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    flying gadget

    by , 04-13-2013 at 10:02 PM (220 Views)
    I feel like i was aware of the fact that i was dreaming most of last night, but was too damn tired to force a more active lucidity (stayed up ~4 hours later than my body wanted to).

    woke up knowing i had been dreaming of zombies (played the first bit of the walking dead game before bed), but not much else. watching a youtube video about owls flying sparked the following recollection.

    I had this little motorized winged gadget that is meant to help one fly. there was a spot in the woods that had awesome updrafts - enough to get me flying unassisted (more of a gliding thing - couldn't go long distances. going up takes a LOT of effort, and the forward movement is mostly gliding/making use of updrafts). i had to go somewhere far away, so i figured stealing one of the flyers (the winged gadget) would help get me there. When I used it in the updraft place however, it shot me up too heigh too fast. it was slightly frightening, but mostly inconvenient as i couldn't see where to go. i had a male friend with me at some point. vaguely fairly like (we were)... were on someones roof - the someone else's patio - used their comp/radio/etc for music.
    a secret base for...? abnormal people - deep underground. there is a valve like tube to get there. usually solid, but if you know how to get there, you can make it open and admit you. there might have been a fire there at some point - well contained. i thing i stole/borrowed the flying device from them. the mission was probably also from them. it was in a place way to the north - on a coast.

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