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    Into my world

    A new world in the space

    by , 04-02-2019 at 06:45 PM (402 Views)

    I am on another planet, maybe on Mars, and I am inside of a dome working on something with another girl, there are other domes beyond mine and two people are working in each of them.
    Suddenly the planet is destroyed, shattered by something or someone, and we find ourselves flying in the space surrounded by rocks, fortunately our dome isn't damaged and even all the others are safe.
    The domes can move in the space with rockets, so we can reunite all the squads and create something like a big spaceship.

    Now we are all reunited around a table and there is the captain that is trying to explain what happened and what to do next, but a dont care about what he is saying and I decide to explore the spaceship (somehow there is gravity within it). there is another girl with me and together we explore all the rooms until we arrive in front of a door that is different from all the others and in theory there should be space on the other side, but against every precaution I decide to open it.

    We get inside of it and we discover another world, in front of us there is a man that is wearing very extravagant clothes and he tells us that he was waiting for our arrival.
    He take us on a flying car without ceiling and he explain that we are on another world where there are a lot of different species of intelligent being who live together and humans here are Gods, so they can do whatever they want, there aren't any kind of rules for us.
    I'm shocked, and to verify if this man was telling the truth I put my hand into a wall and I moved them as if they had been in water.
    however we can't stay in this world for ever, so we had to go back to our spaceship.
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