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    1. Vivid lucid dream after a long time

      by , 08-04-2016 at 04:54 PM
      Iím with group of people near to a pond. Itís grilling party during day. One older guy set my grandpa on fire and run away. Iím shocked and worried about him. I realize itís a dream. Iím still worried so I tried to change the time 5 minutes back like in the movie About the time. I Somehow did and tried to stop the man attacking my grandpa. He still tries to set him on fire, but he has minor wounds. Then the aggressor run away in his car. Our neighbor take his bicycle with gun infront. I want to chase him as well, but I know itís dream and I should spend my time better. So I jump in the air and complete my first task Ė fly. I land on the window roof and go in. I now need to explore the big buildings behind. I exploring every room. They are very strange rooms full of different things. I see it as my consciousness. I go deeper and deeper and finally I arrive at weirdly shaped plastic door. The corridor is very tiny and when I try to open it. There is another door immediately behind. There is like 20 maybe more doors. I push them all but at the end I cant go further. I hear some strange noises coming from the place I came. Some weird shaped creatures trying to attack me. It happens sometimes when Iím long time in a lucid dream. Dc started to attack me. Iím fully lucid and suppress all the fear and I realize Iím the GOD. I focus my anger energy towards the creatures and blow them away. Feeling good. I saw small tunnel on the right side. Itís so small that my body barely fits in. Crawling deeper I start to feel bit claustrophobic. I need to get out. Finally I see another window and I jump away. Feeling good again. There are some people. I remember from movie Lucy how she instantly make everyone fall asleep. I try it. Nothing happened. I focus no my god energy and DCs fall on the ground. I wake up.
    2. last night of competition

      by , 02-08-2015 at 12:16 PM
      I'm having sex with hot a red head girl. Arousal is my common dream sign so I become lucid. I stabilize dream and continue...

      I find myself in a strange small room in a flat. I'm standing in the center of the room. I remember that I need to teleport myself. I put hands infront of my eyes a start to spin. I expect teleport somewhere else. When I open my eyes I found myself in the large room standing on the bed. The dream is not stable so I do my stabiliization technique.

      I'm on our meadow. It's a sunny warmy day. I immediately know that I need some points for competition. The image is not very stable so I sit down and do some stabilization. I tear and eat the green grass. Gram a phone from my pocket and turn it on. It works fine. I jump to the air and fly over the lake.
    3. Competition day 8

      by , 02-03-2015 at 11:48 AM
      Iím in a church/graveyaed/sport/icehockey area. I play footbal. When the match is over, I met my dad on the road. He was play icehockey. When I see him, I realize this is my dream sign. I jump in the air and levitate. I see Mcdonalnd near. I land there and go in. There is my girl with a daughter which look like younger her. I think sheís mine and itís a good feeling even I know itís a dream. I take some burgers and taste it. I eat it wrapped in the paper. The paper doesnít taste good. Then I do mass telekinesis. I focus hard and when I perform it, the dream become unstable. Iím trying to run and touching the walls. It stabilizes. Iím in the bathroom. See my friend from the past on the toilet. I ask him to quickly give me pandra box. He closes the door and then open with a small silver/black box. I feel like the dream is slowly fading. I open the box and there is a wird small triangle made of unidentifiable matter. Wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    4. 5. day of competition

      by , 01-29-2015 at 11:30 AM
      Iím in a shopping centre. I go up on the escalator. A guy goes down. He has wierd purplish eyes. I have fake memory that I met him in my city. I donít feel good about him. I ask myself if this is a dream. Breathing trhough my closed nose for not short time until I get it. This is dream. I remembering what to do. I know I should try teleport but I still remember on something important. I wanne see a new logo. I see a shopper guy. Ask him for the magazine. He replays ĄNow we donĎ have thisĎĎ. I need to find a newsstand or something. Ask a guy whoís selling beads or something. He give it to me. The font looks robust. I open it and there is some artistic fonts inside. Try to remember them. Iím not very excited about them, but atleast something. Now I wanna fly. I fly very fast on the hallway. There is a stand and I hit it in enormous speed with my crotch. I fall on the ground. It hurst, but Iím okay. I see a party. There are lots of girls and my friend from elementary school. He has two spanish girl friends. I think Iím loosing lucidity. Two blonde girls came to me and take off her shirt. I touch a boob and wake up.

