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    1. first WILD, wow! napping on 21/5/14

      by , 05-22-2014 at 04:21 PM
      I'm taking a nap midday and i notice im falling into a dream so I tell myself to focus, but not too hard to wake myself. I feel the dream washing over

      as I lay in bed. I notice that I have a package in my hands, containing some extraordinary looking thing. Wait, the package I ordered shouldn't be coming for another couple weeks! I realize that I'm dreaming but my vision starts going. quickly, I recall stabilization and I focus on the package in my hands as I lay in bed. it's about 8 inches long and maybe 4 in on each side, cardboard, with packing tape to seal it. I open one end and remove the item, which I decide is going to basically act as a portal gun. It's enclosed in bubble wrap, and removing that I see that it resembles two black tubes with many coloured wires and bound with electrical tape. Yes, I will be taking this with me on my semi lucid adventure. I run out of my bedroom and into the hall where there is a large plastic storage container on the ground. I try to use this as a teleporter by lifiting it, diving under, and having it close on top of me on the way in, but I doubt it will work because my body is too long and my legs will get stuck. this doubt ends up interfering with the teleportation so I give another try at spinning or falling back. I cant recall which I did, but I manage to teleport this time. I wanted to go to some south american ruins, but I end up in a backyard. It's fall and brisk out. This isnt what I wanted... So I try to fly away, but there is more doubt in my mind, being in this semi lucid state. I manage to jump fairly high, at least one story, and I give a flap of my arms to lift me a bit higher, but no flight happens. damnit

      I wake
      and realized I totally forgot about the teleporter I got in dream mail...
    2. Reputation, assholes, and forgiveness - night of 17/5/14

      by , 05-18-2014 at 05:40 PM
      crash after 400 mg valerian, 100 mg B6, some starchy and fatty food
      got up a few times in the night
      later dreams recalled, jotted down notes, and now fleshing them out. some details may be lost

      Dream 1
      I fall asleep during a school trip on a public bus; I might be back in high school. After waking, everyone is treating me differently and avoiding me. Back at school, everyone being haters. From students to teachers, everybody seems to detest me. I completely forget the reason why I've become so infamous, but it comes to my attention that my close friend at the time JF has been either slandering me or telling certain secrets, which seems to have permeated across the school. One teacher in particular is giving me so much shit and spreading these tales. I feel so much sadness and rage; i feel coloured a rich blue and vibrant crimson. I wake and not much more detail is recalled until

      Dream 2
      one of my friends, RZ, is willing to support me, along with one very supportive teacher. she seems to be a confusion of details from many of my previous teachers; she's lanky, tall, gaunt but comforting, and has wild black hair. I plan a way to redeem myself by destroying that one asshole teacher's reputation by getting her to admit to actively trying to defame me and expose her lack of suitability as a teacher.

      My friends, that teacher, and I are at a house
      which I later determined to be my grandparents' old house where I manage to confront her. Her appearance has shifted to that of the supportive teacher, though different. this may be because I've forgotten her appearance from the previous dream. She admits to being a total twat about other's perception of me, but I also manage to get her admitting to not knowing the definition of some fairly basic words. I just notice then that there are other school staff and administration just outside who have overheard, and I see that supportive teacher from the corner of the house give me a thumbs up. she had my back the whole time In the dream, I feel that justice will now work itself out and I wake

      Dream 3
      I'm eating at a restaurant with 2 of my friends (RZ and 2 others) at a square 4 person table. The restaurant has light blue walls, with a horizontal row of mirrors about chest high lining the walls. We are seated near the entrance, which has a glass door and cashier counter, and the unused seat at our table seems to open towards another 4 person table, at which JF is seated. After a bit of teasingly shunning him, I invite him over as an act of forgiveness. He's eating rice and cheese a snack which I had just heard about earlier that day and we begin to chat about his visits to some temple or something

      Dream ?.?
      This occurred between some of the previous dreams
      I'm walking with a family may be my aunt, her mother, and someone else and we're transferring the mother from something to a motorized wheel chair. Unfortunately we are walking down a hill and once we let go of her chair she speeds down, across the street, and straight into the side of a garage door. this launches her straight out of the crashing person transporter and face first onto the street. Although I was near, I didnt try to run and catch her. I pick her up after and place her back in the chair which had spontaneously reassembled itself

      i feel like there was more but cant recall
    3. journal 14/5/14

      by , 05-15-2014 at 08:19 PM
      watched Agents of SHIELD before sleeping... FITZ!

