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    1. Lucid flight and dream BMX'ing.

      by , 03-12-2012 at 02:12 PM
      Im in a house that is not mine, I pass a mirror in a hall and look at my reflection, I notice that one of my front teeth it turned completely sideways. I stare at the tooth for a while, examining it, all the time thinking "this isn't right..." I fiddle with the tooth a little, it's really loose and comes out very easily. I touch my tongue to the gap where my tooth once was and can feel the hole my tooth has left, it freaks me out a little.

      I remember that this is a dream sign for me, so i plug my nose but i can breathe!

      I float up to the window that is above me, i open it. Its very small so i have to wriggle through the window while flying. I exit the house and immediately swan dive towards the ground, its exhilarating! I wait until the last possible second before i hit the ground, then fly up again. Im surprised at how easy flying seems to be for me in this dream. I fly up to a shed and land on it, i know what i want to do. I want to call for my dreamguide, i try to call out but no sound comes from my mouth and the dream starts to collapse.

      Dream 2.

      I am riding towards my granma's house on a BMX. There are speed bumps in the road and whenever i go over them i bunny hop to get some air. a car is coming towards me so i move to the pavement until it passes. I turn a corner onto my grandparents street and arrive on their driveway. My grandad is stood there building a gate, we talk for a while and then i head inside to see my grandma, shes with one of my cousins friends and im watching a video about lucid dreaming on a laptop.

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    2. Lucid fight & team task and a FA

      by , 12-22-2011 at 12:45 PM
      I'm standing in the bathroom, looking into the mirror. I think I've just finished brushing my teeth, I notice a weird sensation coming from my teeth and when i check in the mirror i see a giant whole in one of my canines. This freaks me out a lot and upon closer inspection i see one of my teeth is MUCH bigger than the rest, its huge. This is weird, really weird.

      Of course! Im dreaming! I think about doing a couple of RC's but I'm so sure its just not necessary. So i think to myself "what the hell, im dreaming...." i poke at the giant tooth and it seems pretty loose, so i grab it and gently pull it out. I giggle to myself.

      I walk down the stairs and out into my garden and begin to shout for Misslucy. I keep shouting and a girl appears, i run over to introduce myself. This girl says she is misslucy so i ask her about the pm she sent me but she had no clue about it. "your not misslucy are you..." i say. She answers "nope."
      Im confused as thats never happened to me before. I think to myself "i wonder if matte could help me out..... THATS IT, ill summon him"

      "MATTE!...... MATTE87!?" i shout, i turn around and see matte bounding towards me with a grin on his face "cool, you summoned me man, thats awesome!" I make a joke about how tall he is and keep repeating something like "omg this is so cool, feels too real" and he just agrees with me. "Remember to stabilise man" Matte tells me so i begin rubbing my hands together and smelling the air.
      I finally calm down and ask him to start helping me summon misslucy, so we both begin to walk around my garden shouting for her. After about 2 or 3 minutes i finally get an answer "um.... Yes?"
      Matte shouts and points "over there man!" - we both run over to her and talk to her for a few mins, although i cant remember what about, but she seems really shy and like she wants to get away. So i tell her ill find her again next time i LD, she smiles at me and turns to leave.

      I walk up towards the house and start chatting with matte again, i hear a shout and someone is stood on the roof of my house looking angry at me, he throws some sort of grenade type object at me so i put my hand up in front of me and stop it mid-air using TK, i throw the grenade to one side and send lightning right at his face, he screams and keels over, hands clutching his head.
      I hear shouts from behind me, matte is in front of me and grinning at what i just did, he sees the bad guys but jumps and disappears into the sky. For a second i panic, thinking hes left me on my own. I turn around to see where the shouting came from and as i turn i see a blur shoot down from the sky and crash into all 4 of the people standing there, there is a lot of smoke and i cant see, i wait a few seconds for it to pass and it reveals matte, standing there laughing inside a pretty big crater....
      "quit laughing man you ruined my garden!" i shout at him, he just laughs harder.

      I wake up into a FA pretty suddenly.... I'm on a sofa and Keirnan and Darvz are with me (these are my RL friends that i usually talk about LDing with) "whoa i just woke up from a REALLY long lucid dream"
      they both laugh at me and tell me i was out for a while, but they want to hear about it, so i tell them.
      Darvz tells me how cool that sounds but they gotta go so i wave them off. I'm about to try to sleep again so i can have round 2 but there is a knock on the door so i answer it.
      Its soph with some guy named kyle. She wants to hang out, i say fine so we are sat on the sofa talking for a while then kyle says he has to go to the shop for something so he'll see us in an hour.

      I wake up for real.
    3. Lucid - 07/12/2011

      by , 12-08-2011 at 03:29 PM
      Going through beeston square on a unicycle. Dad is with me. I ride past a bench and hear a girls voice shout "alriiiiight gorgeous!!" its hayley. I ride over to her, jump off my unicycle. It goes flying towards the group of people hayley is with, over their heads, smashes into a shop and continues bouncing around. "that shit is CRAZY!" i say.

