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    1. Lucid flight and dream BMX'ing.

      by , 03-12-2012 at 02:12 PM
      Im in a house that is not mine, I pass a mirror in a hall and look at my reflection, I notice that one of my front teeth it turned completely sideways. I stare at the tooth for a while, examining it, all the time thinking "this isn't right..." I fiddle with the tooth a little, it's really loose and comes out very easily. I touch my tongue to the gap where my tooth once was and can feel the hole my tooth has left, it freaks me out a little.

      I remember that this is a dream sign for me, so i plug my nose but i can breathe!

      I float up to the window that is above me, i open it. Its very small so i have to wriggle through the window while flying. I exit the house and immediately swan dive towards the ground, its exhilarating! I wait until the last possible second before i hit the ground, then fly up again. Im surprised at how easy flying seems to be for me in this dream. I fly up to a shed and land on it, i know what i want to do. I want to call for my dreamguide, i try to call out but no sound comes from my mouth and the dream starts to collapse.

      Dream 2.

      I am riding towards my granma's house on a BMX. There are speed bumps in the road and whenever i go over them i bunny hop to get some air. a car is coming towards me so i move to the pavement until it passes. I turn a corner onto my grandparents street and arrive on their driveway. My grandad is stood there building a gate, we talk for a while and then i head inside to see my grandma, shes with one of my cousins friends and im watching a video about lucid dreaming on a laptop.

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    2. Lucid fight & team task and a FA

      by , 12-22-2011 at 12:45 PM
      I'm standing in the bathroom, looking into the mirror. I think I've just finished brushing my teeth, I notice a weird sensation coming from my teeth and when i check in the mirror i see a giant whole in one of my canines. This freaks me out a lot and upon closer inspection i see one of my teeth is MUCH bigger than the rest, its huge. This is weird, really weird.

      Of course! Im dreaming! I think about doing a couple of RC's but I'm so sure its just not necessary. So i think to myself "what the hell, im dreaming...." i poke at the giant tooth and it seems pretty loose, so i grab it and gently pull it out. I giggle to myself.

      I walk down the stairs and out into my garden and begin to shout for Misslucy. I keep shouting and a girl appears, i run over to introduce myself. This girl says she is misslucy so i ask her about the pm she sent me but she had no clue about it. "your not misslucy are you..." i say. She answers "nope."
      Im confused as thats never happened to me before. I think to myself "i wonder if matte could help me out..... THATS IT, ill summon him"

      "MATTE!...... MATTE87!?" i shout, i turn around and see matte bounding towards me with a grin on his face "cool, you summoned me man, thats awesome!" I make a joke about how tall he is and keep repeating something like "omg this is so cool, feels too real" and he just agrees with me. "Remember to stabilise man" Matte tells me so i begin rubbing my hands together and smelling the air.
      I finally calm down and ask him to start helping me summon misslucy, so we both begin to walk around my garden shouting for her. After about 2 or 3 minutes i finally get an answer "um.... Yes?"
      Matte shouts and points "over there man!" - we both run over to her and talk to her for a few mins, although i cant remember what about, but she seems really shy and like she wants to get away. So i tell her ill find her again next time i LD, she smiles at me and turns to leave.

      I walk up towards the house and start chatting with matte again, i hear a shout and someone is stood on the roof of my house looking angry at me, he throws some sort of grenade type object at me so i put my hand up in front of me and stop it mid-air using TK, i throw the grenade to one side and send lightning right at his face, he screams and keels over, hands clutching his head.
      I hear shouts from behind me, matte is in front of me and grinning at what i just did, he sees the bad guys but jumps and disappears into the sky. For a second i panic, thinking hes left me on my own. I turn around to see where the shouting came from and as i turn i see a blur shoot down from the sky and crash into all 4 of the people standing there, there is a lot of smoke and i cant see, i wait a few seconds for it to pass and it reveals matte, standing there laughing inside a pretty big crater....
      "quit laughing man you ruined my garden!" i shout at him, he just laughs harder.

      I wake up into a FA pretty suddenly.... I'm on a sofa and Keirnan and Darvz are with me (these are my RL friends that i usually talk about LDing with) "whoa i just woke up from a REALLY long lucid dream"
      they both laugh at me and tell me i was out for a while, but they want to hear about it, so i tell them.
      Darvz tells me how cool that sounds but they gotta go so i wave them off. I'm about to try to sleep again so i can have round 2 but there is a knock on the door so i answer it.
      Its soph with some guy named kyle. She wants to hang out, i say fine so we are sat on the sofa talking for a while then kyle says he has to go to the shop for something so he'll see us in an hour.

