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    update+6/3 - dinos and sand

    by , 06-03-2013 at 07:02 PM (361 Views)
    Haven't updated this in a while due to relatively crappy recall for the last month or so. can't seem to maintain a 'normal' sleep cycle and this seems to REALLY screw with my recall. I have had several entries in my physical journal, but typing all of them out is going to be far too much of a pain. I will, however, post the dates of the more than two or so line entries - 5/14, 5/15, 5/17, 5/19, 5/20, 5/25, 5/28, 6/2. I think not posting them here has also contributed to the decline in recall. My comp was down for several weeks though, so I have an excuse there at least.

    slept 430am-730am. had broken sleep from 8-11, but remembered no dreams from that time.

    There is a montage of several different scenes, but only remember the one that... expanded. A guy is on a tour in the future - the people are on these hoverbike type vehicles (all different - their own i'm guessing) with free range of motion. The guy its focused on started falling asleep on the tour and kinda fell off the other's train and hit a tree branch. He wandered around for a little bit till he ran into a Trex attached to a harness and in a parade type deal attached to several other dinos (more passive) and santa clause leading them. Something my guy did knocked the dino out of his line - it started following the guy. He pulled the T Rex around and did a full on charge of the santa train. Apparently something like that was supposed to happen, but not until the end of the float/parade. The commenters are talking - well, one guy and the santa guy are talking. The trex is referred to as santa's knight. When I was rushing towards him (as the guy on the bike), there was this howooo noise - halfway between a wolf howl and a siren that I was suing to encourage the dino to move ((If you've ever heard the tornado sirens, it was essentially that)). The T-rex was more the stature of a velociraptor.

    My old house. My old room. There is sand... The AC kicked out for a little bit and it's *much* warmer upstairs than down. There are a couple of asians in my room with me - they have something to do with the sand - cleaning it? They don't speak english. When I go upstairs there is a doctor that is supposed to give me a shot to boost my resistance to getting allergies to the sand, but all the sand they brought was dirty already. I think this is my fault and feel bad. To test my potential allergic reaction I go through some sort of weird gauntlet that turns into a Monaco ((x-box game i've been playing)) looking 2f thing. When I get through it (after some loud alarm like noises) there is a health/healing for me to use.
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    1. AURON's Avatar
      Now this sounds exactly like a dream dream. Everything is so bizarre, but be accept it.
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    2. Nightingale42's Avatar
      I wasn't really even trying to go lucid tbh. I've kinda shifted into a passive role with my dreams. feels more like i'm just ... watching a movie or playing a game, so I accept the fantastic. Its like trying to go lucid is just too much friggin work right now when I can barely remember my dreams or get proper sleep. I think my struggle atm is more along the lines of no computer after 9, no caffeine after 4, ect.