      1st recalled dream

      fragments of May from the show, probably involving sexy times

      back to sleep and

      im in a library with my sister sitting across the table from her. my mom is using a tablet a the table beside us


      back to sleep for 10 minutes

      i'm visiting my dad's friend, L's house. I sit down in a light peachy, off white couch across from his wife and their son who is asleep. upon seating myself he wakes up. he has auburn hair and freckles. his mother's age is visible, she has white hair in a loose ponytail. there is a window the the left of me.

      i wake

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      Tags: fragments
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. sitcoms and unrecalled dreams night of 13/5/14

      by , 05-14-2014 at 02:51 PM
      took b6 and valerian root, woke up several times, only recall dream before i woke up just now

      sitcom like dream with 2 kids. setting is a large open kitchen with light orange/yellow wood and fluorescent light behind translucent white panels and plenty of daylight. one kid is expecting the other to come in and pour some milk. he and his female friend are already drinking milk. it seems like he expects the other kid to pour the remainder of the milk from a glass measuring cup into his glass cup only to realize that there is too much and his cup is overflowing. but when he goes to pour it, the first kid pulls away the now glass jar of milk with a string that is attached to his hand while he sits across from the table.

      I wake
    5. back to the dream 13/5/14

      by , 05-14-2014 at 03:42 AM
      it's been a long while since i've actively tried to lucid dream. the last couple years have been a bit of a blur, as i was in a dark place. I can recall becoming lucid in a few dreams from the fewer i ever recalled having. pot wasnt very conducive to my memory.

      i've been trying the last three days to induce a lucid and i managed to incubate it enough to have one today


      i'm taking a nap but i wake up only to find im in my van. wait, i didn't go to sleep in a van.
      here we go.
      i decide to take flight, but upon gaining lucidity my vision goes and i can't see anything. i can feel myself vibrate as i ascend through the van's roof. everything is still black and doesnt seem like its going to change so

      i wake up

      i guess i forgot to try stabilizing, maybe that would have helped.

      i go back to sleep only to have a couple non lucid dreams that i don't recall
    6. 24/07/11 - Hotel games

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:27 AM
      Hotel Games

      Inside of a large hotel with a large group of peers, none of which I recall knowing in person. It might be a school trip or one planned with friends, not sure.

      The group is split up into teams. Each room appears to have a challenge or regular task involved for the team to progress onto the next room. I am unsure if there is a prize, or even the main objective of this.
      I do, however, remember a cute dirty blonde girl on my team. We had to seat our team in a line for one room and she sat very close behind me, her feet poking uncomfortably at my butt.
      Tags: games, hotel
    7. 19/07/11 - Eerie family, babies, and blenders

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:22 AM
      I decide to take a nap after work

      I wake up and remember one eerie-ass dream @@

      There is a large family of brunettes, of which I am a part of. We are at a restaurant with dim lighting and a dark oak/wood finish theme. It looks fancy. Only part of the family is seated at this table with me: a brother, sister, and baby brother. The table is located right beside the kitchen doors and all night we are hearing an argument, possibly between a dishwasher and a waiter. The fight is loud and unnerving. Nearing the end of this argument, my brother picks up my baby brother and walks over to the kitchen doors, opens them, and walks in. This brother has a droopy appearance. Overweight, patchy stubble, thick bottom lip, dark circles around his eyes, greasy shoulder length hair.
      I hear yelling, a blender, and then silence.
      Of course my sister and I are in disbelief that anything would have actually happened, but out of fear I grab a metal mug and stand to the side of the door, waiting. The brother walks out. We make eye contact for a brief second, which seems like a frozen eternity, and I know what has happened. The brother walks away. Completely mortified, my sister and I are frozen in silence.
      The parents join the table, along with some other relatives. The mother is slim, short, and has curly brown hair
      - this is where it gets hazy - The parents tell him to put "it" upstairs. They dont explicitly say what, but I assume it's the baby puree. The room they specify is known by the family to be unused because of some haunting or supernatural reason.
      Tags: baby puree
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. 14/07/11 - Psychic girl and Korean adventures

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:09 AM
      Psychic Girl

      A black girl falls asleep on a couch on top of some nut which she crushes. When she awakes, she is on set of a studio for a talk show and she has developed psychic powers.

