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    Darkness and Light

    by , 12-24-2010 at 06:42 PM (765 Views)
    I found myself in bed at my old house, laying on my stomach with my face in the pillows. I heard someone enter my room.

    "Is it you?" I asked.

    The mattress moved as he sat down on the bed. As usual, I was nervous. He leaned over me, and in a dark voice full of malicious amusement he whispered into my ear.

    "I'm not your blue friend*."

    My nervousness transformed into fear as I felt him climb on top of me. I lifted my head slightly to look at his hands closed around my wrists. They were black. Jet black. A color nothing human could be. And I could sense the darkness flowing through him. If I believed in evil then he would be it. But evil implies the sense of something, however wicked, while he was nothing. Emptiness.

    I didn't dare try to see anymore.

    Fear paralyzed my body.

    Pleasure released my mind.

    Not a typical sexual pleasure, but something more intense. Something deeper. At the base of my spine. Like a furnace.

    Who or what he was didn't matter...only the feeling mattered. Aware that at any moment the situation could erupt into sheer terror, I was careful not to appear to struggle from his grasp, and the delicate balance of pleasure and fear was maintained.

    At times he spoke to me, though I can't remember what was said.

    And then, as suddenly as he had come, he was gone. I found myself alone in my bed once again. But soon another came. At first I was, again, fearful. But this man was light skinned, almost glowing, and I found that I was able to look at his face. He was handsome and kind and sought only to comfort me. He offered his hand and I took it, and we dissolved into another astral plane. I know there is more to the dream but I can't remember it.

    *The blue friend he is referring to is some incubus-like being that has visited me on several occasions.

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