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    5. 26.1. - 3. days of competition

      by , 01-27-2015 at 02:02 PM
      Alien fight
      Iím watching the TV upstairs in the living room. There is not tv in real. Mum and grandma come and sit on the sofa. I donít like the movie so I go away. Grandma wants the remote control so I give it to her and leave to hall. My mother calling on me: ĄYou are bored, donít you wish that this would by a dream?ď Iím pretty sure that this is no a dream, but I do RC anyway. It surprisingly works. I canít breath through my nose closed. My mum still calling on me something but I ignore her and go jump through the wall. I decide to fly over the city. I can fly pretty fast and I just enjoying the feeling. I see my dog on the road underneath. I land there and pick him up. You are going to fly with me! Heís not much excited but I jump in the air. We fly and then I put him on the road and want to make him super speedy. Heís running pretty fast. I give my self super speed and try to follow him. Changing my running techniques with big leaps to short and fast. I try to stop the time for my dog and catch him, but time control doesnít work. I see a river on the right. I remember I want to make some points for the competition. There are lots of stones and branches. I focus to pick up all of them. But I can handle like 30 of stuff max. Then I telekinesis big stone and throw it into river. I think that the stone will be useful so I pick him back and place it on the road. (donít know why I did this, maybe I lose little bit of lucidity). There is dark tunnel on the right. It looks scary. I try to summon a monster over the corner. Iím curious what will appear. Large black alien appears from the movie Alien vs Predator. I feel fear but I tell to myself that this is only a dream and nothing can really hurts me. I run to Alien and give my self super strenght and invulnerability to be sure. I punch him in the face with my fist. His head is mellow rubber like. Suddenly there is lots more of them. Iím fighting and punching them into face. Itís really intesive. When I kill like 20 of them I feel exhausted. They still emerging. The next ones have new equipment such a helmed and something else which stops my power on them. There is like commentary from my footbal friends. I was so busy with fight that I lose almost all of my lucidity. Fighting is like sexing, itís lucidity vacuum cleaner. When I see that I cant defeat them, I jump in the air and levitate so they can't reach me. They go into some building which I supposed to defent or what and I lose. I wake up and feeling depressed from the dream and happy that I manage to have lucid dream in the first or second REM stage in the night.

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      Adventurous tavern
      I canít fall asleep over and hour of trying. I change bedroom. In the next room is warmer so it could be good. I try to fall asleep in a forest. There is a hole in the ground where Iím lying. I observe the forest. On the small hill, I see something strange. It has antlers. Suddenly it quickly run towards me. Iím scary and panicing. It is so fast that I canít do nothing. It just jumps over my body and run away. It look like mountain brown skinny mountain goat. When danger is not eminent, I do RC with my nose. Uff, itís a dream. I do some stabilization with trees and ground. I look around and the place look like some adventurous forest from The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, but real not game like. Iím happy that my mind can generate something beautiful like this, because my dreams are usually at places that exist in real and look the same, not fantasy like, so Iím thrilled. I see road to some forest city on the left. It looks like wooden mix of elvish, human and viking architecture. On the right is road to adventurous forest and ahead of me is a building. I remember that I want to drink wine and have challenge with god of wine. I go there and expect that itís a tavern. I open the door. Second door. I open the second door. There is dark and quite in there. I swich the light on. (itís electric it doesnít fit in the fantasy tavern, but Iím happy that I can see something.) There is no god of wine, but in the corner there is a tall bowl made of clay. I expect wine. I pick it up and there is some red fluid. It looks spoiled. I tell myself that itís only a dream so it doesnít matter. I drink it. I taste bad and sourly. No effect on my mind. Iím exited that I completed atleast on task and I wake up.

