day of stress and arguements, I was suprised I got that far). The kids, I decided to walk away. The guy who I thought about punching, turned into another person. The assasination attempt was averted. And finally, the gang that I drove away from- see the pattern?

      I've noticed that in dreams... 90% of the time, my mind won't allow me to physically offend other people. But I do have a lot of encounters where I want to attack. This makes sense to me, because I haven't gotten into a full fledged fight in my whole life that I can remember. I've gotten into quarels, and done a ton of combat sports but haven't started swinging out of rage. This comes from my habbits in real life unfortunetly. My dad was an aggressive street fighting hawaiian man with a quick temper, and my mom was a sweet tempered, little white lady that apposed quarreling. Whenever I get into issues with people and I'm at my whits end, I'm so much like the people that raised me, I rage so hard it seems that I become to weak to do anything to another person. I can't bring myself to it in the end. It happens every time. Thanks again for bringing that up, it's always nice to throw ideas back and forth.