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    [SBSC] - Night One

    by , 01-14-2017 at 12:50 PM (347 Views)
    I did a WBTB, went to the toilet, drank water downstairs, contemplated if that was a dream or not for a long time, then went again to bed. (My WBTBs duration are generally aprox between 10 and 15 mins.)
    When I was falling asleep, a mosquito woke me up. I covered myself with the blanket and started performing an SSILD.

    (FA) I'm sitting on my bed, there's no desk in my room, that's weird. Right, this is a dream. I instantly wake up.

    I immediatly perform a DEILD.

    Now I'm laying on my bed, over the blanket. Got it, I'm in the dream again. I wake up.

    DEILD again...

    I'm sitting on my bed again. I try to stand up, I wake up.

    Try to chain again, but don't remember anything more.


    (Fragment 1)
    I'm stuck inside something like a tube with my GF and my two nieces.

    (Fragment 2)
    I'm in a room with an asian guy, he looks like my DG. On a crystal desk he has a Nintendo 3DS connected to a DJ mixer and a keyboard.
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    1. Occipitalred's Avatar
      Bedroom dreams. They're never what I aim for, but I still enjoy them. They generally seem more real because of how familiar and reasonable they are.
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