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    Lucid River

    by , 07-15-2013 at 10:26 PM (406 Views)
    Slept from about 5pm to 130am.

    normal dream
    dream sequence leading to lucid

    Im in a game store. E is working there. I'm there to get an expansion to some game we've been playing. She pulled out a sheet of paper that I thought at first was a job application but wasn't. I got what I needed and left. The journey was... odd and mostly forgotten till I went down some stairs - trying to get back to some people I knew. The bottom of the stairs was blocked off by a bunch of people in chains. Teenagers. Apparently someone threw a party when they were babysitting. Groups of us (people in the area- bad place/time) were sectioned off into different rooms. They had a group of adults come in - looked like bikers - hard people. To scare us? They started a trivia game - a question about taco bell - something that had stuck with taco bell since the founding of the first store. I had first try on this one. I brought up how the founder was rumored to have been big on live sacrifices and asked if that had anything to do with it. He said it did not and I gave up to the next person. It was apparently something that played in the background of a lot of taco bell commercials. A reference to a movie or game or some such that did not exist.

    My mate and I were in a car together. He pulled off to the side and someone was.. following him? Trying to get to him. He drove off and up the rode a bit. Made me get out of the car and kept going. I started following him on foot - almost up a hill till I got to a parking garage. I was distressed that he left and worried about him. As I was walking there was a bunch of other people on foot going the same way. One guy had on roller skates - I think he was one of the ones after my mate. Im in the parking garage - some sort of gathering of people here. I was naked. Grabbed someone's jacket and then she got upset with me so I gave it back. ((Here I think I became briefly aware of my body due to discomfort in the dream and a light sleep - and I thought going to bed sleep deprived would make me sleep deeper)) I tried to imagine clothes on myself because it was silly that I was feeling insecure. It worked - briefly. Something loose and guy like. Comfy. Then it disappeared. I decided I didn't care and wandered down to the stream (down a hill off to the side of the garage). It was very murky, but I got in anyway. I wanted it clear so I visualized this strongly and it cleared. I was giggling joyfully in my new found powers. I swam around a little - enjoying the feel of the water and the trees all around the river. I swam back to the bank near the garage - all of the dream characters that were in there had come down. Clustered near where I jumped in. Someone was afraid of getting a cd out of a cd player. I held my hand out to it and willed them to open one by one (there were several cd trays in a column). The last was a tape, not a CD. It was supposed to be a message to someone (me). I decided to oblige and listen. Instead of putting it back in the player I made it start playing in my hand and used the center piece that turns the tape to turn the volume up. I had another little tehehe moment of playfulness at making this work. There was nothing I could decipher in what came out. Music and gibberish. ((I had felt this dream slipping in several places and brought it back. I loved the sensation and control and didn't want to let it go. There was no real 'ah hah! I'm dreaming!' moment. It was rather gradual. I was aware within the dream that both the lucidity and the body awareness were due to the light sleep. I pushed the body awareness down to barely noticeable so I wouldn't full myself out that way when I was still playing. I felt in the dream that the message must be important if my dream characters were bringing it to me like this, but I think it just wound up being a way to drag me back under. At this point I had a false awakening and started writing all this down. I then 'went back to sleep'))

    Dystopian type world mega corporations. The milk company wants to make cheese. I (head of the cheese corp) deny them the ability to dont want the competition.

    My mate and I are having sex like REALLY good sex. We somehow manage to make it to the bathroom (for a shower?) while still going at it. There was some sort of portal in the bedroom. A new friend of ours is in the living room. There is an altercation between her, a different friend of hers (over the phone), and my mate.

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