      Im in my grandparents house with my family. They want me to do some weird dark, ritual. Apparently to give me certain powers and make me live forever. I'm turning it down at first but then decide ill go with it. My uncle - who is slouched on the sofa - instructs me to take out a lightbulb and turn it on with my own power. i take a chair, stand on it and un-screw the lightbulb. hold the bulb in my hand and try to make it turn on, nothing happens. I look around the room and everyone is giggling... "WHAT?" I shout. They tell me to hold it the other way round, so i grip the metal bit and try again, i focus REALLY hard, putting all my concentration into lighting up the bulb, the bulb lights up - so bright that it hurts my eyes and everyone yells at me to turn it off. The room goes dark and they start asking me to do some really evil things, i refuse and walk out of the house. My uncle follows me and tells me if i dont do them, he will be forced to kill me.

      I run out of the house and down the street, i can hear my uncle running after me, suddenly i stop.... Holy shit, THIS IS A DREAM! I nose plug RC, i can breathe. i can hear my uncle's footsteps and he is laughing, i turn around just as my uncle gets close to me, with a raised knife, aiming towards my throat. His face is twisted in hatred, it scares me a little. I tell myself not to think about his expression too much as i don't want to lose lucidity and put my left hand up in front of me in a "stop" kind of motion. he freezes in place. I grin at him, I KNOW im dreaming you idiot, his expression changes to one of fear. i slowly bring my right hand back, as if im firing a bow, but keep bringing it back until its fully stretched out facing behind me. All the while smiling, i focus as much energy into my hand as i can muster and force it forwards, it doesn't hit him, it wasn't suppose to. My hand stops just before his chest but my Uncle is instantly thrown backwards, so fast, i could not keep up with his movement. I cant see him anymore so he must of gone REALLY far.

      I turn to see my silver, fiat punto. Think to myself this is a lucid, cant be driving round in that. I turn away from my car, think about a dodge challanger, when i turn around there is one parked in front of my punto. I get in and start to drive really fast. I notice that my petrol is really low and wander where i can fill up with gas...

      I wake up in my bed with a huge grin on my face.
    4. 04/12/2011 - 4 dreams in one night.

      by , 12-05-2011 at 07:04 PM
      I'm at my old house on burford road. Me & Joe are folding and packing up some cloths, i find a dress and some shoes, neither one of us knows who it belongs to. "its probably hayley's, she stayed here a while back - must have left it here" i say to Joe. He agrees with me, the dress is black with white pokadots and a green thread around the edge of the dress.

      I ask Joe if he has seen Hayley Lately & he says yes, im slightly taken aback by this as they arent actually friends.

      We leave the house and get in my car.

      Dream 2

      Im now with my italian family, round a dinner table they are telling me about some aftershave i left there, its in a baby blue bottle, they place it on the table and tell me to take it with me, i say something like "oh i had completely forgotten about that"

      My family continue to talk to me about things but i blank it out and stare at the aftershave bottle, its a really weird shape...

      Dream 3

      Im on a beach, its really nice, its hot, sunny and the sea is really blue. Im with my italian family again, i walk away from them all down to a little shed with loads of towels draped all over it, it has a sign that says something about 10 euros. I reach out in my mind to my cousin, Nicola, i ask her a few questions. To my amazement, writing starts to appear on the towel that is closest to me, and its answering the questions i asked!
      We talk back and forth for a while, then I turn around and go for a stroll at the seas edge, i end up on a mini island where the sand is more raised and the tide is coming in, i turn back and look at the shed, i see a huge crows of kids all standing there, pointing at it. I figure that nicola must still be communicating so i head back there.

      As i get there i find that there is more writing on the towels - i decide to freak out/ show off to, the kids. I strike up the conversation again, out loud this time so they can hear me. The kids are amazed when they see the writing appear, my other cousin Natalia comes over to see what the fuss is about she doesn't believe that i am talking to Nicola, so i say "nic, Natalia is here and she says hi to Daniel" we wait for a few seconds, then writing appears "hey Talia!" She is shocked & gets the whole family to come over.

      Dream 4

      I am in an urban environment, i am given an option to select a mech suit and choose a red one that looks pretty cool. Once i select it i am INSIDE the mech and enemies start to appear pretty much straight away, i target and lock onto them by imagining my xbox controller and pressing LT. I then fire at them all by pressing A.

      I figure out how to use the mechs jet pack and begin flying around above the enemies shooting away. I land on a rooftop and see a load of vehicle type mechs but through a wall next to me, as they are coming out im hammering the LT button and targeting them all, once they are locked, i jet pack up again and blast them whilst in the air.

