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    Weird Weather Heralds Zombie Apocalypse

    by , 05-11-2013 at 06:22 PM (303 Views)
    Sleep from 3am - 10am

    I go to my mom's work to give her something. I was going to stay but realize i'm just going to be board for several hours and have my dad take me home. She works was for a law firm, but she was only one of the three people working there and the place was tiny and attached to a few little stores. Largish open area for the main office and one little sectioned off area for the boss.

    Dream starts just before the zombies start coming. There are a really bizarre weather phenomenons - flash floods, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. I'm at some sort of yoga retreat. there is a male instructor and several people lined up along with me. we are all lying in our own little dugouts in the ground. we are in the middle of a forest with natural hot springs in the ground beneath us. At one point I turned the water on because I was cold and I missed a few words the instructor said (it filled my dugout like a bathtub). So did the person next to me. I apologize. I had tossed my clothes off to the side - kind of in the woods - back the way we came here? There were fires going on around the word. They caught some trees near us. I freaked and ran to get my cloths. They were just past some trees that were on fire. We were trying to decide what to do. We knew something bad was coming. A zombie wandered into our camp and someone mashed its brains in. I was asking if my grandmothers place ran on propane. Probably not - most houses switched over. there were little teepees a little in the woods. I almost thought we could stay there but then saw they were miniatures. we would never fit. There was a house a little ways into the woods that we wound up staying at. || A young guy comes to his home. His mother is ecstatic - 'you're alive, he's alive.'. the father gives him an axe to the head. They had never been close... The father figured he had to have been bitten. When he (the son) died he came back almost immediately all gray like. He was put down. Someone had a business card for Buffy. || Older family member - grandfather? - has a bald head from chemo. All this fighting to extend his life and now he dies anyway. He did get to spend a little more time with his loved ones though.

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