      I wake up for real.
    3. Lucid - 07/12/2011

      by , 12-08-2011 at 03:29 PM
      Going through beeston square on a unicycle. Dad is with me. I ride past a bench and hear a girls voice shout "alriiiiight gorgeous!!" its hayley. I ride over to her, jump off my unicycle. It goes flying towards the group of people hayley is with, over their heads, smashes into a shop and continues bouncing around. "that shit is CRAZY!" i say.

      Im in my grandparents house with my family. They want me to do some weird dark, ritual. Apparently to give me certain powers and make me live forever. I'm turning it down at first but then decide ill go with it. My uncle - who is slouched on the sofa - instructs me to take out a lightbulb and turn it on with my own power. i take a chair, stand on it and un-screw the lightbulb. hold the bulb in my hand and try to make it turn on, nothing happens. I look around the room and everyone is giggling... "WHAT?" I shout. They tell me to hold it the other way round, so i grip the metal bit and try again, i focus REALLY hard, putting all my concentration into lighting up the bulb, the bulb lights up - so bright that it hurts my eyes and everyone yells at me to turn it off. The room goes dark and they start asking me to do some really evil things, i refuse and walk out of the house. My uncle follows me and tells me if i dont do them, he will be forced to kill me.

      I run out of the house and down the street, i can hear my uncle running after me, suddenly i stop.... Holy shit, THIS IS A DREAM! I nose plug RC, i can breathe. i can hear my uncle's footsteps and he is laughing, i turn around just as my uncle gets close to me, with a raised knife, aiming towards my throat. His face is twisted in hatred, it scares me a little. I tell myself not to think about his expression too much as i don't want to lose lucidity and put my left hand up in front of me in a "stop" kind of motion. he freezes in place. I grin at him, I KNOW im dreaming you idiot, his expression changes to one of fear. i slowly bring my right hand back, as if im firing a bow, but keep bringing it back until its fully stretched out facing behind me. All the while smiling, i focus as much energy into my hand as i can muster and force it forwards, it doesn't hit him, it wasn't suppose to. My hand stops just before his chest but my Uncle is instantly thrown backwards, so fast, i could not keep up with his movement. I cant see him anymore so he must of gone REALLY far.

      I turn to see my silver, fiat punto. Think to myself this is a lucid, cant be driving round in that. I turn away from my car, think about a dodge challanger, when i turn around there is one parked in front of my punto. I get in and start to drive really fast. I notice that my petrol is really low and wander where i can fill up with gas...

      I wake up in my bed with a huge grin on my face.
    4. Lucid, back garden antics.

      by , 11-19-2011 at 02:36 PM
      I wake up in my bed, decide to nose plug RC I can breathe!
      I get up out of bed, walk out of my room, its still really dark, I float down the stairs, my dad is slumped at the bottom, against my front-door. He mumbles something to me as i pass him, i ignore him and carry on.

      I walk through my living room to the doors that lead to my garden, when i reach them i start punching the glass in the door, it doesn't break and i can feel my hand connect, i try again, harder and harder but still nothing happens. I give up and just open the door to walk outside, its light out now, i walk down the patio section and try to fly, i manage to float a few metres forward but thats all. I'm determined to fly so i start jumping hoping that i will get higher and higher, but i don't. I decide i want a fight and see my mother appear from my bedroom window at the top of the house. She looks stern and angry (which is just NOT like her) She throws a small brownish like box at me from the window, i raise my hand and stop the box in mid-air with TK and send it flying back at her. She disappears from the window so i try to bring the entire side of the house down with TK, i manage to make it shake and dust and steam flies out of the top but other than that, nothing happens. My mum comes out of the double doors that i just used and steps onto the patio, sword in hand. I need to find a weapon and reach into my pockets, after a few seconds of feeling around i can feel a sword-hilt, i take it out. The sword is very small, but its all i got.

      We start to fight with the swords, faster and faster, until they are just a blur and i wonder how i can keep up with this. Then i start to hear noises, screams and shouts, from a few gardens down, they don't sound bad, they sound like a few people having fun. "enough of this, i want to go over there, it sounds like fun" my mum walks back inside while i walk to the end of my garden, listening to the noises.

