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    Suited up. (Lucid)

    by , 09-13-2012 at 06:33 PM (638 Views)
    I'll record the dreams that came before these when I get home from work, but I'm just so pumped about this one I had to write it down. So my brother Jeremy and I were hanging out down the street from his house having a cigerette. For some reason I remember we weren't wearing shirts, we looked like white trashy corner dwellers in a ghetto or something now that I think of it. But I think in the dream it was just hot and made no difference.

    A black guy came up and was standing about ten feet away from us for some reason, he too was just hanging out near the corner. Then a girl walked by that Jeremy knew so he started talking to her. I could tell he liked her, it was his playfully bossy attitude type. He followed her down the street a bit, then we went inside. I noticed there was quite a bit of commotion. The house we were in didn't look much like his, more like my brother Jason's house in shape. I realized after a few moments that our friend Aaron was getting ready to have his wedding! Me and someone else were sitting in a very small room having a conversation, when Aaron walked in with a tuxedo as if he were hiding from someone. I said "Congradulations dude, I didn't even know you were getting married! What are you doing?"
    He smiled and said thanks but quickly darted out saying "No time-". Just as he darted out his bride darted in. This was a little bit weirder because her dress was so big and there were already two people in the tiny room, but we kept up the good mood. We asked her, what's going on? She said Aaron and her were dodging in and out of rooms today trying to not let Aaron see her. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. We laughed and talked a bit. I went to the restroom. Here's where I became lucid.

    I was in the restroom, I clenched my nose together- and could still breath. (I am loving these reality check results). I instantly became lucid, and called out "I am lucid! I need clarity!", and I rubbed by hands together. Then I ran my hands across the counter of the sink. It was so real. So I began to think about what I was going to do. I noticed in the mirror that I was thoroughly underdressed. I had a great idea. I waved my hand over my body and was dressed in a brilliant fucking tuxedo. I kept waving my hand over it making it absolutely custom, taking out some tads here and there. I kept waving my hand my tie, I wanted the color to be right. I tried red, yellow, blue, striped, it was incredible. I was having fun with this dressup.
    I left the bathroom and my dream scene changed.
    Back at my house. I wanted to show off my dream skills to my parent's characters for shits and giggles. I said here mom, let me give you a hand with that (while she was preparing lunch in the kitchen). I made the chicken she was about to grab float over to the cutting board. She wasn't impressed. lol.

    My family's friend Lenny was over. I said, Lenny check this out. I made a pack of 50 water battles float up into the air and start spinning. I continued playing with things in the air for a while. Then... I walked outside. This is where it went bad. My subconscious thought I had been lucid long enough, so it decided to scare me into false awakening over and over again.

    I walked outside and a girl began talking in front of me. She was a dream figment saying "Once a person has been conscious too long in here, they're never let go." And I began to see other people that began half materializing in front of me, as if they were other dreamers stuck in the dream world. I panicked and woke myself up. I woke myself up into another dream. But I knew it this time, I was used to these kinds of false awakening. I woke myself up another time into another false awakening. Almost panicking then, thinking I was stuck, I gave one last burst of energy to my conscious mind and finally woke up. Great dreaming session, just a strange ending.

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    1. HARRISANDERSON's Avatar
      The ending of this was really gripping.... Glad to hear that it didn't drive you insane!!
      Anyhow, sounds like you had a great lucid dream, as you seem to have had alot of control. Congratulations! Keep up the journal, loving it so far
    2. Nerq's Avatar
      Thanks Harris! Nice to see someone reads the journal. And I'd like to think that I do, but I definitly still need all the practice I can get. I'll check out your journal too.

      See you around-