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    weird apartment and traveling w/phone

    by , 05-10-2013 at 02:03 AM (273 Views)
    sleep 530am-4pm

    I'm asleep at home in bed. My mate calls - I was supposed to pick him up from the airport or train station or something. I call him back - can't get ahold of him. I leave and head towards him. He calls as i'm near a hotel. I pull over. I can't understand him and my phone is dead. I call him on the hotels phone. Somehow as i'm on the phone I leave my purse in the hotel and wander outside and get on a bus. When the bus starts moving I realise what is going on. I'm still on the phone. I pull the cord, but we are on the freeway and aren't stopping for a while. Loki is bitching about me missing his calls and tells me he isn't coming home for a while - work. The bus finally lets off in a kind of major bus pit stop. there are books everywhere but no list of the bus routes - I don't know when the next one that can take me home will be there. A bus arrives, but the scrolling text above it that should tell me where it is bound is missing.

    At a weird apartment with my mom and dad. I'm making an egg with fried rice but my mom doesn't want rice. I give her the one egg, apologize and tell her i'll make more. I feel bad because I can't make some for my dad as well because there aren't enough eggs. 'I don't think shes looking in the right fridge' -dad?. sure enough, there is another fridge with tons of food in it. The apartment is all open - one room open to the next open to the next. Makes it easy to rent more rooms.. there is no one living next to us so the openness was never an issue but they were using a fridge in a room that wasn't rented out to us. I was worried the landlady would find out and fine us. There are a few rotten (green insides) eggs I throw away. We had just moved into this place and I have to keep asking where everything is. There is an oven type thing in a island in the kitchen. If you move this piece of metal, you have an oven. If you move it the other way you have a toaster oven. the previous owners left something in the oven - a pizza? Someone there wants coffee, so I go looking. I know we have a coffee maker and coffee somewhere. I found the tea in a cubby hole on the ground of a shelf in a corner. I bitch to my mom about its inaccessibility and start moving them elsewhere. Turns out my parents have tons of coffee, but it isn't where the tea is.

    Visiting family - cousins are there. I felt bad because I hadn't gotten anyone presents
    fragmented sex dream (completely unrelated to above )

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