      I wake up in my bed, but its outside in my garden, its daytime and i get up and walk towards my house, on the way i find a huge sword, laying on the grass but cant make sense of it.

      I wake up for real.
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    5. Possible Dream Guide encounter.

      by , 10-28-2011 at 12:27 PM
      I am in a car with kirsty and the girls, its daytime and to my left is pavement then a field. I am driving and everybody gets out the car, they tell me to meet them at theirs, they wanna walk from here cause there is too much traffic. I say thats ok but i know this car is kirsty's car and not my own so i have to be careful.

      I get annoyed that i havent moved in a while and decide to 3-point turn and leave, i crash into an oncoming car as im beginning to turn, stick it in reverse and hit another car, im scared now so i speed off and park the car outside kirstys house. I go in for a bit to chill with them and act like nothing has happened.

      at some point i decide to nose plug RC I can breathe. "im dreaming" i say. i do some stabilisation techniques and leave the house. I walk out into a wooded area and its dark, i try to yell out, wanting to call for my dream guide but i couldnt make any sound at all. I rub my hands together for a while and chant "this is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream..." I try again to call out. "i need to speak to my dream guide. Are you there!?" i wait for a few seconds, then hear an answer, it sounds like its coming from inside my head and remember thinking that is weird. "yes" i hear.
      " Can you please meet me? I'd very much like to talk to you" a figure appears before me, it has silver skin, he introduces himself but i forget the name.

      We walk and talk, he tells me lots of things but i forget most of the conversation. He tells me i was a dog in a past life, he also says he needs to show me something. He takes me to a friend, i recognise it as an old school friend called Becky. We are hovering above her bed, she is laying there crying. She looks so thin and upset. He tells me that i should talk to her, try to help her as she is going through a really hard time at the moment. i tell him that i will.

      I ask him about the page i reserved for him in my DJ, if its ok for me to fill that in with his information, he tells me no and i get the impression that, at least for now, i should leave it empty.

      I wake up. Later that day i send a message to my old school mate becky, i haven't talked to her in maybe a year and a half, so i look at her FB and her statuses tell me she is depressed atm, i message her saying "might sound crazy, i had a dream bout you last night and it seemed you were having a hard time, is everything ok? etc" she replied straight away telling me how weird that is because she is currently battling a eating disorder and her bf is in rehab and she cannot contact him for 1 year.

      This freaked me out, maybe it was a coincidence and maybe i just already knew deep down that something was wrong.
    6. Space with dad, outlook festival turns into bloodshed.

      by , 09-30-2011 at 01:50 AM
      Having an argument with DV members about something, possibly the whereabouts of a member. Me & my dad commandeer a shop to find out what is happening. We somehow get returned to our own planet and told the ship we stole was designed to move planets.

      This explains the greenish force field around the ship. Me and dad begin to move a planet with a small gun we took from the ship, we are floating in space and about to enter the planets atmosphere but my alarm wakes me.

      Dream 2

      I am going to outlook festival, we arrive at a giant field in the middle of the day to try and find a decent camping spot. We walk all the way to one of the barriers and settle there, in the middle of our camp-site there is a human-sized burrow. I am with lex, josh, joe, keirnan and kate.
      I decide to have a nosey around our area and walk up to the barrier, its just a fence, i see that at the bottom there is a gap which we could fit through, i make a note of this for future reference & go to tell kate about it. As im pointing it out to her she is smiling and agreeing with me. I look up to see a friend, ben matthews, he is with a group of his friends that i d ont recognise. I tell them about the gap & that he should sneak in, he thanks me and along with his friends, climbs through the gap and begins to play a game with a small inflatable ball, kicking it about. The ball accidentally hits a few near by campers, they shrug it off and laugh and join in the game.

