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    On The Road to Remembering

    On The Road to Remembering

    by , 11-25-2011 at 12:31 AM (440 Views)
    The other night I had a dream about this guy who I believed to be the love of my life (sounds cheesy, I know). I can't remember much of it because I have a terrible memory. About half way through my shift at work I started crying because I started remembering my dream and quickly realised he wasn't real; I'd never find him again.. It was a sad day.

    Anyhow, there were three parts of the dream I remember:
    1 - He was sitting amongst a group of people in one of those fold up chairs that you would take to the beach or something. He had blondy/brown shaggy hair and although I can't remember his face, boy was he amazing. I remember us just looking at each other and giving small smiles. His brother was in a chair too; he had short black spiky hair. I'm so frustrated I can't remember more..

    2 - The second bit I remember is me and my mum sitting in chairs across from him and his brother over a glass table outside. It reminded my of the one at my dads, but it wasn't. We were talking about the gig I'm going to today actually, but in the dream it was coming up. My mum asked if they were playing at the gig and they said they weren't, they were just coming to see. This made sense to me because it's near where we live and heaps of people are coming to it cause it's a really good local line-up. Anyhow, he and his brother were in a band though. It wasn't focused on what type of music or anything, it was just a fact as if it was something I knew for a while.

    3 - The last scene I remember, although I know a lot more happened within the dream, was me standing near a bus stop or the side of the road for some unknown reason. It was bright and green and just beautiful. The place reminded me of those American movies in the suburbs where huge green trees line the streets. I can't remember too much of this part cause I'm getting it confused with another. He was there with me and he kissed me. And it was the most amazing first kiss in the world, and just felt natural and not dramatic and stuff.. It was perfect

    So, for those of you who care to know, this is why I'm on this site. I want to learn to LD so that I might be able to see him again.. I want to remember what his face looks like, I want that place with him to be an escape.
    Call me crazy.

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