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    6. 1. day of competition

      by , 01-25-2015 at 11:44 AM
      4:30 waking up and recalling 2 fragments, taking 4mg galantamind + 500mg choline with water
      5:20 feeling the effect of galantamine and going to sleep
      6:00 Iím super excited about competition and lucid dreaming that I canít fall asleep, Iím little hungry as well so I go eat pear muffins with peanut milk. Saving it with 600mg of Alpha GPC
      6:20 Fall asleep


      (my mother is staying in house over the weekend) Iím in my bedroom. It looks slightly different. Iím trying to fall asleep. Suddenly my mother came to my room holding some papers in her hands. She sits on swing chair. She tell me something, maybe even about lucid dreaming, but I donít pay attention to it and still trying to fall asleep. I ask her a question why is she bothering me when Iím trying to fall asleep and have lucid dreams. How do you get in my room anyway? I remember that I locked myself there not to be disturbed. Itís impossible! RC noseplug Ė working! Yeeei Iím dreaming! Instanly remeber the three step task. First is mass telekinesis Ė turn to my mum. She is little spooked about me . I try to lift her and the other stuff on the table in the air. It works, she goes up really slowly which is unusual for my telekinesis. Her eyes are like . When she and other small things from the table are in the air, I try to swich the gravity on the ceiling. Itís my first try, but she quickly falls on the cealing and lying there splayed. Cool. I was suprised how easy this task was. I want to try it on myself. I practice the gravity thing on the walls and in the corners, but I couldnít get my self to the celing. I donít know why. At the end of the dream I notice small tv with james bond actor in.

      2. LD

      I donít remember the transition. I see blurry a living room. I donít have my dream body yet. There are lots of cuddly toys on the furniture. I try to stabilize the dream by focusing my sigh on a dark chair. It suddenly starts to waving at me. Waving chair, wierd. The dream stabilizes and I tent to find some DCís to do naked month task. I find two women. I get naked. Cave man mode steps in and I have sex with both of them... Losing my lucidity. What a shame!
      lucid , task of the month
    7. 1. day of competition (long lucid dream)

      by , 07-28-2014 at 11:27 AM
      I drive mum's car on the country road. I have on my mind to park the car and find a place to sleep and induce LDs. I drive very fast and when I'm going through a small village, I hit someone's car mirror. I'm going still pretty fast. The mirror seems to be okay, just a little bit dirty. The road became impassable. I stop the car and go out. There is a forest and I see circular shrine of some kind. I go there. I meet some children with their parents, they seems to be tourist and they are speaking German or something like that. Near the shrine, there is a house. I have fake memories that I've already slept there, so I decide that I'm gonna sleep in the house tonight as well. I wonder if I didn't forget to lock the car. I know that I left there my wallet and my phone. I lie down to a large bed. When I drift to sleep, a small little figure in the brown hood. I think his eyes are lighty iluminated. He grabs my hand and leads me to another room. It's kind a spooky.

      It become to occur to me that I'm dreaming. I try to do RC by jumping up the ceiling. I levitate. The little figure is staring at me. I use telekinesis to clear him away, he's really creepy looking.

      I'm at my gradma's hall. I think about my planned LD activities. First that came to my mind is 3 step task. I clearly remember, what to do first - mass telekinesis. I'm pretty good at that so it shouldn't be a problem. There are onions and flowerpots. I try to lift up all the things by my mind. Nothing happens. Okay, well let's try the onion first. I focus on lifting up onion and a moment it flies on the hall. I remember that I need to lift up at least 10 things. I already did the great mass
      telekinesis with 50 DCs so flowerpots and onions are not the problem for me. In the few minutes, everyting is flying on the hallway. I enjoy to manipulate with them. The first step completed. The second is go through a solid object. I see wooden doors. I naturally pass through it with my eyes open, no biggie. The second task - check. When I'm outside I remember my third task. Teleportation. I'm not goot at teleportation. I try to figure out how can I teleport to Shire. I try it six times with various doors but it doesn't work. I try to ask a DC how can I get myself to the Shire. I see someone in the garage. I ask him. He drops a white rat on the floor and tells me that I need to follow it. Strange, but why not try. I follow the white rat, it has wet and dusty fur. It runs to neighbors. I stick behind it. I try to figure out from where I know this situation. Oh, yes, the Matrix I think. It begins to burrow on the hill of dried soil. I try to follow it. I dig in the dirt by my hands. I lost it. I try to pass through the ground, but it doesn't work because the dirt is so friable.

