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    by , 07-10-2013 at 11:04 AM (363 Views)
    My mom had died. I did not initially have an emotional reaction to this (shock?). I didn't like that so I forced myself to cry until I actually felt grief. When I paused for a breath I heard sobbing behind me. I went over to the stairs (house I grew up in) and she is sitting on them - looking like she did when we lived there. Something about the emotions I felt at her passing made her solid to me. I gave her a huge hug. We talked a little and she started to fade but I used some sort of mental trick to stabilize her. I got an email telling me an ex had died. I told my mom to tell him he is a douche when she saw him. There were people over. me adjusting the temperature - was too hot ((likely rl temp registering)). There were a bunch of old ladies in the living room doing some sort of craft. My mom was trying to do whatever craft it was with them. She aged her face at some point - made it super wrinkly - like 80 or so. I was asking a friend(a) (who was now the dead person instead of my mom) if he had seen the way to move on. He told me he had. That it was a doorway in his (my old room) room. It had a red heart or red figure of a woman (can't quite remember) on it. To entice him? I told him all they needed was techno music playing behind it. He laughed.

    ((remembering now something else. A... feeling/sensation - possibly from a different one where I kept dying? a sensation of holding on to my essence, my self as I went through these transformations. I would intentionally kill myself and come through the other side intact. I think the dead people in this dream might have briefly made me remember that sensation while in this dream))

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