      The game stops & we get our camping chairs out so we can c hill in the sun. Les starts talking about how long we will be able to stay here , i find this stranger and say "dude, what are you talking about? we are here for a week!" Everyone laughs & I am confused by it all. They begin to tell me that after a few days the "tribes" that live here will ask us to move so they can reclaim their land. I think they are joking & shrug this off. I decide to see where this burrow leads so i climb down it and appear in my own back garden "hmph, this will be useful" i think to myself, i walk into my house, grab some supples from my fridge & head back through the burrow. I rush o ver and tell kate about where it leads, she doesn't believe me until i show her what i took, snacks, food and drinks etc.
      Its getting dark so i decide to back for more supplies, this time my dad is in the h ouse "Ben, what are you doing here? Your suppose to be at outlook!" I tell him about the burrow and he thinks its cool. I also tell him that the tribes will take back their land and he tells me "that seems fair" i say to him "how is that fair? I spent money to stay there, where will i go?"
      "Ben" he says, "you gotta understand that this is peoples lively hood, it may rain in the middle part where they are now and they may need to spread out."

      I tell him thats dumb as there is still plenty of room and that we shouldnt need to leave, i explain that i should get back now too. When i exit the burrow, its now night time, people around us have set up various cam fires and are getting drunk.
      Lex is sitting in his camping chair, hes looking at me but hes not saying anything, the orange glow of our campfire is dancing around on his face, it looks really pretty against his black skin.
      "LETS GET WASTED!" he shouts to everyone, this is followed by a series of cheers from us all. We head out to all the stalls that are set up to get some alcohol, the people that own the stalls remind me slightly of gypsy's. WE drink our drinks & i wonder off for a bit to browse some stalls. It is still really dark, i walk up to a stall, the woman there sneers at me & says "you will soon be gone from these lands" i look directly at her "In that case, i better not buy anything from you, wouldn't want you to prosper when your kicking us out!" i sneer back at her. She looks furious & calls out for guards. I run away from the stall, it is pitch-black now and i can hear the guards footsteps behind me. I decide if i keep moving they will hear me but if i stay still they shouldnt see me. I realise i am laying on sand so i throw more over myself to help disguise me. The guards walk past me, they are tall with weird gold adornments around their necks, and are wearing loin-cloths. I start to follow them towards a huge dome-like tent. Inside is a massive man with a weapon, like a clingon bat'leth and he looks like Goro from MortalKombat but with just 2 arms, the man he is fighting has a spear, they clash for a few mins & finally the huge guy get the spear thrust through him. The guy with the spear becomes an equal size to the Goro-like guy, gets given a weapon, a blue band and runs off into the distance.

      Goro sees me and throws me a spear, as soon as i catch it he charges towards me and begins a relentless assault, each time he attacks i only just manage to parry or dodge, we are inside his dome like tent circling eachother, i throw the spear but he dodges it and charges at me, i roll underneath his attack, pick up another spear, turn & throw it. The spear rams straight into his side, he drops his Bat'leth, motions for me to come closer and presents me with a blue band, he then tells me to join the other guy from before.

      I run off in the direction the other guy went and find him on his own, hacking & slashing into a big heard of buffalo. He tells me to join in and i tell him i dont think i can. I come back to the campsite to the others and tell them we should make a stall and sell things, then we should be able to stay. I also tell them that these guys only eat meat and not bread or anything else, we begin to boil up a broth, i pick up the container and slosh its contents around.

      2 guards walk over to us & tell us that we cannot stay, he is to the right of me, I keep stirring the broth, not looking at him. He raises his weapon to me, still not looking at him i raise my hand, showing my blue band, the guard seems un-phased and starts to swing for me, i dont move. The guard behind him grabs his arms before he can swing down "what are you doing, fool!? The blue band is a sign of friendship to the khal!!" the guard apologises and turns to walk away, he turns around again and sneers at my friends "you do not carry the mark of the Khal YOU shall die!" He is looking at kate this time, he raises his weapon once more and i see the fear in kates eyes. I don't know what to do, i grab his weapon and scream to my friends "RUN, RUN NOW!!!"
      Once they are out of sight i let go and run the other way, the guards follow me. I jump a small fence & end up in a field full of giant flowers of the craziest colours ive ever seen. This field is a circular shape with the edges being high ground and the middle being lower ground, kind of like a bowl.