      Adventures in Korea

      I am in Korea with my friend J. We are in an area on the way down from the main street to the subway.
      In this area there are two entrances for washrooms at one wall and right across from this are the stairs going up to the surface, which change direction to the right half way up. To the left of the washrooms are the stairs down to the subway. The women's room is on the left and the men's is on the right, located at the corner of this area. The walls and general area have an orange and red color scheme.
      We are in front of men's washroom when I decide to launch a fake attack against J. Grabbing her from behind, she lets out a fake scream "Help!"
      Then, some douche trying to be a hero, jumps out and starts attacking me. I start to get pissed because I was having fun so I chase this guy up the stairs
      and wake up.
    9. 13/07/11 - Xmen?

      by , 08-04-2011 at 06:00 AM
      Everything is cartoon like in appearance and I am just a spectator.

      The dream centers around a black guy who has the power of super speed. (no racial) Other people with super powers were also introduced attending the same high school. I could tell that this dream/show would bring together and unlikely group of misfits with supernatural powers.
    10. 12/07/11 - fragments

      by , 08-04-2011 at 05:56 AM
      In a car with some people, one of them is wearing a tight cowl and maybe a mask
      Fantasy Football
      I am riding my bike in my old neighborhood towards my elementary school. I ride up onto the field where we used to play football and to my surprise the field looks much larger and a huge game is going on. The players on the side I am facing appear to be giants or large monsters in regular dress, but the colour scheme is yellow/purple. An alternative rock or indie song is playing in the background with the verse "Give it to me Lola . . .".
      I have joined the team of regular people and I try to bring down this huge girl, she must have been 10' tall, in a hoodie, shorts and hat, all of which are purple and yellow.


      2 other dreams I didnt record
      heh lazy
    11. First Recorded Lucid! Night of the 12th

      by , 08-03-2011 at 05:30 AM
      It's late in the evening and I am pretty beat from the day, so I decide to get in a few z's and maybe a short dream.
      Shortly after closing my eyes, I find myself in the middle of a dream

      I think I am outside, in a metropolis, and the vibrant blue twilight is bathing everything in a nice royal blue tinge. I can't remember what prompted me, but I reality checked with a nose pinch
      I'm dreaming
      Everything begins to feel like it's vibrating at a very high frequency and I am suddenly in the void.
      I am surrounded by darkness, but I can see myself. I hear, feel, and see that everything is vibrating very fast so I try stabilizing by looking deep into my hands.
      The stabilization seems to be working
      , but the vibrations eventually make me fall back into reality.

      Fuck! I curse under my waking breath. I'm awake, but something feels off...

      I reality check . . . Awe yeeeaaahhhh
      I jump out of bed and I am outside. I am stabilized.
      I think about the list i've made of tasks to do while lucid and I decide on a few first.
      I make a great leap to test my abilities. Once I land, I leap once again and take flight!
      To Chichen-Itza! I am soaring in the sky; against strong headwinds I push on.
      Dont think about flying! I tell myself. Dont think about the fact that it's not possible. I begin to doubt myself and i feel more and more turbulence. Look at what you've done, fantastic. I plummet to the earth . . .

      Son of a bitch! Awesome as it was, I didnt make it to chichen-itza . . .
      I reality check with another nose pinch
      and I fly straight up out of my bed. Hehehe
      Seeing as flying to chichen-itza was met with a crash landing, I try a different approach.
      Still flying, I drag myself across my ceiling over to my closet in an attempt to use it as a teleportation device. As I approach my closet I see myself standing there, with some sort of holographic purple cube floating in my hands.
      Somehow i know that this is my interpretation of death. This isnt something I was going to deal with at the time so I cast it off as ridiculous and fly off, but before I leave my house I remember to check myself in the mirror to see if my astral form is any different then my regular self.
      I look into the mirror and see myself. My plain old regular self, black jeans, black bullet bill t shirt, short black hair. I may have been holding something in my right hand.
      Somewhat disappointed that I was no different, but also somewhat relieved, I decide to try teleporting via another method. I recall reading about the spinning technique to change location and a falling back technique used for the same purpose.
      I do both at the same time for lulz
      but i wake up in my bed.

