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    Into my world


    by , 04-15-2019 at 09:43 AM (441 Views)

    this dream is short but for me it was very interesting and strage.

    I'm in a documentary, I see the scenes but I'm not a part of it, I'm the voice that explains the things.
    the documentary is set in the African savannah, and I'm telling you how the man evolved.
    our predecessors were called Eres'al, they were bigger than us, with hair all over their bodies, they had strong arms with big hands and they walked on all fours; in practice we were something very similar to a gorilla.

    This animals became human because some individuals, in addition to looking for food and avoiding being eaten by others, found time to devote to themselves to stop and reflect, this with time led their minds to evolve.
    We can see this big gorilla laying in a field and looking at the clouds that float in the sky.

    The next part of the documentary take place on the bank of a river with a waterfall nearby, wee can clearly hear the sound of water falling from a big cliff.
    there are see a man and a woman, still very primitive and naked, who haven't yet learned to speak approaching for the first time. both of them had never seen a human being of the opposite sex, so they are very shy and wary. they approach slowly and when they are a few steps away from each other they stretch their hands until they touch each other.

    In the last part wee are in an African modern village, there are people who walk among the huts, others who cultivate the fields. then the camera zooms into a school without walls where there are a lot of children writing on their notebooks, the teacher is explaining something and on the other side of the room wee see a cameraman who is obviously doing a bad job because he isn't suppose to be in the scene.


    this dream is hilarious, I'm thinking about how it would be if they really did show a documentary like that on focus hahaha

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