      I hide amongst the flowers as i see a jeep of elite guards come down the road ahead of me, they spot me and begin to throw razor sharp discs at me, they look similar to xena's frizbee thing, but thicker. The first disc cuts the flowers in front of me but misses, there are more elite guards that begin to throw discs at me. I dodge them and pick up ones that i find on the floor and start to throw them back. On my first attempt i high a guard in the throat, blood spurts out of his wound and he collapses, the rest of my attempts miss badly. There are more and more discs being thrown at me now and im finding it difficult to dodge them, i think to myself "i need a weapon" so i make a motion with my hand as if i am unsheathing a sword, i grab a hard hilt and pull out a big, black-bladed ninja sword. I begin using this to deflect any incoming discs. (At this point im starting to figure something isn't right but i have a lot on my mind atm)

      The Guards are upon me now and i am desperately defending myself, there are about 5 guards, i kill one with a wild lunge that pierces his heart, he drops dead instantly. All of a sudden, it clicks.... I scream "THIS IS A DREAM!!" i drop my sword, blade down and it sticks into the ground next to me. I stand there, grinning at my enemies, knowing they cant harm me at all. They begin wildly slashing at me, i can feel their blades hit me, but it doesnt cut me, nor does it hurt. The guards look shocked and i cackle. They continue to hack at me, i punch the guard closest to me in the face "HOW WAS THAT, BITCH!?" I watch him Fly backwards and hit the floor hard. I turn my attention to a guard thats running in for a c loser attack, i ignore his blade and grab him by the throat, and throw him with all my might, i watch as he hurtles towards the sky, screaming and then he disappears from view. I turn to the remaining guards, grab the next by his head and his shoulder and tear his head off, i get covered in blood. The last guard sees this, turns and runs away.
      Spoiler for 18+:
      Spoiler for 18+:

      I wake up soon after.

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    7. FPS and a funeral, lucid for about 1 minute.

      by , 09-15-2011 at 03:03 PM
      Paul has come over to my house. We are at my parents playing some really crappy FPS game, everyone is using automatic weapons but I'm using a pistol which seems to do way more damage and be insanely accurate.
      After a while of playing this game paul looks at his watch and tells me its time to leave, it look late, its pretty dark and im sure my parents are both in bed too. I tell him ok, so we both head to the door. For some reason i ask him "do you want any weeeeeeeeeeeeed?" (as i say weed i change the pitch of my voice to keep going higher until i stop saying the word) He laughs and turns around, "bro, check this out" He pulls out a plastic bag FULL of green, maybe 2 or 3 ounces. I hear my parents stirring in their sleep and think SHIT. Suddenly i can smell the green and tell paul to get out asap before they smell it! I get him to the door and paul says "hey wheres my car?" i look on our drive and just out front.... "i dno man where did you park?" he looks to the left to the neighbours drive and chuckles, "look" he points to the drive and his car is there. "wow, im sure they'll be well happy about that!" i say. He gets in his car and drives off.
      I go back to bed and my dad is shouting from his room, something about media studies which i did for GCSE a LONG time ago. I just want to sleep and dont want to talk.

      Dream 2

      I am at my grandma's house, a lot of my family members are there, im sat down on a couch and my aunty is talking to everyone and it is beginning to annoy me. She starts talking down to me about my job or something and i snap "your SO fucking condescending all the time! Whats your problem?" she just looks at me, blank faced and shocked.
      She tells me I am rude and i disagree, i tell her that she is being rude and i dont have to take it just because everyone is here. My other aunty, who is sitting to my left in a big leather chair leans forward and says "i agree with ben, i think he had every right to say what he did" i look around the room and can tell everybody agrees with me, but doesn't want to say anything. I get annoyed by this and tell everyone that im leaving.

      I get up and go through the door in the living room, grab my coat and then say "and im definitely not coming over tomorrow either" i know there is something important we are all suppose to do tomorrow, but i just don't know what.
      I leave the house and go outside to look for my car. I cant find it and instead there is a motorbike outside the house, i know its mine so i get out my keys and start up the bike. Its really snowy and there is ice on the road, its quite dark too but i manage to make it home. I talk to my parents about what has happened they agree with me, but im sure they will never say this to my aunties face.

      Suddenly it is the next day and i decide id be stupid not to turn up, im sat an my grandmas playing guitar, i stop as i realise its time to go to the funeral. Its the funeral of my grandad (my grandad is still alive). We arrive at a huge field where hundreds of people are gathered all in black. The family goes down to the relative section, i decide to join them but i go a different way & get separated. I end up sprinting down a raised hill instead of the path which is to my left and now, below me. I cant see a way to get to the path from here so i carry on. Down to my right is a really high steep slope, with a mud river at the bottom, I can sense someone, maybe my mum knows that im thinking about getting down there and doesn't want me to do it, as it looks pretty dangerous.