      A RC and I fly out of my bed once again. I fly out the door, dragging myself along the ceiling (this is like when you are playing a video game and your character is running forwards, but there is a wall in the way so he slowly slides to the side while still running forward lol) I try and draw myself a portal with my finger this time. I trace out a large rectangle, it has sparkling edges but the portal itself is a void.
      Im not too sure if I should enter, there is something strange about it.

      Before I can enter, I'm awoken by my my family being loud.
      Soon after I awake, I realize that the house in my dream was not my house. This house was a bungalow with bright yellow-orange walls with a white ceiling and large potted palms out in the front.

      All in all, I had a good time
    12. In someone else's shoes, the hospital - July 11

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:54 AM
      I'm in a hospital.
      The colours are those revolting cream, peach, and off white tones that are always present in hospitals and old folks homes. There is a grandmother, not my own in real life but i feel as if I am her granddaughter or grandson. She is an old white haired woman. Her husband passed away some time ago and she seems to have unstable alzheimer's, as she occasionally remembers where she is and what time she's in. This is almost a tear jerker for me.
      She is in for an operation. She carries with her her late husband's hats as comfort. She wears one hat and refuses to take it off, or swaps them; when she remembers where she is, she places the hats back, knowing that he is gone.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Restaurants, strange reunions, weed, and epic battles - Night of July 9th

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:46 AM
      1. I'm sitting in a chinese restaurant with my friends. It decorated semi-modernly with a cool colour scheme revolving around blues and greens. The owner is a taller white woman with white shoulder length hair with 2 larger dogs; one a shaggy brown/black/white border collie-like, the other just as large and shaggy but I cant remember what breed. She may have been the wife of some asian guy.
      I see my friend J, she's with her boyfriend but he seems to be Teller (from the magic duo Penn and Teller). We decide to catch up in a very peculiar way. We both lie face up; her on top of me. I'm unsure of how we got into this position.

      [rating 18-A, maybe R]
      She goes back to her table, as I do mine.
      I notice that this whole time my sister has been distracted with these little dough ball like desserts. Although, they might be little creatures. she's obsessed with making them flat and making sure the dogs don't eat them. J and Teller leave. Bored with this dream, I wake up

      2. My friend H and I are in my old room, but this seems to be my dorm room. We are trying to get high as some girl in the room next door watches. He finds some sort of sticky substance used in the making of cigars. I feel as if the girl is either interested or judging us.

      3. I'm texting my friend E. My friend E then texts me about dream 1 and she think's that she was J (or in J's shoes). "But how did you know [I] wasn't wearing any panties" is what i distinctly remember from a text.

      4. A battle is raging in the Great Hall of some kingdom's castle. The royalty is defending and the rebels are trying to break through. Among the rebels is a young King Arthur. I am watching from the perspective of a peon or some foot soldier, who is inevitably killed in battle.
      After my death I am watching Arthur from 3rd person.
      Arthur takes an arrow in the shoulder as he presses on, frightening the enemy into retreat. Within the Great Hall, the medical team works quickly to aid the weak and dying.
      Dragon trainers are brought in and the leader of the rebels has taken a liking to Arthur. He is given instructions on how to ride a dragon. The enemies are riding Dark Cubes (cubes and polygonal shapes of some sort of purple energy/aether/aljkdhgd). The knights of the round table also are incorporated in this dream somehow...
    14. Day of july 9th, 2011

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:41 AM
      I'm at what seems to be a carnival or a theme park with these 2 girls, one of which is blonde and the other my friend A, and my friend H. Some graphic moments (and details I will not write down) later I wake up... that was weird
    15. Night of July 8th Friday - shared dream attempt?

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:36 AM
      Didnt remember much, I have jotted down "alcohol impaired?" so i guess I was drinking that night

      I'm shaving. Some girl tells me that I've missed a spot near my nostril. I find this sort of embarrassing
      Tags: shaving
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