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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. [SBSC] - Night One

      by , 01-14-2017 at 12:50 PM
      I did a WBTB, went to the toilet, drank water downstairs, contemplated if that was a dream or not for a long time, then went again to bed. (My WBTBs duration are generally aprox between 10 and 15 mins.)
      When I was falling asleep, a mosquito woke me up. I covered myself with the blanket and started performing an SSILD.

      (FA) I'm sitting on my bed, there's no desk in my room, that's weird. Right, this is a dream. I instantly wake up.

      I immediatly perform a DEILD.

      Now I'm laying on my bed, over the blanket. Got it, I'm in the dream again. I wake up.

      DEILD again...

      I'm sitting on my bed again. I try to stand up, I wake up.

      Try to chain again, but don't remember anything more.


      (Fragment 1)
      I'm stuck inside something like a tube with my GF and my two nieces.

      (Fragment 2)
      I'm in a room with an asian guy, he looks like my DG. On a crystal desk he has a Nintendo 3DS connected to a DJ mixer and a keyboard.
    2. Chain Strike F*** YEAH!

      by , 01-04-2016 at 03:18 PM
      Before going to sleep I've read Naiya's MILD guide, and relaxed a bit. I didn't really recall this first dream until I got up in the next morning, although it was the first one:

      Starts with a FA

      I wake up and I stand up, go to my wardrobe's mirror and look at how well trimmed my beard is.
      I don't remember trimming my beard
      I look around a bit and I realize another thing:

      We took off the mirror years ago, I must be dreaming!
      I go out of my room and I decide, for the sake of curiosity go into my grandma's room, she wakes up (it's nighttime in my dream) and she stares. She asks:
      -How much is 110 x 4?-
      I got really scared here, because I thought that doing math in my dream could destabilize my dream, but I test it.
      I think about the answer, which I thought it would be more difficult in the dreams and I reply:
      -Ok - She answers, turns around and goes to sleep
      Suddenly, my alarm sounds and I wake up

      I stand up, turn on my laptop, and start skype to chat with SammyTheSnake, we talked about that maybe I shouldn't drop SSILD only after 22 days, so I thought, alright tonight I'll try SSILDing again. We hang up, or my internet hang up, and I went to the toilet saying this mantra "I wake up, I do a RC". Went to sleep and SSILD'd:

      I hear my dad shouting:
      - NOT AGAIN!
      My dog has been sick for these days and had a lot of diarrhea, so my dad was a little nervous about that
      I hear him going upstairs and he opens my door, the light is really bright, like a blinding one
      Yes, I'm dreaming, no need to RC!
      He closes the door, but I can't stand up, I force myself but I wakeup

      I stay still, and do a DEILD
      Again, I hear noises, the door opens and a shadow goes inside my room, and instead of getting scared I kiss the shadow. There's the same problem, I can't stand up. But I roll out of my bed. I stand up.
      - Whew, I'm lucid, this feels great.
      As soon as I think about stabilization I wake up.

      I DEILD again.
      I'm standing in front of my toilet opening the door, but that doesn't make sense. As soon as I let go of the door handle I wake up.
      There is a lot of noise now in the street due to the cleaning machines, so I cannot DEILD again, I try to SSILD again.
      Im standing in front of the Las Palmas' St. Ann cathedral, the dream is really vivid, I think about going to explore but something better happens:
      - Hey, follow me! We got to take our powers - Says my dad as he passes running beside me
      This seems a good idea, so I follow him running.
      We arrive at the entrance of the cathedral, there are 4 little statues: One yellow with a flame in the hand, one white with a blue flame in the hand, the other one green with a lime flame in the hand and the other one is black, with a purple flame in the hand.
      My dad takes the flame from the yellow one and a yellow aura starts surrounding him.
      - Look! This is awesome! - He says while shooting fire balls into the air
      I was about to take the flame from the white one, but then I changed my mind and took the one from the black statue.

      Some purple aura started to surround me and I was a bit shocked actually.
      - Try your new powers! - Says my dad

      I make a little purple flame in my palm, but instead of shooting it, I grab it and I absorb it, and I turn invisible.
      - Wow, thats cool! - Says my dad

      Now I get out of invisibility and I shoot a purple flame to the floor, but nothing happens.
      Suddenly the dream starts to fade out, to disappear, and I really want to grab something so I can stabilize, but Im in the middle of a square so I just try to "hug" the floor. I wake up.

      I DEILD again.
      I'm in my bed, and I'm about to write down my dream
      Oh no, I just DEILD'd, I cannot be awake. Crap! I didn't write the "superpowers dream" down! I can forget it. I gotta wake up! I wake up
      I write the superpowers dream and this one, then I fell asleep, and I don't remember anything more :^)