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    04/12/2011 - 4 dreams in one night.

    by , 12-05-2011 at 07:04 PM (820 Views)
    I'm at my old house on burford road. Me & Joe are folding and packing up some cloths, i find a dress and some shoes, neither one of us knows who it belongs to. "its probably hayley's, she stayed here a while back - must have left it here" i say to Joe. He agrees with me, the dress is black with white pokadots and a green thread around the edge of the dress.

    I ask Joe if he has seen Hayley Lately & he says yes, im slightly taken aback by this as they arent actually friends.

    We leave the house and get in my car.

    Dream 2

    Im now with my italian family, round a dinner table they are telling me about some aftershave i left there, its in a baby blue bottle, they place it on the table and tell me to take it with me, i say something like "oh i had completely forgotten about that"

    My family continue to talk to me about things but i blank it out and stare at the aftershave bottle, its a really weird shape...

    Dream 3

    Im on a beach, its really nice, its hot, sunny and the sea is really blue. Im with my italian family again, i walk away from them all down to a little shed with loads of towels draped all over it, it has a sign that says something about 10 euros. I reach out in my mind to my cousin, Nicola, i ask her a few questions. To my amazement, writing starts to appear on the towel that is closest to me, and its answering the questions i asked!
    We talk back and forth for a while, then I turn around and go for a stroll at the seas edge, i end up on a mini island where the sand is more raised and the tide is coming in, i turn back and look at the shed, i see a huge crows of kids all standing there, pointing at it. I figure that nicola must still be communicating so i head back there.

    As i get there i find that there is more writing on the towels - i decide to freak out/ show off to, the kids. I strike up the conversation again, out loud this time so they can hear me. The kids are amazed when they see the writing appear, my other cousin Natalia comes over to see what the fuss is about she doesn't believe that i am talking to Nicola, so i say "nic, Natalia is here and she says hi to Daniel" we wait for a few seconds, then writing appears "hey Talia!" She is shocked & gets the whole family to come over.

    Dream 4

    I am in an urban environment, i am given an option to select a mech suit and choose a red one that looks pretty cool. Once i select it i am INSIDE the mech and enemies start to appear pretty much straight away, i target and lock onto them by imagining my xbox controller and pressing LT. I then fire at them all by pressing A.

    I figure out how to use the mechs jet pack and begin flying around above the enemies shooting away. I land on a rooftop and see a load of vehicle type mechs but through a wall next to me, as they are coming out im hammering the LT button and targeting them all, once they are locked, i jet pack up again and blast them whilst in the air.

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