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    by , 12-04-2016 at 08:33 PM (180 Views)
    So feeling stuck! havent LD'd since 3 weeks ago and it was another month before that. So frustrating! I'm beginning to realize LD craves a certain amount of energy both physical and mental. I have had a cold for almost a month with a constant slight fever, not high but enough to make me tired and lethargic. feels I don't have the energy to focus on LD right now. really don't know what else to do than wait until I feel better and start over again with the exercises. Anyway I tried something new that Oneironautics gave me a link to. It's called Isobeats, a mix with both binarual beats and isocronic tones. I listened to a few of them and I really like them! Actually they had an offer of only one dollar each and I bought them all!
    Hope I feel better next week. I really wanna try the task of the month.

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