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    Dreamed I was Lucid?

    by , 04-17-2013 at 04:28 PM (455 Views)
    sleep at 1130/1200
    wake 3/330 - back to sleep ~4 minor waking ~5 and final waking at 9
    took some menthol last night at my first waking - meant to take like 30mg, but after the first cough drop i knew the others weren't going down. so, only got ~10mg. don't think it really effected my dreams. mb i'll just start making myself peppermint tea during a WBTB.

    ~5 Zombie dream - don't seem to remember much of it anymore (should have used more tags). Zeke (my cat) showed up in three different parts of the dream - just camping by my feet ((he seems to come into my dreams quite often - probably the most likely candidate for a 'shared dream', but no way of confirming it >_<)). i used a key or some other really small thing in my hand to try and pierce one of the Z's brain. It didn't penetrate deep enough, so I used a long pole to pierce the soft spot in the back of the throat and into the brain.

    Unknown time - I checked an alarm clock. Then I checked it again. The numbers kept being screwed up so I kept checking it. It kept being screwed up. So I figured 'oh, i must be in a dream'. the whole dream was in my apartment ((this is really odd - don't usually dream places that i'm in a lot. ex- i dream a lot of a house i grew up in, but i didn't dream of that house when i lived there)). I floated around a little - just playing with bodyless space. my mate was there as well - its like we were both disembodied ... he was complaining that he had been waiting for me to 'wake up' for a while.

    no idea if that was a true lucid that i lost very quickly or really was more of a 'dreamed i was lucid' situation. its... fuddled in memory.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Ah cool, you dabble in menthol as a dream aid too? Even though I'm 99% sure that you already know about this thread, I've got to point out Alyzarin's excellent menthol thread in the Research section of the forum: http://www.dreamviews.com/research/1...-enhancer.html There's tons of great info there and is also a great place to share experiences if you're so inclined.

      I have lots of sympathy on the cough drop issue. I've consumed as many as 6 during a WBTB and by the end my mouth is a honey-lemon hell.

      Yeah, it does sound like a lucid where things perhaps got a little scrambled up after the fact. That tends to happen to me when I lose lucidity and keep dreaming. When I wake up from a lucid, things just fit together so much better. Anyhow, even under the most uncharitable possible interpretation, you were at least dreaming about having a lucid dream. I find that once I have one of those, an LD is usually right around the corner.

      I'm brewing up some peppermint tea tonight as well -- good luck with yours!
    2. Nightingale42's Avatar
      yeah, saw someone else mention menthol in their DJ, found the forum, and went to Walgreens. least they were cheap. sounds like you got the tasty ones! all i tasted was menthol - oh gods the menthol. don't get me wrong, i LOVE mint, but that tasted like chemical death. guess there is a difference in taste when you're just chomping through them instead of slowly sucking on them. i figured they would be fine >_<. wondering if it would be easier to try just swallowing the damn things.

      anyway, thanks for the comment and the well wishes - luck to you as well!
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    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Thanks! Yeah it gets rough once you go through enough of them. I didn't try chewing them, just constantly sucking them throughout the WBTB. Takes like half an hour for me to dissolve all 6. It gets old, fast!

      My weariness of cough drops (and some research that Alyzarin dug up which points to a possible role of menthone in dreaming) has led me back to peppermint tea. Fortunately, that stuff tastes fantastic. The only downside is that I have no clue how much menthol I'm actually getting, but I guess I can live with a little imprecision.
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    4. Nightingale42's Avatar
      i posted another dream today with peppermint tea - i think i can be fairly confident in stating that it had an effect. yeah, the imprecision sucks, but if it works it works.
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