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    Into my world

    A dream inside a dream

    by , 04-29-2019 at 10:52 AM (387 Views)
    I'm in a school of magic, something like Hogwarts but a bit different. we live in a castle surrounded by nature and we sleep all together in huge dormitories above hammocks attached to the wall.

    We have a lot of subject to study, like spells, transformation, other things, and one of this subject is lucid dreaming. I am very bad at it and in fact I found myself talking with my teacher about it, she is a middle aged woman, thin and tall with blonde hire.
    I'm telling her that I want to drop her class because I can't do it, but she tells me not to give up and that soon I will became as good as the others and even better. after hearing these words I found a new motivation.

    Later that evening I go to sleep in my hammock.

    I dream of being seated in a field and in front of me there is a goat that makes strange cries while it loses its teeth, and I have cuts all over my body that light up with fluorescent green light.
    I'm very scared and I wake up screaming in the previous dream.

    Now I'm in class with all my class mates, we have to collect money to do something, there is a lot of confusion and it is not clear what we should do.
    when I understand how much money I have to give I invoke some little bats, I give each of them a coin and I let them fly to the girl who was collecting the money. it would have been impossible to give them personally because she was surrounded by all the other guys. Once the bat's task is over they disappear.

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