      Screw it, I can fly to the Shire by myself. If I'm gonna expecting that I will see the shire, then I would. I jump in the air and fly. I need to fly fast again. I focus on kicking my legs and speeding up. It works great. I see a small pond beneath. There are wooden swings and old willow. The grass is strange green, I don't know how to describe it. It feels like a shire, so I think I'm on the right track. I fly further. Gradually, there are small fields and plantations. It's hobit style with small tools. I land amongs the farm facilities. I think what else I could do to gain more points in the competition. Fight my teammate. I try to summon someone from my team. CanisLucidus appears behind my back. He looks the same as Liam Neeson. I face him and try to start friendly fight. I throw a stone on him. He's just standing. I take my swiss knife and throw it towards him. I hit him, but he is okay. He has the swiss knife as well, only the bigger one. He looks pretty angry. He's preparing to
      hit the knife at me. I'm afraid of pain so I yell: STOP! NO! NO! He throw it anyway. I use my telekinesis ability to stop it in the air. It drops on the ground. He pick it up and try to hit me again. I don't like stitchinkg my dream body. I convince him by my will to stop that.

      We go together to the near house. We met two beautiful girls inside and the third is mature woman. I like the young one with curvy black hair. They are only in their underwear. I need to complete task of the month and lucid dares - be naked infront of DCs. I ask the girl, if she is gonna have sex with me. She says: Okay, but in twenty minutes. I take my clothes off. She looks at me and takes me to bed immeadiately. I think that the lucid dream is long enough and I did all the things I
      intended so I would like to wake up. The most realiable method to wake up is to start having sex for me. I'm doing it with the nice girl for 5 minutes or more, but I'm still not waking up. CanisLucidus/Liam Neelson is doing the other girl on the next bed. I don't enjoy the sex and thinking about that real one is much better. I become be little worry about waking up. I stop and go out. I want to wake up now! I'm starting to a little panic.

      False awakening in the gradma's living room on the sofa. Recently, I practice to recognize FAs so I was aware that this is not waking world immediately. There are three black guys in the room. I tell them that I need to wake up. They claimed that I'm wake up. I reply them that it's very very unlikely that my granma has three black guys in her living room. I'm afraid that my car is being robbed from the first non lucid part of the dream. I run to the hall. I'm starting to panic a lot. I don't know where to run or what to do to wake up. I feel like a wild animal newly caught in cage. I try to beating the walls with my body and screaming. The dream is only more stabilized. Holy shit! I try to calm down. A memory from the movie Waking life arise, that the main character has the same problem. A movie DC advised to him: Simply just wake up. I focus on this simple though and stop panic. Suddenly I open my eyes. I see the wooden wall. I feel great relief that I'm awake and the car is okay. Doing RC to be sure.

      The ending of the dream was horrible experience. I need to get accustomed to these 1 hour+ lucid dreams.
      (supplements used: galantamine, choline and sulbutiamine)


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    8. jelly candy

      by , 05-03-2014 at 03:54 PM
      Today's lucid:
      I'm standing on the terrace with my mum. We see a familly - mother, father and a boy. I tell to my mum that this boy looks weird. I don't know why, but something's wrong with his face and body. I tell her that only explanation of this is that we are dreaming. She says that we are not dreaming. I tell her that I can show her a proof. I try to telekinesis on the boy and I throw him in the air. You see I tell her. I realize that my mother is ''just a dc'' as well. I had this idea that I need to summon STABILIZATION MACHINE to help me stabilize the dream quicly than my usual techniques and anchoring. Try to summon it behind my back, but nothing appears in thee times. I need to summon something easy. Let's try jelly candies. I summon knitted basked behind my back. There are chocolate candies inside. I try one more time. Just sugar candies. Try it again and then there is sweet red jelly candy!
      lucid , task of the month
    9. 1st of April

      by , 04-02-2014 at 01:04 PM
      Today's LDing ( induced by galantamine + choline with scrambled eggs, mild)
      a lot of beer
      2:00 go to sleep
      4:45 wake up
      5:30 galatamine + choline, scrambled eggs and juice
      6:00 go to sleep
      LD Easter eggs
      I'm in a house where two gangs go after each other. I hide and I see creatures like from fairy tales. A rubber flying prying mantis find me! I'm afraid that she reveals my position so I jump on it and I rip her rubber head off. I examine it's rubber green body and I become lucid. There is a girl hidden with me. I ask her for easter egg. She give me ordinary chicken egg. I break it and there is just an inside of an egg. I need more eggs. I see old refrigerator, open it and expect to find eggs in there. There is packege of eggs but it's full of tomatoes. I close it and try to summon eggs on more time. Open it and find 5 chicken eggs. I take them and try to change it color to be more easter. I hide it behind my back and expect to change its color. It does every time. I tell the girl that I wanna find a surprise inside the egg. ''Throw it to the ground'' she replies. I do it and I see toys like from kinder surprise. First is puzzle toy and the other three are the same - small yard with plastic giraffe....