      I sprint towards the edge and start to slide down. I'm desperately trying to slow my descent, reaching out and grabbing handfuls of mud/grass to try to slow me down. I reach the bottom & then walk slowly to where most of my family are stood together, only i am below them and there is a huge and insanely steep hill between us. I try climbing up but its no use. Someone is telling a story of how my grandma and grandfather met. I realise that i shouldn't be able to hear this voice at this distance and also become aware that this voice is in my head. I nose plug RC
      I can breathe! "I'm dreaming" i say to myself, i instantly think of my tasks and put my hand out in front of me, grasping and invisible control dial. I turn it and the dream begins to get bright and brighter. I hear DC's murmuring and asking whats happening. I laugh to myself and decide to fly up to them, half way up i realise that I am in my bed. Awake.
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    8. Lucid and devious false awakenings...

      by , 08-25-2011 at 01:04 PM
      I WBTB, after some random visualisations i lost consciousness but ended up on a street, i did a nose plug RC and i can breathe! i look down at my hands, they seem normal so i try to push my fingers through my left hand, it works, they go through. "right, i am dreaming" i think to myself. I start to stabilise the dream and look around, i am in a room with my bed, except it is not MY room. I rub my hands together and decide to stabilise again in a different way, i suck the paint off one of the walls... Its now grey and it tastes weird.
      I go downstairs and out onto the street, its twilight and i remember my task of getting a dc to do something for you, i see a girl in a blue top and a skirt, i float across the road towards her and say "excuse me, i just wanna speak to you", she ignores me so i repeat the question again. She turns to face me, sees that im floating and runs away. I try holding my hand out towards her "girl in blue top STOP RUNNING" it doesnt work and she rounds a corner.

      I head round the corner to see where she went but i've lost her. Instead i see a guy with long hair and a black beanie on. He has a sleeve tattoo and i notice it. I walk over to him "Wow awesome tattoo man!" i say, he smiles at me and thanks me. I figure this is going well seeing as i've never intentionality had a conversation with a DC before. I tell him that i am dreaming right now, at first he is shocked then tells me, "I'm dreaming too!" he then says "lets do whatever we want!"
      I tell him I am here because i have some tasks to do, he asks me what they are and i tell him about my task of falling from a height that would normally kill you. I ask him if he has anything he would like to do. He says yes but we can do that after. We walk towards a large building made of dark red bricks, i think this looks ok and turn to ask the guy "a fall would kill you from there, right?" he nods "yeah i reckon.."

      Suddenly i get a little scared that i will forget this part of the dream, so i try and wake myself up so i can journal... I close my eyes and feel myself waking up.

      I wake up in a bed and grab my DJ and start to journal about the dream, when im done, i roll over and sleep again.

      I instantly appear in a supermarket very populated with DC's, nose plug RC it works I try pushing my fingers through my hand and that works too, then i try pushing them through a wall next to me, it works, but only slightly.
      i want to find this guy again, he was kinda cool, then remember my task of telling a DC to do something, i have a look around to which DC's look like they'd help me out, there are so many. I see an old school friend called Nick, walking towards me... I walk over to him "hey man, not seen you in TIME! I need a favour, i know I'm dreaming and i am looking for someone, i need to find him, can you help me out?" Nick smiles "sure" he asks me to stand inside one of the squares on the tiled floor, i do. He makes a weird gesture with his hands and then stops, the floor around me begins to glow where i am stood. "not what?" i ask. He turns to me and says "just walk into any room, through any door & you will find him"
      "coooooooooooool!" i think to myself. I thank Nick & he walks away, i go into the first room i see, its a shop that i was standing outside. i start to look around. At first i cannot see him, so i walk in and still nothing, yet when i turn around he is there behind me, sweeping the floor. I think he works here. "FOUND YOU!" i say, he looks surprised and replies "yo! You totally disappeared on me before" i apologise and explain about me not wanting to forget so journalling quickly. We both head into the nearest room, there is a small window at the end. We both walk towards it, i open it and look down, its about 6 floors up, this should do, i turn to my tattooed friend and say "that would kill me, right?" he walks over and looks out "....Yeah man that would DEFINITELY kill you... Be careful yeah?" i laugh and nervously RC again just to make sure, yup dreaming. I realise that the space im looking out to now is the place i met this guy... Cool, i spawned myself inside the building. With both arms either side of the window i fling myself out and shout "wooooooooo!!!" just as im about to land i wake up in bed.

