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    LD within a dream

    by , 04-27-2012 at 07:34 AM (959 Views)
    Blue = Dream
    Green = 2nd dream
    Red = Lucid

    I was on my school bus, and was really tired so I fell asleep

    I was standing at my bus stop, and I became lucid! "YES! I'm Lucid!" I said. I did a finger through the palm RC, and stabilized. Then the dream started fading.
    Woke up in the bus, and was like: "Yea! I got Lucid!" Then the dream started fading
    and I woke up

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    1. superchaz's Avatar
      wow, weird.
    2. NightSpy2's Avatar
      Quite... I want to have a dream where there are more levels! Haha... It's quite an interesting experience... xD