      LD DEILD Flight into space
      ... I'm in the mountain village. I decide to fly into space. I already tried it few times but I never managed to leave the atmosphere. I jump and fly toward the sky. Every time I clench all my muscles and kick with my legs I enormously speed up. I do it few times until I see huge green mountains in front of me. I fly really fast toward the mountains so there is no comming back. I tell my self that I will pass through. I'm not afraid of smashing my face so speed up more. I fly throught it easily and now I'm in the clouds. After like 5 minutes I turn my head back and I expect to see the globe. Suddenly I see earth. It's so tremendous huge over the all view. I speed up and now I'm in the ink black space. I see all the planets of our solar system, sun and moon. All are the same size. There is completely silence and suddenly calm and conquering music starts to play. I decide to meditate there. I'm not a great meditator but in this lucid dream and in space with this soft music it was unforhetabble wholesome feeling. I open my eyes and I see strange boards with anciend markings floating around. I decide to wake up and record my lucid dream.
      lucid , task of the month
    10. 17. 3. 2014 galantamine

      by , 03-18-2014 at 08:10 PM
      tv, bottle of wine, sleep,
      5:44 - wake up naturally, take galantamind 4mg + choline 500mg, awake for 30 minutes, try to be active, after 30 minutes go back to bed

      I'm in the room where I sleep. I sit on the chair. I did wild before sleep, so I think that I'm in the dream from reallity, but clock doesn't fit, so this is DILD. I do RC by my digital watch, it changes. I've memory in the dream about my last non lucid dream. The dream is very unstable, I can only see with my right eye. I wear glasses on it, in real, I don't wear glasses. There is my girl. I try to speak with her, but the dream begin to fade. I do stabilization by half body spinning. It doesn't help.

      I'm in a apartement. I see entrace door with some desing hole in it. I see all the hall. There are shoes at the doors. I'm worry that there is someone in the flat. I go look to the bathroom. The is guy, from my town where I was young. I start to scream and he do the same. When we calm down we speak to each other. I realize that I'm dreaming. I go to window and tell my self that I'm invincible. I jump from the tenth floor on the ground. It doesn't hurt and I'm ok. I'm thinking what to do next. I don't have a plan so I try make some points for the competition. I fly around and I see gathering of people infront of a stage. I land there and try to do telekinesis with one person. It's easy. I levitate 6 metres above the ground. Let's try mass telekinesis with all those people. I lift up around 60% of people and when they are up and I start to move them in circle. It's fun. People on the ground want fly too and they envy the levitating ones. Next I try to recall my waking life and I wake up.

      I fly over the city and I remember that I want to improve my teleportation skill. I try to summon tardis three times but I fail. I see a girl with puprle hair. She is really beautiful so I ask her if she would like to have sex tih me. She agree and we do it. During sex, she turned into older blonder hair woman and stops and go away.

      I'm in the kitchen and I see my grandpa sitting at the table. I do reality check with a wall-clock. Granpa try to convince me that this is not dream, but the clock changes all the time. I tell him look and put bottle on the ground and lift up with telekinesis. Lift up it to his eye. What do you say now? ) He says nothing. I go outside and I tell my self that I'm super strong. I pick up SUV car. Then I tear it apart.
    11. The kitchen

      by , 03-16-2014 at 10:34 AM
      1:00 a.m. - Go to bed

      4:55 - Take Alpha - GPC 900mg

      I don't recall how I become lucid. I don't do RC, stabilization and anchoring, which is unusual. I don't have plan for this LD in my mind so I just decide to make some points for the competition. I try teleport back to my bed (false awakening) by spinning and it works. After that, I do flying RC when I jump at the stairs. I enter the kitchen and I Push your hand through an solid object - doors. It's easy. Then I try to move my body throught the kitchen furniture. I don't feel any resisance when I'm doing it.

