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    Lucid fight & team task and a FA

    by , 12-22-2011 at 12:45 PM (1101 Views)
    I'm standing in the bathroom, looking into the mirror. I think I've just finished brushing my teeth, I notice a weird sensation coming from my teeth and when i check in the mirror i see a giant whole in one of my canines. This freaks me out a lot and upon closer inspection i see one of my teeth is MUCH bigger than the rest, its huge. This is weird, really weird.

    Of course! Im dreaming! I think about doing a couple of RC's but I'm so sure its just not necessary. So i think to myself "what the hell, im dreaming...." i poke at the giant tooth and it seems pretty loose, so i grab it and gently pull it out. I giggle to myself.

    I walk down the stairs and out into my garden and begin to shout for Misslucy. I keep shouting and a girl appears, i run over to introduce myself. This girl says she is misslucy so i ask her about the pm she sent me but she had no clue about it. "your not misslucy are you..." i say. She answers "nope."
    Im confused as thats never happened to me before. I think to myself "i wonder if matte could help me out..... THATS IT, ill summon him"

    "MATTE!...... MATTE87!?" i shout, i turn around and see matte bounding towards me with a grin on his face "cool, you summoned me man, thats awesome!" I make a joke about how tall he is and keep repeating something like "omg this is so cool, feels too real" and he just agrees with me. "Remember to stabilise man" Matte tells me so i begin rubbing my hands together and smelling the air.
    I finally calm down and ask him to start helping me summon misslucy, so we both begin to walk around my garden shouting for her. After about 2 or 3 minutes i finally get an answer "um.... Yes?"
    Matte shouts and points "over there man!" - we both run over to her and talk to her for a few mins, although i cant remember what about, but she seems really shy and like she wants to get away. So i tell her ill find her again next time i LD, she smiles at me and turns to leave.

    I walk up towards the house and start chatting with matte again, i hear a shout and someone is stood on the roof of my house looking angry at me, he throws some sort of grenade type object at me so i put my hand up in front of me and stop it mid-air using TK, i throw the grenade to one side and send lightning right at his face, he screams and keels over, hands clutching his head.
    I hear shouts from behind me, matte is in front of me and grinning at what i just did, he sees the bad guys but jumps and disappears into the sky. For a second i panic, thinking hes left me on my own. I turn around to see where the shouting came from and as i turn i see a blur shoot down from the sky and crash into all 4 of the people standing there, there is a lot of smoke and i cant see, i wait a few seconds for it to pass and it reveals matte, standing there laughing inside a pretty big crater....
    "quit laughing man you ruined my garden!" i shout at him, he just laughs harder.

    I wake up into a FA pretty suddenly.... I'm on a sofa and Keirnan and Darvz are with me (these are my RL friends that i usually talk about LDing with) "whoa i just woke up from a REALLY long lucid dream"
    they both laugh at me and tell me i was out for a while, but they want to hear about it, so i tell them.
    Darvz tells me how cool that sounds but they gotta go so i wave them off. I'm about to try to sleep again so i can have round 2 but there is a knock on the door so i answer it.
    Its soph with some guy named kyle. She wants to hang out, i say fine so we are sat on the sofa talking for a while then kyle says he has to go to the shop for something so he'll see us in an hour.

    I wake up for real.
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      Awesome!! Just pure awesomeness!