      I roll over and grab my DJ, the entry from before is surprisingly neat for me and the writing is tiny, it almost looks like I didn't write it. i shrug it off and carry on journalling. Once I'm done, Hobbs walks into the room "DUDE! do you even know what you did last night!?" I panic and shake my head... he laughs at me "mate you need to apologise to wardy and her friend".... "but i was dreaming" i say, he laughs again and explains that I'd slept-walked around the house and scared my friend sarah and her friend, who i have never seen before. As we are talking they come to my room too and tell me it was really weird, i keep asking what i did but they don't tell me. All of a sudden my old work friend Livia is there "what are YOU doing here!?" i say, she smiles and hugs me... Sarah asks for a hug and i tell her no, cause i wanna know what i did first. They all leave the room, i look back at my DJ entry and at how weird the writing is... My vision blurs and i wake up in my bed for real this time.

      Dammit!! =P
    9. 3 fragments.... 3 mini lucids.

      by , 08-21-2011 at 12:56 PM
      Im in a very colourful city of ruins... It reminds me of WoW a little bit as there are loads of DC's running around with swords or casting magic and there are enemies... Great flying dragon-like creatures which some Dc's are taking down... Others are just lounging around like myself.

      I am with a group of people including Lora the rest i cannot remember.
      Raspberry floats down before me and says something like "nito, hey!" I am shocked and tell her that "matte is the only other person ive met from DV" and am saying its weird to meet her... All of a sudden i click, I could be dreaming! I nose plug RC..... I can breathe! I try to fly a little and pull it off... I fly towards a dragon and punch it it the face, it goes flying... I laugh and float to the floor. I wake up

      I go back to sleep and enter a dream scene but i am with the same people. I recognise it as my Italian grandparents house. Raspberry is there again, she smiles at me and tells me something like, "you havent noticed have you?" i try to think about what she means and am just starring at her blankly... She laughs again.... i wake again.

      i have another fragment, i am driving in my car, i look to my left and a friend from school is there, she is called Telisha. We are at some traffic lights which seem to have been on red for quite a while. In the car in front i see two guys with their hoods up, they're staring at us both.
      We don't know what to do so sit there. After a few seconds i get pissed off and laugh at them... They seem confused so to make it clear i stick up my middle fingers. This pisses them off, they donut their car around and head straight for us... I dont know what to do so i floor it, go over the lights to escape... Straight away i see a police car and they turn on the siren and follow us... I pull over and try to explain, i open the door to get out and talk to them. They tell me to put my hands up and close the door... I try saying "seriously... Look at me, wtf am i going to do to you!?" they just keep being awkward and telling me to do weird things. I explain the only reason I ran the light was cause there was some guys after us. The police ignore me and look at Telisha and talk about her being a recording artist... They seem impressed. i just stay quiet as i realise she is my ticket outta here. The police say the guys have gone now and they'll let me off. As soon as they go the guys appear, theres 3 of them. The driver is shorter than the rest and asian, the other guys are white and a bit taller. they run after us... Two go for Telisha and one for me, as soon as he gets near my i punch him as hard as i can and he flies back about 10-15 feet. He doesn't move again so i turn around. I see the two guys running after her so i follow. I start running at incredible speed... Suddenly i am on a field, i dont notice at this point as i am trying to save her. i focus on one of the guys straggling behind the asian guy... He seems fast. I catch up the the second person quite easily. I jump through the air, although the guy is running away from me, my speed carries me through and im starting to land when i am right above him as im landing i grab his head. I fling my legs into the air to stop me from landing on them and i slam his head into the ground. I get up and start sprinting, again at incredible speed towards the last guy.

      I take a look behind me and the guy i slammed into the floor is up again, i decide to ignore him and focus on the last one... As im running i see josh & joe running towards me... i point with my thumb over my shoulder to signal for them to take down the guy behind me... They both nod and sprint past me so i assume they take care of him.
      The last guy sees me and stops chasing Telisha and begins to run away from me... I take pleasure in the fact he knows whats coming and sneer at the back of his head.