      lucidity 2
      vivacity 2
      control 1,5
      time 10m
    12. Galantamine + choline + nicotine 2hrs lucid dreaming session

      by , 03-14-2014 at 06:09 PM
      It was so long and and don't recall all the scenes. I'm also tired so I will write only activities concerning the competition.
      I start with the long ones:
      (I did flying reality check in the most of them)

      5. Ld - advanced league task and lots of others stuff
      I'm lucid in the small house. I try to telport to the wonderland and meet the mad hatter. There are lots of small houses and I try it 24 times. After the twentienth attempt it teleports me to the desert. I come back to this lovely small village. After 4 attemps more I see the table in the distance. I go there. There are some curiosly-looking flowers around.It does not look like the Wonderland, but atleast something. I see small cups and fairytale animals sitting at the table. I see this fat rabbit/guinea pig with the big brown eyes and a small pink hat on. This must be my mind image of the mad hatter. I ask him: What are your dreams like? Nothing happens. I tell to myself: How the hell I will make these animals talk? Cmon talk to me! What are your dreams like? I feel crazy. And suddenly he replied with his small pink lips: And yours? O_o Hmm, okay, well my dreams are about the fat rabbit/guinea who is speaking and by the way that's you. He says something very vulgar that I don't remember. Well okay, this task is done.
      I'm out and I see lots of things on the meadow. I try to lift up one of the things by my telekinesis ability. It works. Now I try it with like 15 things. After like 5 minutes there are in the air.
      I go to a small house and try to do wall walking. I try it for 5 times and I just can't go thourgh. It so solid that I'm unsuccessull.
      When I do stabilization technique, not because the dream would collapsing, just for fun and practice, Stephen Laberge spawns behind my back. He says: You are not doing it right, look at me, this is the right way. I ignore him and go away.
      I look on the small village and I try to change the color of the houses. I do it successfuly.

      6. LD dinner with my exgf
      I'm in a train. I become lucid. I fly away from the window. It is raining. I land on the ground and focus about the weather cahnge. Nothing happens, it's still raining. I jump in the air and just try it there. If the flying is possible, I can do weather change. I focus hard and the rain suddenly stops. I focus on the sun shine. It is warmer and sunny. More more and stop, this is my perfect weather. I don't know what to try next. Why not to see my exgf and have a chat and dinner with her? I miss my exgf, so I summon her. Take her with her hand and go to my just summoned restaurant. We sits there and eat food on the table. It's delicious meat and vegetables and drinking wine. I know that it is just the dc so I examine her face. She looks slightly different but it is her. We drink wine. After like 10 minutes conversation and eating (fully lucid) We become kissing each other and have sex in the restaurant full of people. After it she says we should do this more often and thanks me. I know it's not really her and I do have new gf now but I feel pretty happy. I do some others activities and then I start to be worried about my real body, if it is okay and I'm still able to return it. I tell tu myself NOW WAKE UP! And I wake up.

      4. DILD
      I'm in the camp. Some one steal my digital camera. I'm pissed and looking for the thief. I meet 3 girls and ask thme if they haven't seen anything concerning my camera. No they reply. One of them start to kissing me. And suddenly they are naked and having sex with my. I become lucid, becuse I've never have sex with more than one women. I finish the started jobs and go away. Doing stabilization and flying RC. I see the thief of my camera. Now I know that it is just a dc and dream camera, but I'm still little pissed so I do telekinesis on him and throw him toward the large rock. I pick up the camera and try to do in dream photo. It's cool It's pitty that I can't post it here )

      3. DEILD
      I'm deilding from previous dream. RC, stabilization and this lucid were only about improving my flying skill in the clouds. It was like 12 minutes of hight speed flying.

      2. DEILD
      I enter back to the dream room with brown walls but I dont remember what I did there. I just remebered that I was lucid and tell to my self that I must remember this. I know that I did RC and stabilization

      1. DILD
      This was classical dild. I tell to myself that I will remember this lucid, but after those 4 upcoming lucid I have only fragments from the first lucid. I can recall what I really did there so no points for lucid dream activity.

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    13. 9. 3. 2014 - ALPHA - GPC DILD + MILD, LD Exploring the hole

      by , 03-10-2014 at 11:34 AM
      23:30 - two beers and go to bed. Can't sleep, because it's too warm in the room. I think I asleep at 00:15.

