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    Nighthog's Journal: 18th February 2011, Military Weirdness

    by , 02-18-2011 at 11:08 PM (486 Views)
    Military Weirdness

    Once again I find myself back into a military setting.
    I figure I was in Finland as I was talking Finnish and was also seeing some of the people I meet while doing my conscription time. The most obvious detail was me wearing the gear we got to use back then. Also the RK62 that I have gotten a fondness of after all that. Seems to be a recurring gun of choice in my dreams now a days. Though usually it doesn't work or has blank bullets. Just scare machine that makes noise basically.

    Either way I recall hanging out about this military base and the accommodations buildings etc. The whole place is deep surrounded by pine trees and such as you find in northern Finland. Though the shrubbery on the ground was more green and such to more point to southern areas in the country.
    We are doing some rehash exercises and run and marsh around the complex in groups and such. But there is a oddity with the inclusion of a new group of people. Guest trainees from another country I gather. I got the feel for like Vietnam or Taiwan... But somehow thought about Japanese language as good way to communicate little bits but mostly kept it to English though. It worked out much better. It's a fairly large group actually. I don't really know the exact number but it was basically a regular troop size or whatever from their country. By comparison it was 3-4times larger than the small troop we had going around. When we at one point came into a marching line it was just bloated and out of place in the middle like a huge square compared to to the smaller rectangular lines we had with out own troops.
    I wasn't really sure why they were there but they were doing regular training besides us. I think it was much about them learning about the ways we train our troops so they can bring it back with them to their own country to see if they can take some learning from it. I recall hearing about why they were there mentioned by some sergeant etc. Seemed they had taken a interest on our high standards of effectiveness and morale.

    Things continued and soon I learn the foreign troops have run off all of a sudden into the woods. They had full gear and live bullets etc and had just run off. There was confusion and panic was being created in the upper levels of command. There were no orders and soon we lower levels were taking hands into our selves and geared up in quick succession to go after them to see what they are up to. They can't be left to their own devices just like that. And speed was of the essence to catch up with them.
    As we are about to start head out while I stand outside the buildings a huge fleet of aircraft are flying by above and dropping off huge swathes of paratroopers. We see they are actually U.S.A aircraft and soon see them landing about everywhere in the woods and the military base.
    I hear someone shout the air defence forces just had let them pass as they didn't want to create a conflict. And the numbers were either way too large to handle.
    One marine I guess lands just besides me but crash lands badly to hurt himself unconscious. I go to check he is all right while I call for the others to call the medic as he is inside. They do and I find he seems to be ok but a little delirious from the bad knock-out he got on landing. He wakes up soon enough and assumes we are his buddies. He joins up with us as we form our column. I was speaking English with him up to now. And as the commander who has come about start to say things in Finnish the guy seems confused and then quickly gathers stuff to run off all of a sudden in a bit of panic. I follow him trying to ask why is he running. He sees his real 'friends' and they gather up and head in the direction the Asian soldiers had run off to. I decide to follow them as they head out.
    They don't seem to interested to say or talk with us at all. They don't mind my tagging along either it seems. Our uniform and gear is quite look alike actually but some small differences. Like weapon and country tag and rank,platoon symbols that differ somewhat.
    I follow as they go into the woods. They tread carefully and are looking out for enemies it seems.
    I now recall how the Asian soldiers had fired their guns at us when they ran off. Making a bullet spree so we could not follow easily. We could not do much as we all had only blank bullets in out own guns. I also sprayed my gun at some of them looking threatening but they didn't fire back or anything as they knew we could no really hurt them with out guns right away before getting real bullets.

    In the woods we encounter a machine-gun emplacement as a sort of distraction to keep us busy from not following. We take cower and asses the location and see it's quite flat over all. To the right are some low hills and to the left there is a small trench like low. Somehow I can make decisions and give the guys instructions. They have no high ranking commander with them but one platoon sergeant I think. He might have been shoot in the machine-gun spray. Can't really recall.
    The US soldiers seem to look at me and I start to interact with them to tell to take two groups up the hills. One to the lower and a second for the larger hill behind to backup if there are troops hiding behind the hill or onto pit etc. I'm about to instruct for another group or the remainder to move at large to head for the left side to the low ground trench while a few stay on this spot to distract and fire back thinking we are still here.
    I wake up though.

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