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    Lucid - 07/12/2011

    by , 12-08-2011 at 03:29 PM (934 Views)
    Going through beeston square on a unicycle. Dad is with me. I ride past a bench and hear a girls voice shout "alriiiiight gorgeous!!" its hayley. I ride over to her, jump off my unicycle. It goes flying towards the group of people hayley is with, over their heads, smashes into a shop and continues bouncing around. "that shit is CRAZY!" i say.

    Im in my grandparents house with my family. They want me to do some weird dark, ritual. Apparently to give me certain powers and make me live forever. I'm turning it down at first but then decide ill go with it. My uncle - who is slouched on the sofa - instructs me to take out a lightbulb and turn it on with my own power. i take a chair, stand on it and un-screw the lightbulb. hold the bulb in my hand and try to make it turn on, nothing happens. I look around the room and everyone is giggling... "WHAT?" I shout. They tell me to hold it the other way round, so i grip the metal bit and try again, i focus REALLY hard, putting all my concentration into lighting up the bulb, the bulb lights up - so bright that it hurts my eyes and everyone yells at me to turn it off. The room goes dark and they start asking me to do some really evil things, i refuse and walk out of the house. My uncle follows me and tells me if i dont do them, he will be forced to kill me.

    I run out of the house and down the street, i can hear my uncle running after me, suddenly i stop.... Holy shit, THIS IS A DREAM! I nose plug RC, i can breathe. i can hear my uncle's footsteps and he is laughing, i turn around just as my uncle gets close to me, with a raised knife, aiming towards my throat. His face is twisted in hatred, it scares me a little. I tell myself not to think about his expression too much as i don't want to lose lucidity and put my left hand up in front of me in a "stop" kind of motion. he freezes in place. I grin at him, I KNOW im dreaming you idiot, his expression changes to one of fear. i slowly bring my right hand back, as if im firing a bow, but keep bringing it back until its fully stretched out facing behind me. All the while smiling, i focus as much energy into my hand as i can muster and force it forwards, it doesn't hit him, it wasn't suppose to. My hand stops just before his chest but my Uncle is instantly thrown backwards, so fast, i could not keep up with his movement. I cant see him anymore so he must of gone REALLY far.

    I turn to see my silver, fiat punto. Think to myself this is a lucid, cant be driving round in that. I turn away from my car, think about a dodge challanger, when i turn around there is one parked in front of my punto. I get in and start to drive really fast. I notice that my petrol is really low and wander where i can fill up with gas...

    I wake up in my bed with a huge grin on my face.

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    1. Suena's Avatar
      Just for a split second I felt like I was reading the Dresden Files.

      nice power
    2. MissLucy's Avatar
      Haha awesome! I'd have gone for a racecar though. I'm thinking maybe a Pagani Zonda? In royal blue! Ooohhh pretty..