      5:30 - wake up, record two fragments and one dream a go find my Alpha - GPC box. I take one pill 300mg. I go for breakfast, eat pork wrap, a piece of cake and two glasses of milk. I read advenced lucid dreaming and he recommend to take 1200mg alphaGPC dose.

      6:30 - taking another three pills alpha - gpc and just lay on the bed.

      7:30 - I'm sleepy and without energy, I sit up and try to do mild for 10 minutes. It's not focused mild and my vizualization is not good but at least something. Then I asleep.

      LD Exploring the hole
      I'm on the pond with my father. I see some guy bakes a lots of pastries. I go near to his cottage. He's washing his hands. I steal some bread rolls. Try to eat it. It tastes good. Me and my father see fishermans near by. We go there and I ask if they have a permission. No, they answer. We're fishing here for an year. I'm pissed that they are stealing my fish. One creepy guy is laghting at me and ask what should he do with the fresh catched fish? This can't be true!!! I tell to myself. I decide to do RC with my phone. First attempt the clock doesn't change but when I try it few times, it changes 20 minutes up. Oh great, I'm dreaming. I fly above the pond. I try to land on the water surface and I believe tak it's is kinda frozen, so I could water-walking. It works. I go to the meadow. I see to girls pass by, but I do not pay attention to them. I wanna try teleport to the wonderland! My plan is to summon big wardrobe like from narnia and use it like a teleportation device. Firstly I do stabilization technique - I rub against a tree. Then I try to summon wardrobe behind my back. When I turn around, I see it. It's wooden and it doesn't look like a wardrobe, but it has doors. I enter in. On the wall across the small room, there is a hole in the wall. I try to crawl in, but then it became to be too close for my body. I turn my head away and try to change it. I hear the sound of changing the hole. It wider now. It suddenly goes down to to earth. It's dirty, but it's not mud. I see a little light down there. I decided to slide down. When I'm sliding, I ask my self if I feel fear of small places and that immediately wakes me up. I try to deild but without any success.

      10:00 - wake up and a few non lucid dreams recalled

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    14. 8. 3. 2014 - 3x DILD

      by , 03-09-2014 at 07:27 PM
      In the night before sleeping time I felt depressed, so I drank a bottle of wine and watch a movie with my gf. I fall asleep around 1:30 a.m.

      I wake up and I recall 1 dream fragment. I start to run around the flat. I do few excercies to become completely awake. I've told to my girl that we sleep separately because of my focus toward lucid dreaming competition. So I sleep on the sofa.
      She was awake and I have sex with her without achieving orgasm. Then I go to the kitchen and drink 1,5l of milk and 1l of juice. 6:30 I take one Galantamind 4mg pill and Choline 400mg. I go out to buy a breakfast, but the bakery shop is still no open.
      The open at 7:00 a.m. and I buy some orange juice and some pastry.

      7:30 I return to the flat and I go back to bed (sofa). (my gf is still sleeping) I try to do wild. I feel galantamind is already buzzing in my head, so it should be easy. When I fall a sleep, I started to spin and woke up immediately. I decided just go to sleep.

      LD pinching my grandmother - March TOTM
      I'm in the granma's garden. It's sunny warm day and we just sit there, sunbathing and drinking juice.
      I have suddenly blur vision. I wonder why...
      I'm must be dreaming. I become lucid. But the dream is not stable. I can't move with my dream head nor with my eyes. I see only floor - orange tiles. Is this because of galantamine? No, it can't be... Or maybe it's sleep paralysis in the dream - what a nonsense I tell to myself. I remember that I wanna do March totm - to pinch someone who is not wearing a green clothes. My granma had orange bathrobe, so she is perfect subject. Only problem is that I can't see her and I can't move my head. I try to move with my arm. Yes it works, I try to palpate granma. I feel her foot in my hand. Great! Now I pinch her. Firstly I do a soft pinch. She say nothing. Okay, lets try it little harder. She say something like: Yau. Okay lets pinch her really hard, and she was like Yauuuu, but she say no more. I wake up.