      I manage to corner him but instead of going straight at him i jump really high over him, and stick myself to a wall above him, on all fours. I wait until he realises, he does after a few seconds and looks up slowly, as soon as he sees me i launch myself at him like a human missile... I pound him into the ground.
      I get up and look around, i cant remember how i got to this field so i nose plug RC..... I breathe again! awesome... I realise then once im lucid ive never actually studied my hands... So i move them to right in front of my face... My right hand is fine but my left is missing an index finger... "cool" i think to myself.
      I begin to Rub the wall next to me, it feels really coarse and i was shocked by this. I figure thats enough for stabilisation and i start to fly. As usual when i get to a certain height i begin to slow down til i am swimming through the air slowly... I float back down and wake up.

      3rd fragment:
      Begins with a FA. I get up from bed and walk downstairs, i can hear my family outside so i go outside. I think its my mum, dad and uncle... For some reason i do a nose plug RC again.... It works again.... I cant believe ive been lucid this many times!! I instantly remember my last dream, "ok right..." i think to myself "lets settle this flying thing once and for all." i kick off from the ground and begin flying towards a large round bush, looks quite like a huge afro... I tilt upwards to avoid it just in time, i start to slow down as i gain height again, im not having this happen again... I remember reading about focusing on a single point and imagining getting pulled towards your destination. I do so with a point i pick in the sky. I start to speed up again and i start to smile... I look down and see that im higher than i have ever flown before in a dream. I look back towards the sky, arms outstretched.

      Unfortunately i am completely oblivious that this dream is ending and suddenly im staring at my ceiling. At first i still think i have my arms outstretched but they are crossed over on my chest. Sort of like a mummy.
    10. My first prolonged lucid!

      by , 07-04-2011 at 11:29 AM
      I open my eyes, im in my bedroom looking up at the ceiling. i roll out of bed in almost a pouncing manner, land on my feet facing my door, its open for some reason, this almost never happens.

      I slowly walk outside to the landing, something isn't right. im growing pretty suspicious of my surroundings, i do a nose plug RC and BAM i can breathe!
      The dream sort of flashes and i dont want to lose it so i bury my excitement and shout "I'M DREAMING!"
      I kneel down feel the carpet, and the textures of the wall, i decide to bite a chunk out of my door. I imagined it to taste like chocolate, and it did. I giggle and decide to see where this dream was going to take me.
      I start to walk towards the stairs then think "im in a dream, screw walking" so i decide to float. I float to the stairs and then down them, at the bottom i lose concentration cause im so happy i did it and end up sort of stumbling and landing in a heap. I laugh to myself.

      I open the door to my living room and sat on the sofa are my parents and grandparents. They look at me and ask me what im doing, "well, im dreaming and im gonna go outside for a little fly if thats ok?"
      They shrug and look a little confused.

      All of a sudden i am back at my parents house, i walk up to the double french doors and jump and smash straight through them, i go through in slow motion and watch as the shards of glass twist and turn through the air.
      For some reason at that point i hear somebody shout "your not making enough noise" whether it was sarcasm or not ill never know!

      I walk into the garden and float upwards, im trying to fly over the fence and away, i start off well, then my speed just dies, its like something is stopping me, so i decide to turn around and float back down to the ground, whilst doing this I decide i would like a fight, ninjas or something, but i really didnt concentrate hard enough, still far too excited to control my thoughts. Instead of ninjas, a reddish glow appeared on the patio infront of me, i see this and think, meh, good enough, ill try to take it out with a fireball. I hold my hand away from my eyes and imagine energy pulsing through it, getting hotter, i look at my hand and there is a fireball right there! I launch it at the reddish glow and it disappears.

      My dad walks through the broken glass of the doors, looking pretty angry, i guess hes the best my subconscious can do for now and i still want a fight, so i raise my arms out to my sides and shout, "oh its big man daddy, bring it!"
      He walks up to me, slowly and tries to punch me, i block it and grab him by his throat and lift him off the ground. I suddenly remember im looking for my DG! "say, do i have a dream guide?"
      "yes" he replies. "can you set up a meeting for me?" i ask, he looks at me and says "why would i do that?" I laugh at him, "why? Hmmm, cause im dreaming and ill kick your arse if you dont?" he closes his eyes, "it is done" he says.
      I slam him into the ground chokeslam stttyyylee! and i then wake up.
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