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    Dystopia and language video

    by , 04-29-2013 at 06:09 PM (227 Views)
    nearly a dreamless night - luckily i barely pulled these back before getting up
    sleep 1230/1am
    wake 1030am

    Watching a language learning show for children. It used a little dog and some other animals. The longer it went on the more cartoony it was. I was trying to guess a color in one exercise. a different one was flashing through different images of rain and other weather. I was supposed to pick one that was a certain level of wet. Instead I was trying to match the color of the overall picture to a word. The end of the show had the dog playing around pretending to pee on stuff (along with another dog). Then he pulled a bit of ground/grass over himself like a blanket and went to sleep.

    The government was after me for something - big brother dystopian government. There was a tracker jacker chasing me. We found out that this specific type of bird food threw their tracking ability off. Some guy in an outdoor class had some and was feeding it to birds in a feeder. After that, I always carried a little bit of the food around to keep the trackers off of me. I was in a bathroom one time with them outside it waiting for me to come out. Someone distracted them long enough for me to get away. They sent a boy after me - made me fall for him and used him against me. They had injected me with something that weakened my will - I was very pliable and prone to weeping after that. They boy I was in love with helped them take me captive. I believe he loved me too, but truly felt he was doing what was in my best interest by taking me captive. They used a boat to take me away from my old life and into their captivity area. I was simply depressed after this. Deep depression - the kind where everything means nothing - don't care enough to do anything. Was mostly naked in a common area - getting to my cloths in a locker of some sort. didn't care though.

    Indoors basement like area in a huge complex building. some guys were playing video games in a common room. Maybe guitar hero.

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