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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Magic Chalk, Forest Gods and Prison Escape

      by , 05-02-2013 at 07:02 PM
      Finally have a fully fleshed out dream again. The first dream I recorded last night was in the dark and only kinda sorta looking at the page - very much asleep. Jottings continued throughout the night till I woke up and wrote the last two out.

      Sleep ~230
      Wakes: 550 (br), 858 (bioclock kicking in for my 9am alarm), 1030

      Almost had sex with Spike (Buffy)/..(some guy i knew in high school TB). People showed up before I could go play. I was texting him on a weird device (looked like one of those old pocket sized electronic games... or mb an old calculator - rubber buttons, small display area) and all of us were using odd objects (one was the body swapping device Faith had (Buffy), but it did something else). A few allowed air mobility - not actual flight though I don't think.

      There was cotton like candy. was in the sky. It turned into clouds and changed the scene.

      I found/ran into this guy covering up what appeared to be murders. He was fine with being caught and blamed for it - expected it, but he didn't do it. He was trying to destroy the chalk, but I got there before he could. The chalk could change thing - whatever you drew came to be. The gods/fates were going to leave me a piece, but I got too greedy and tried to take more and so all of the chalk went away. I wanted to draw the candy clouds.

      The gang (Buffy) and I were arriving somewhere for a normal meeting. Giles told me spike wanted a word. I stayed to harvested a few pieces of waterleaf (terraria) but I couldn't pick them up - inventory full.

      Running through a field. I had waited until the 'first god appears'. By this is was meant animal life - I had to wait till it returned to the field. I'm guessing it was spring. When I ran through it I was running past all these animals - bunnies with colorful butterfly like wings being the most memorable. Behind me I saw a huge centaur come out of the woods into the field. I thought 'this is a true god of the forest' and kept going. I saw on the ground some animal tossing ants in front of itself. The ants were fighting... something. apparently the animal's only purpose was to do this every spring.

      In an old time prison. We organized an escape with a large distraction. When most of the guards are preoccupied we approach the fence (me and a friend of mine - he becomes my mate later in the dream). There is a guy there with a mat with shoes on it. I ask him why and he says some mystical sounding bullshit that really means nothing but implies that he will shoot us if we go for the fence. I talk to him a little till decides he likes me and tell him we are going to walk along the fence 'so please don't shoot us'. I find the gap and wait until he is distracted to bolt. Two others follow, but I don't pay them much attention. If I don't commit everything to the run I wont get away. It is forested initially. When the forest clears a little I see a town. - well, the industrial side of it anyway. I keep running one direction as much as possible - I dart around impossible to go over objects, but try to correct my course by going the other way around the next obstacle. Every now and then I see one of my fellow convicts following me - I notice that it isn't just my partner following - there is another guy. I have to keep going - get out of range of the patrols. Its getting late and I'm trying to think of where we will stay tonight when I stumble into an alley (very well lit - more of a building that happens to be outside. There are a lot of boxes all over the place - storage area as well as kitchen) where this guy is cooking. He asks me 'cow?' while holding out his hands - he has a smallish piece of meat and a bunch of chopped up veggies. I know I'm going to have to eat after that long of a run and so I consent gratefully. The two others arrive behind me. I try to go spend time with them and my partner pushes me back towards the cook saying something to the effect of 'he is the one feeding you, don't neglect him'. The two of them find some scraps to eat while I go back to the cook. Some time during this I managed to grab a piece of plastic (containing food) that game me a decent cut on my right thumb, about a quarter to half an inch long. I don't remember it really bleeding, but the gash itself was ruby red ((When I woke up the pain of the cut was still there)). They boys point out the guards coming from the entrance behind us. This alley is a dead end and so we give up the idea of running. We try to hide, but there is no where to hide. I can't see the boys from where I am but assume they are recaptured. A male guard finds me first, but then I see a female that worked at the prison ((councilor perhaps?)). I apparently knew her and was appalled by her helping the guards fine me. Betrayed. I jumped her - legs wrapped around her waist to hold me to her as I punched her repeatedly in the face. The first guard pulled me off of her. I tell them teary eyed that I can't go back. I can't live there. I just can't. I would rather die. And so the guard raises his gun and shoots me. I wake up.

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    2. Nightmare - Menthol

      by , 04-18-2013 at 06:09 PM
      12 am S
      3 am W drank a strong peppermint tea (three tea bags). back to bed at 330. didn't actually get back to sleep for a while after that
      4-430 am S had to be closer to 4 considering all the dreams.
      5 am W - nightmare, wrote everything down and went back to sleep an hour later
      6 am S
      9 am W - final

      Had gone to my grandmothers house when she wasn't there ((nothing like their RL house)). I cleaned up some stuff on a counter and when they got home told them I had. 'thats nice dear'. There was someone there they didn't like.
      My grandparents were no longer around and the house was a little different. K and B were behind a bar and in a kitchen. Me, L, and random guy were in the living room. ...sexins ensue... i'm invited to play with K and B and go around to do so. i cant seem to kiss K right - something just keeps feeling 'off'.
      I'm in some sort of apartment. The guy 'next to' us (it was kind of embedded in our apartment and connected to another apartment network as well (used shadow memory of a previous dream to briefly touch on what that network looked like - I was never there in the dream)). had just installed an awesome AC system. The controls were in our apartment though. Apparently they had to wire it that way because of the buildings design. They guy there came out and talked with me, my mate, and a friend of his. They all started talking about some game and/or the computer. At some point I was outside the apt along with the neighbor guy. One of my cats (oci) was there as well - he slinked back into the apt - clearly uncomfortable where he had been. i think i was smoking outside. while the guys were looking at a comp, I started focusing on a magazine. I got about 1/3 - 1/2 way in when it got to the main article. It was all on a movie that was coming out soon. It was filled with gory shot after gory shot - all stark whites and reds. It started with an image of a chick kinda grainy and turning her head - very reminiscent of the grudge. I told my mate that I wouldn't be able to see this movie - too disturbing. I keep flipping though and the article doesn't end - the rest of the magazine is nothing but those disturbing images. I close the magazine.

      Spoiler for Nightmare:

      ((this dream was really confusing to write - the location kept changing in my memory. i might have been mixing two different timelines))
      There was some sort of fungus being spread on all the pot crops - government conspiracy. Wanted to find and hide the little bit that I had, but the cops got there too soon. They weren't after pot though. Eventually it was just a large group of people being held in a smallish space At some point in the dream the space was larger - like two houses to either side, one above, and a common area in between. Some of the 'prisoners' were organizing a resistance. They met up above. There was a slip of paper with someones # hidden on it. I was trying to find it and somehow call them - they could end this captivity. They guys name was Travis or Tailor or some other T word - I don't think it was actually a name, but it slipped away quickly. A person's head was snapped in front of me by invisible hands - she knew too much and was going to spread that knowledge. A friend was getting pulled out of the captivity 'room'. She was special in some way - had money or friend in really high places. They said they were neither holding nor not holding her and moved her elsewhere (i'm assuming somewhere nicer).

      ((So, i'm thinking that the Peppermint tea Definitely had an effect on my dreams. Dont know if i will ever try that again though as the nightmare was extremely vivid and disturbing.))

      ((oh yeah, when i was writing in my DJ after waking up at 9, i realized i had tool's song parabola running through my head))

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