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    Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind

    Nighthog's Journal: 21th February 2011

    by , 02-21-2011 at 08:42 AM (548 Views)

    dark and dreary, much stone like monumental construction. Almost black.
    on a platform high over waters
    The resurrection/immortality ritual
    Getting it done without the usual consequences most will have.
    (I.E.. you don't become undead >_>; )
    fall into deep water underneath the platform
    A nasty big fish... beat him up
    the mother...
    sliced and diced with star wars beam sword?
    Wouldn't let me be.
    Out of water.
    Climb the wooden tower to get back up to the levels above.
    The strange floor that collapses as you walk
    Fighting with these "guards"
    throwing them away.
    wake up...

    false awakening.
    A black crow? no raven in my bed?
    A owl I hear in the end?

    back to previous dream
    I'm in a large castle.
    A more nicely dressed guy approaches.
    I bend his sword into pieces.
    I try to convince I'm no trouble as long as they don't try to kill me.
    I'm just searching for the Ma---death---sword or similar. Can't really recall the name(from previous dream)
    Don't get a opportunity to recall as the others seem to plan my demise while I'm thinking.
    I walk about. Seems a ball or similar is on the way. Meet pretty dresses princesses or similar.
    I end up following some maid up a staircase.
    Find the maids room.
    It's small and about 15girls share that room the size of my own room but a little larger but much taller.
    A little word exchange with them.
    wake up again

    Chain back and I'm conversing with a crowd of people from the castle.
    I'm 3 or 4 dimensions from my own home world. I reason.
    The man from before with sword still hasn't given up...
    Some kind of electrical shock weapon this time.
    I play with it. People seem kinda amazed at my behaviour.
    I end up talking about AC/DC electricity. Seems like a scientist was with them. Seems I had meet the King and Queen walking the halls.
    Seems they have yet to prove AC/DC is possible. I explain how to do it quickly.
    The electrical shock weapon was working with petrol... strange...

    slept some more afterwards:

    I'm hanging about with my brother. Almost seems like a dream of his.
    Trouble with work and design...
    A company cheated on him...
    he was working to help a company design something but they shafted him kinda. Or stole everything he did and got nothing in return.
    Basically the company had money but no talent.. my brother had talent but no money.
    They saw they would be competing with each other and if they would support my brother he would be their demise of sorts by making superior product and design in the end.
    All he needed was finances to make things possible.
    Ths stuff put that axe in his back by the two persons from that company.
    My brother was furious about their behaviour.
    We are there with our Omega red car.
    I stand about listening to it all. I go closer to listen in to the company persons about the deal as they talk to some bystanders.
    They are just greedy ass holes I contend like companies seem to be all the time.
    My brother goes off somewhere.
    I go elsewhere after sitting about on the roof of a bus-stop stand for a while.
    I wander down a road. or float down it.
    I survey the area and try to find something of interest to spend time with. Find really nothing going along the road and decide to head back. I'm in some rural small house town which is quite dense. brick and mortar houses, yellow and red. Many gardens. Quite nice place actually.
    When I turned around I found myself back into a large clearing from before, I had passed it just moments before, was like a empty park... Something is different as things have morphed now.
    All about I see people.. girls... ok.... WEIRD! Almost like a circus... Much sexual content everywhere. I see something from my depths of consciousness spawned something quite amazing and silly. I pay not much mind to it and just pass by.
    I end up back into the place I started from but it's now empty. I head into the housings and smaller streets.
    I go along trying to follow my intuition onto something I might want to find.
    I end up upfront this cafe of sorts. hmm. Looks really nice, I look closer and see images of butlers on the windows... hmm NO... not that. The name was something fancy I can't recall. I then spotted also a image higher up on the second floor of a maid serving something. There was another title there. Hmm, something quite different... I saw something in the image to portray it's not what you might think at first hand. Is that leather strap and whip I saw to go with the costume?
    I decide I don't really want to enter that store after all. I am about to walk away and head walking beside the building until I hot the corner and there I see the address. "Wolf st. ...". I almost laugh.
    But I feel I should not leave. I head back but go past the entrance and look to the backside of the building unto the lawn there and such. I go to walk the grass as I notice people behind the building.

    There are two girls on their knees making much commotion. They have long telescopic cameras. half meter length? I hear them command and talk like fanatics as they take pictures of what I presume are some of the workers in the café. Two male servants. Dressed up nicely. Good looking...
    "Take this pose, lift your arm. make this expression etc" to make it short.
    I see the men are a bit bothered but can't do much but accept their fate and hang along with their games. They seem to work together I recall thinking. The clothes matched quite well.

    ... Though my appearance changes things.
    I notice the girls are wearing something like maid outfits. they one guy notices me and reacts and as such the girls notice. I think he noted them of my arrival. "Seems we have a visitor" I recall being mentioned.
    The two girls turn around with their cameras in a unique way of interest."uh? huh? Let's see... who we have here then?"
    Mostly first as annoyance almost but then with surprise and intrigue. I had went off to sit myself on the wooden fence going to the next property to have thought of examine what was going on. Didn't get far as I was noticed so quickly.
    "Oooh!" I hear the girls excitedly sound and then they start to make all kinds of compliments and I'm now their target of interest to photograph.
    I'm just embarrassed and look away as to not let them see my face. I look out into the street. But seems this position exited them more and they give comments and leads of how I should position myself etc.
    I'm being called handsome, cool... whatever. >_>;
    They calm after a few shots and then invite me to come over. I walk over to them out of curiosity. Though I'm quite embarrassed by their behaviour. The guys seem to look at me out of pity and to say with their eyes to run away. I don't really understand why they look so strangely at me at first.
    They take me inside the back door and I meet some more girls inside. They have me take a seat at like the personnel lounge or kitchen. It's at the backside of the cafeteria. I think of the secondary sign of the shop with the girl thinking this is it. The others seem quite smiling and exited for me to be there. I hear how they say they found a real gem this time or such. A first some of the girls seemed bothered they were dragging yet another guy to the place but changed attitude as they saw me.
    I'm just a little lost what they are on all about as I'm guided to sit at this oval table. The other girls go to seat around the other chairs and they bring me a cup of coffee. They ask many things and discuss with each other and thinking up what to do with me. They say some strange and embarrassing things to me. I wasn't really expecting this.
    They are quite open and honest discussing. They seem to have some plans?
    I see several of them look at me mischievously and interest. Giving wide smiles easy to spot. Clearly in flirtatious mood. I'm not at all used to this.
    before I can take a taste of the coffee I see a leg come from underneath the table. It's from the dark long haired girl sitting about across the table to my left. She is leaning unto the table fingers crossed into each others hands moving them playfully as she looks over to me. She insistently tries to push her foot and heel into my crotch... I have to use my hands to not let her do that. I have my hands under the table and keep holding her shoe and feet away and to soften any hard push or such as it's really close to no good area.
    I try to keep it covert thinking it's only her but seems the others have noticed are soon smiling at me... A den of wolfs...
    "Oh.. look how he's trying to resists" said in kind mischievous manner etc.. >_>;
    They get closer and closer and soon everyone of them is poking and pushing at me in awkward places. Calling me cute and whatnot. I tell back and try to fend them off a little. But the situation is kinda out of my hands with them doing it like that. I can't hit them or such really. They are teasing me to the max basically.
    I can't help but smile. I thin of how I really shouldn't followed inside so easily.
    They get a little more aggressive with their touches and it results in me waking up. Just on the way to reach another level...

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