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    Fragments - world tree and kittens

    by , 04-19-2013 at 05:57 PM (274 Views)
    there were two kittens - one orange one that looked like a cat i used to have (sammy). He got loose and I freaked out. Eventually got him back but he was a little more brown than orange. mostly dirt, but some a natural darkening of his fur as he grew

    Had climbed up to the top of this really tall mountain. There was a lot of fog around the edges, so must have been really high up. Was there in a largish group of people (hiking or something I guess). The view was beautiful. The mountain was a giant world tree - the branches running off into the distance. I almost fell once. I was overcome with fear at the edge of a drop (we were really, really high up. Couldn't see anything below us - just a kind of foggy distance).

    there was an earlier dream with the tag 'captivity', but its gone now.

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    Tags: cats, heights
    non-lucid , dream fragment