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    Nighthog's Journal: 22th February 2011, WW2, Soviets in norway? Archaeology? Spaceship?

    by , 02-23-2011 at 12:35 AM (572 Views)
    About in the earlier parts I was zooming in on a map or space view unto past Scandinavia going from Russia up along down the coats of Norway down to a island in southern parts of Norway.
    I recall getting a recap of the situation of sorts don't recall how it went but I knew details about the goings on to some extent.
    I knew it was WW2 and the Soviets were for some reason highly interested of this small rocky outcrop of a island here for a reason. They had sent invasion forces to try and capture the island... And basically ignoring everything else! This was the only thing in Norway they were interested in and they sent quite a task force to deal with this.
    I realise the place is currently controlled by The Germans. They are currently in the progress of invading Norway. The Soviets are taking advantage of the situation to sneak a attack to get here and get lost before anyone knows what happened.
    I'm zoomed to take a role as one of a special force unit of the Germans. We are only a small troop on the island. a dozen or such not much more. We are there to just guard the place. We have no idea why but we know the soviets are on their way in great numbers at the moment and we are deciding if we are to call for help or not. But decide not to do so by figuring out they will arrive and leave before any help gets to come.
    We decide to go and hide out little force and in a peculiar manner we do hide. We were already being attacked and the AA and other few artillery or bigger guns were just taken out. I make a call to say to call headquarters to inform they Soviets will take over the island. Nothing more.
    I gather the rest as I seem to be in command and we head out into the waters to hide underneath the waves etc. We all go lay down as invasion forces come unto the land from the waters from a small other land part connected to the mainlands. It's shallow enough so you can wade from there.
    We all lay at the bottom of this path underneath prepared to hide and see forces run past us and miss us to large extent. At last moment someone seems to stumble on top of myself and gets a little blurry as I was waking up from the struggle but when I got back. We at large were headed away and walking at the bottom of the sea. We all had strange suits and oxygen tanks etc. Almost like spacesuits.
    We are to try and make a assault on the ships behind the corner of this land as last resort. I see mines everywhere in the water and across the sea bottom. We have three submarines come by that we had at standby nearby. They are going to do the sinking.
    Two head down a sea floor trench as I follow on foot but the trench is dangerous as mines are gathered there and the two U-boats gets blown up in a trap like situation. They Soviets had moved mines to this location. I barely escaped from the trench in my suit.
    The last submarine I command to not attack and retreat. We are to regroup at another location to think of something new. (the suits had some radio like communication devices)
    They had already taken over the island and encampment. Starting their search for whatever might lay there.
    This part of story fades away...

    I'm now like a civilian on this island in modern times doing archaeology with a research group trying to figure out what the Soviets were there for on this island all those years back. They had come quickly and left quite hurriedly after some searching back to their country before anyone basically knew they were there. The few researchers are quite intrigued by this unknown story at large kept secret for very long time.
    I'm not a formal member but a visitor to the excavation just out of interest to see what they might find. I peer at their work and stuff and also go through the digs the soviets did back then. We see the remains of the dug and blasted rock here and there and also the trenches etc for defence and so on the Germans had made.
    I pull out a rock from theg ground and hit it at another rock to crack it to smaller pieces and it reveals a footprint inside. I show it to a researcher a female doctor of sorts and she can't believe what I showed. Was some footprint of a Koala or something from the tropics and really, really ancient. What's it doing all the way here up north? The island shows evidence of being in a tropical region way back. Stark contrast to the surrounding areas. It stands out as something unbelievable.
    I had to show just were I took the rock and it's evident it's from here and there just from there and not some forgery I brought along to try and con them which she at first tried to say of me doing.

    I leave them to what and walk about and see much greenery on the island. There are tropical plants growing here even today... Small bushes and such only though as it's a no tree bare rock island for most part.
    I see the arrival of my 'friends'... They come to arrive with a advanced spacecraft. I'm not local? >_>;
    We, I wasn't alone sneaked away to board safely. Something wasn't right as the ship was quickly attacked by someone or something as it came close to the island. Someone doesn't want interference it seems and are protecting the island from higher advanced societies. We barely make it out in a hurry with much crippling damage.
    We order a repair from the computer console. Auto repair bots? Teleportation repair? Either way we get repairs done on the spot we are located on and as we fly off in greater speed as engines are working properly again than just slow flight speed of a few hundred Km/h in low orbit.
    I see the repairs cost some 376 units of money.. Sadly we only had about 200 something and had to get a instant loan of 200 more from the repair company. We leave the planet and fly of into hyperspace or whatever in faster than light travel.
    Little bit of chatting and I tell them to quikly pay back the load soon as possible. You don't want to be in debt to these guys for long at all. The sooner you settle it the better.
    The pilot starts up a video game something like Supreme Commander and Star Craft 2 mixed. He makes a quick assault with the "Commander" unto the enemy base as quikly as possible. I hear how the player complains how that's unfair. This is not how you play this game. We are assholes... Either way the game gives you real money if you win a game. 250 something for this first round. I tell him to pay the debt right away after that and he does so while he starts another game.
    Seems this is a great source of easy money if you are good with it as our pilot seems to be.
    I think I take up the situation about the island again and why where we attacked.

    I can't recall any more details as it faded off to wake up soon after.

    I recall the price of the spaceship being mentioned being in the 100.000 something.
    So repairs were really cheap...
    Also we joked about how we with such a ship couldn't afford repairs without going into the red. haha.

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