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    Nighthog's Journal: 19th February 2011, Black Ops RPG, and the house of naked girls.

    by , 02-20-2011 at 12:29 AM (650 Views)
    Black Op's RPG

    I was watching a few games and rounds of something I thought of as Black Op's. Though it's quite different in ways. Either way I was watching a game on this map and was following the scenario. There was quite little shooting overall. Was more like a dialogue moving RPG. The Terrorists where just a distraction or similar. There was this castle and king etc whatnot mixed in. Standing about a courtyard.

    Either way after a while I'm handed over to play myself than just to follow the plot. I had seen this map go through two rounds at least. The other had failed it seems. I remember there are several paths to the point you needed to get to. The paths I had seen others take were just filled with blood and death. I recalled you just needed to go through to the other side of this building. And going that "way" as the others meant trouble. I had noticed the area behind you might be linked to the destination as one just got there but failed just as he did so. I look back and walk through a kitchen and about reach my destination without hassle or trouble. But I did go check out the normal path as the others before backing away as all the explosions and terrorists showed up to distract. I just told the other characters with me I wouldn't be going that way.
    The dream ended kinda abruptly as I took the short cut.

    Overall I did spend quite a long few hours following this all. There was quite a lot going on and going back and forth between different settings and redoing some few points over. Though much lacked any real worth of recall. In the end I didn't really pay much attention to try and remember the details all in all. But the part about the castle and king and queen was slightly more intriguing but I fail to recall what happened. I only know we were waiting inside a courtyard and we got word we could pass this gate and we headed to do so but then it ends.

    The house of naked girls...

    This was totally unexpected... All of a sudden I saw girl after girl appear and all were kind coming out from showers or only having towels or getting undresses or just walking by with nothing. I had walked in from a door in this castle like building. Stone walls and such, wood doors.
    I had walked in and turned around to look where the others coming from the previous room. Instead I found my back go into a shower room or similar. I saw many girls I have seen or know. Even my sisters go walking by to talk with me only in her towel drying her hair. I don't recall what she said but was talking about some details she needed confirmation on I thought.
    I'm a little lost why I'm surrounded by them all as I turn around more and more I see myself just deeper into there with no escape. I hear many chatting and taking it easy and discussing plans or whatever girls talk about with each other. They don't seem to notice me much but when they do they don't really react much at all.
    Some few go by saying things to me... They feel important words. I recognize and identify people by the words they say. Many things only said in my mind and to "spirits". They some are teasing me.
    I peer soon into a room through a few openings of different rooms. I see a girl there. She had just said something directly to me who was being a little lost on what to do here and where to go.
    She had suggested for me to just go with it and not be bothered or such. Even to go and have fun with them.
    I had looked around before I saw her. She was quite different from the rest. She was laying down on some towels or bed in a spa like section. The thing that stood out was she was a deep thick blue skinned all over and had hair like I don't know how to describe but had the same blue color to it. It wasn't glistening or anything but was bluntly matt.
    I was mesmerized and went to approach quite quickly, I felt I knew who she was, which was why I wanted to approach. She had suggested for me to do some 'fun' but was meaning more like any of the girls around but I was more interested in her as she was the one who had said it. I saw her react to my approach. Maybe some mental communication or quick exchange or words but she didn't seem to expect me to be interested in her like I would. I was well intended to get to know her better than I do. She seemed flattered that I would go with her. I sat down with her and we had our fun.
    She was quite aggressive >_>;
    Not at all what I was expecting. I wanted and expected for us to take our time and do things gently at start but no go it want quite quickly to the aggressive sorts... Though she listened to what I said and didn't go all, all out...
    It was a little strange as she did change and morph her appearance through out the interaction. More human in the end.

    The previous "room" had a completely different context. Was like a narrow path in a castle tower including stairs to a basement... Where a dead person lay.. Or zombie... It was half alive and included possession and ghosts and exorcism... SO the happenings in the room after with the girls was really unexpected.
    I did some kind of exorcism or banishing as the ghost tried to assault us and posses us I think. I recall seeing like a female priest in intricate clothing with me doing chants as well as the ghost attacked with a blast pressure of sorts.
    Beforehand we were talking with a maid about the problem and was explained about what the situation was and where the body was etc. The whole deal was mediaeval, nothing modern in it but me sort off.. I was there in jeans. Felt out of place with my clothing.

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