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    by , 01-10-2011 at 06:31 PM (2753 Views)
    My dream began at my ex's house, though I didn't recognize much of it. He was apologizing for getting me sick. People were walking through his room and leaving through the window, and I remember thinking how odd it was. I tiptoed on the border of lucidity, but I don't think I crossed over. Suddenly I found myself in another house...in someone's living room. It was O's place. It was night and he was sitting on this dark leather couch watching tv. I walked over and curled up next to him. It felt so natural, as if this was something we did every night. Sexy details omitted. We laid together on the couch, and I just remember feeling content and protected.

    The dream changed and I was in a scene from a movie, still just barely on the border of lucidity. I watched as the main character from Ink spoke to someone in the street. He was standing outside his car, as though he had just been in an accident. He was speaking slowly and seemed very sad. Although he wasn't dead, the view kept focusing in on his nose. I remember making a comment to someone next to me that I couldn't get over the fact that he was wearing a false nose. I think I was speaking telepathically with Edge, although he wasn't really there with me.

    The scene transformed again and the same man was flying at incredible speeds through space. The stars were leaving trails of light behind him. He had one fist out flying superman style, the other arm was also out in front of him. It moved backward as he put is hand forward and began collecting energy with his hand as he flew. He was summoning energy from all around him and I could see a cloud of glowing blue light, like lighting, forming in front of him. There was a tremendous amount of energy in that blue light. He was fighting something. I couldn't see what it was. It may have been his own shame. The cloud of energy exploded and the darkness of space was lit up like a supernova in every color. I could feel the light reflecting in my own eyes, and reverberating throughout my entire being. It was there. Knowing.

    Suddenly his entire body became superimposed with grid lines, as did the universe around him. He fell and landed with an enormous thud into a world made up of grid lines, almost pieced together like legos. There was a soft glowing blue ambiance. He had transformed into a huge inorganic sort of being made of these grids and blocks. He was still fighting...something. But the whole time I just watched and contemplated the beauty of the scene. I remember thinking how amazing it was...lucid dreaming...and how difficult it was to help others who haven't experienced it to understand. I remember thinking that *I* had flown through space and collected that energy cloud...which burst into a supernova in space. I remember thinking how different it was to actually live the experience rather than merely imagine it. It was just so beautiful. I remember thinking that they'll never understand.

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