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    Away From You

    by , 12-10-2010 at 05:49 PM (1054 Views)

    My dream recall lately has been quite pathetic...but I'm sure I know why.

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    1. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Love that (uhmm...would you call that a poem?).

      And as long as you know why your recall has been pathetic, you can always get it back!
    2. nina's Avatar
      I do believe it's the weed indeed. Now I remember why I stopped smoking years ago. Oh well though, supply gone...lucid dreams come back please.
    3. The Cusp's Avatar
      Don't blame the weed! I like to think I've had decent recall while smoking. Only time weed hindered it was when I hadn't been smoking for awhile and started back up. But once I got used to it again, my recall was fine.
    4. nina's Avatar
      I shall blame it! It has always been deleterious to my dream recall and lucidity. I'm quite certain this was proven to be the case, though I have no doubt that the human body and mind can "get used to" anything and return itself to equilibrium. I don't think I need to give my mind-body anymore contaminants to recover from than it already has to deal with presently. Does smoking affect your lucidity as well as dream recall? Are both directly linked for you?
    5. The Cusp's Avatar
      Well, I haven't smoked in awhile (my guy got busted), but I don't think either my recall or my lucidity rate has improved since I've stopped.
    6. LittleChronic's Avatar
      Actually theres been some studies on weed that it can actually stimulate the brain and help the growth of brain cells. Maybe it can actually help recall.
    7. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      My theory is that cannabis puts you into a deeper sleep. You have less REM dreams, but more NON-REM dreams which can be more legendary.
    8. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      I have been smoking since I was 15 and, as far back as I can remember, weed has never helped my dreaming, in anyway. Or, rather, I should say, if it ever helped my dreams get more vivid, it continuously nullifies the effect by causing me to forget what I dreamed about. Only about 30% (est) of the time I go to sleep high, do I actually remember my dreams. Whenever I stop smoking, or significantly cut back, my recall skyrockets, without fail.
    9. nina's Avatar