      lucidity 1,5
      vivacity 1,5
      control 3
      time 4m

      LD Waltz in the bedroom
      After first lucid I wasn't moving at all and I started to hear really loud and annoying voices in my head. I though that I'm mad now... I think that was because of galantamine.
      I have false awakening in a bedroom. I stand up and looking across the room. Walpaper on the wall is rich staurated with color. It feel to me strange these colors. There dancing people in evening dresses and they do waltz dance. I say to myself, come on! This is easy, this is deffinitely a dream!!! I was really excited and I remember that I want to do three step taks. My first task is flying. I have to go out of the building. I run to the next room. There is a some kind of doctor in black blazer and he looks like psychologist. I could interact with him, noo that's the second step, I must fly first. There is a window, but it closed and it has window shutters on. I'm good in going through a wall. So I stand againts the wall and run toward it. Bam, i hit it with my nose. The second try - BAM!!! My head! Ok lets focus, I will run throught the wall now, I can do it easily, I'done it so many times, I tell to myself. Run fast agains it and BAAAAAAAAAAAAM! It knocked me down to the ground, it was a little painful experience. Okay lets open this old way DD. I open the shutters and I put my head out of the window. I smell fresh ground aftar raining. It's so real. I doubt my dream state for a second before I will run out of the window I need to be sure. I'm looking to the doctor, yeahh this is deffinitely a dream. I run out of the window and slowly fly to the road. I see black car at our neighbor. I can go interact with him. But first, I need to do my stabilization technique. I lay on the ground and start to feel all my body. I scrub the road with my body. I see mud there and I lick it. It's dream mud, but it taste like a real mud YUF!!! I focus on sounds. I hear something and my thought was: isn't this sounds from real world? And because of this idea, I wake up.

      lucidity 1
      control 2
      vivacity 1
      time 7m

      9:40 After I've written all my dreams to my laptop, I decided to go to sleep again, because my gf is still sleeping

      LD Atempt to teleport by quick blink
      I'm alone in my car in the back seat. There is beautiful sunny day and the sun is going to set. I think how I get there? Why I'm here alone? The car is so spacious, I think to myself that I could live here. I don't get that this is lucid yet. It was all wierd, but I'm still not lucid. I see a car coming. It's friend from my highschool with a girl. I did't see him like two years. This car is not looking good, he would never bought such a scrap. I don't want to talk to him, so I hide. I make up a story why, I'm alone and in the back seat. Is it sign fo shyness? My car begin to jiggle. It was like on the sea. It jiggle increasingly. I look out of the window, if there is water beneath. No water, just sandy road. This is impossible! I must be dreaming! I immeadately recall what is the next second and third step task - interact with a dc and teleport. I fly up thrhough the front glass of my car with eyes open. I did't feel the glass at all. I land close to them. How are you today??? And I kiss the girl on her cheeks, I wanna do the same with the boy, but he push me away and look unpleasantly. Okay, nevermind... Next step - teleportation. I'm struggling with teleportation and I need to practice it more and become better. I will teleport by blink of my eyes, to whatever location. Okay, here we go, I look to the road and blink. Nothing happened. Second try - blink. SMAAAASH TO MY FACE totally new enviroment with brick road and different trees and everything. It was like blow my brain, so quick change!!! It was no pleasant and I think I immediately lost my lucidity or wake up. So I think I can't count this like successful teleportation.

      lucidity 1
      vivacity 1,5
      control 2
      time 6m

      If you see a bug or a grammar mistake in my English, especially if you are a native speaker, you are welcome to point it out, I would be happy to learn something. I wrote it pretty fast though...
      lucid , task of the month
    15. two

      by , 12-27-2013 at 12:44 PM
      I'm at a classroom. There is attractive blonde teacher. Some guys have an argument back of the classroom. The black one with hood attack the other. I fear of him and go away. I run down the hall. I fear. I realize that this is a dream. I turn back and I wanna face this enemy. I can't find him. I try to summon him behind the corner, but I summon few schoolgirls. I wake up then.

      I'm looking at heating. I realize that this is a dream. I try to focus my attention on percieving the dream reality. The heating is extremely vivid. There is no difference between waking heating and the dream one. I play with this percieving. Then I false wake up and feel the dream sleeping paralysis. I just lust lucidity and dream about experiencing the SP. It was really wierd experience, I don't know how to descibe it.
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