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    Into my world

    I'm dead

    by , 07-14-2019 at 01:13 PM (646 Views)
    It's been a while but now i'm back, in this past two month I was very busy and stressed for the exams so I stopped training and of course I loose all my progresses. Now I have to start all again from the beginning, but nevermind... tonight I had this cool and very strange dream:


    I'm dead and I'm going (or rather, my soul is going) in what I believe is heaven.
    I am walking in a big city, perhaps New York, and I arrive at the foot of a very tall tower, I don't see the end of it, it is all covered in gold and has no entrance.
    only the dead can see it, in fact all the people who walk beside it do not know of its existence.
    somehow I am transported to the top; I find that up there there is an empty world, dark and covered with fog.
    I set out in this world and after a while I meet an old bald man with a white beard, with him there is also a friend of mine.
    the old man tells us that he spent his whole life alone on this tower and explains that if we want we can go down and return to the world of mortals.
    he also explains that for part of the day we take back our body and return mortal and visible, it is an effect given by a particular inclination of the sun, but if we die again while we have our body our soul disappears definitively. instead when we are spirits we can do what we want but people cannot see us.

    when the old man finishes talking I ask my friend how he died, he tells me he was on a beach to take pictures when a man arrived who didn't want competition on that beach to take pictures, so he pulled out the gun and started shooting; he had to be drunk because before he hit the target he fired a lot of random shots.
    after the boy finished telling the story, I find out that I was also on that beach and that I was hit by one of the stray bullets.

    now I'm back home, I took my body back and I'm leaning on the balcony, looking down where my mom is sunbathing in the garden. I'm sad because I don't know how to tell her that in reality I'm not alive and that soon the body she sees me with will disappear.
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    1. zelcrow's Avatar
      Really interesting dream, nia02. It reads like a pretty profound experience.
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