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    5. Possible Dream Guide encounter.

      by , 10-28-2011 at 12:27 PM
      I am in a car with kirsty and the girls, its daytime and to my left is pavement then a field. I am driving and everybody gets out the car, they tell me to meet them at theirs, they wanna walk from here cause there is too much traffic. I say thats ok but i know this car is kirsty's car and not my own so i have to be careful.

      I get annoyed that i havent moved in a while and decide to 3-point turn and leave, i crash into an oncoming car as im beginning to turn, stick it in reverse and hit another car, im scared now so i speed off and park the car outside kirstys house. I go in for a bit to chill with them and act like nothing has happened.

      at some point i decide to nose plug RC I can breathe. "im dreaming" i say. i do some stabilisation techniques and leave the house. I walk out into a wooded area and its dark, i try to yell out, wanting to call for my dream guide but i couldnt make any sound at all. I rub my hands together for a while and chant "this is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream..." I try again to call out. "i need to speak to my dream guide. Are you there!?" i wait for a few seconds, then hear an answer, it sounds like its coming from inside my head and remember thinking that is weird. "yes" i hear.
      " Can you please meet me? I'd very much like to talk to you" a figure appears before me, it has silver skin, he introduces himself but i forget the name.

      We walk and talk, he tells me lots of things but i forget most of the conversation. He tells me i was a dog in a past life, he also says he needs to show me something. He takes me to a friend, i recognise it as an old school friend called Becky. We are hovering above her bed, she is laying there crying. She looks so thin and upset. He tells me that i should talk to her, try to help her as she is going through a really hard time at the moment. i tell him that i will.

      I ask him about the page i reserved for him in my DJ, if its ok for me to fill that in with his information, he tells me no and i get the impression that, at least for now, i should leave it empty.

      I wake up. Later that day i send a message to my old school mate becky, i haven't talked to her in maybe a year and a half, so i look at her FB and her statuses tell me she is depressed atm, i message her saying "might sound crazy, i had a dream bout you last night and it seemed you were having a hard time, is everything ok? etc" she replied straight away telling me how weird that is because she is currently battling a eating disorder and her bf is in rehab and she cannot contact him for 1 year.

      This freaked me out, maybe it was a coincidence and maybe i just already knew deep down that something was wrong.
    6. Giving lora a lift, death at a house.

      by , 10-15-2011 at 02:47 PM
      I am with DarvZ and Lora, sam wants me to listen to a tune, lora wants to go home, i offer to give her a lift, she tells me i can stay at hers for a bit after i give her a lift.
      I also tell darvz i can give her a lift to a shop she wants to go to. The song darvz wants me to listen to is really cool!

      I offer to drive them both, i only leave the house with lora, as we are at the front door , lora is having trouble with the door and i make a joke about it. I can hear kate giggle from inside as i shut the door.

      Its night time, we turn and i walk to my car, lora carries on walking, i turn the ignition and say to myself "wtf is she doing" i laugh. I drive up to her and put the window down. "you getting in or what?" she looks shocked and explains she thought my car was infront of her. She gets in.

      We are listening to more songs recommended by darvz on the way. Darvz is in the backseat though i do not remember her leaving the house. We drive to town and enter a shop, me an lora look around for a few mins then i say i gotta go to give her a lift home.

      I am in a house with some DC's, one dc is a girl i met earlier that day, she takes a liking to me, we end up sitting together and always touching eachother, not sexually but in the way you softly caress someone you care for. We end up killing someone & dumping him in the garden, someone sets the corpse on fire, i walk out into the garden and see it alight. The smell is disgusting.

      Next i know im in a school, the DC i was touching before is now an asian girl. She has hurt her toe and i think its broken so i carry her to the gymnasium. Mooseantlers is there with a teacher, they both look shocked. It is obvious they are together, the teacher helps the girl and we leave them to it.
    7. Escape, drug-game and raspberry.

      by , 10-11-2011 at 04:31 PM
      something is happening but I'm not sure what it is, there arent many people left around and i get the feeling i am in danger.
      Its evening, i come across a house and see shadows behind the curtains, this is the first sign of life i've seen so i walk up to the house, the door is open so i walk inside.
      Raspberry is there with her mum, i tell them we need to get out of here cause something bad is going to happen, Raspberry agrees but her mum doesn't trust me.

      Raspberry explains that she already knows me and its fine but her mum is still suspicious. I manage to get them out the house and we travel on foot for ages. I am talking to raspberry about building an air-ship, she thinks its a dumb idea. They go their way and i go mine.

      I am at my uncles house, with a few friends in the living room, the carpete is a cream colour with red walls and there are 3 sofas about but nothing else. my friend sam hands out these weird looking spliffs, a normal spliff but with a round bit at the end full of some substance he says is awesome. He tells us about a game we should play where we put this sheet down with random circles displaying different percentages on it. We have to stand on them with one foot and smoke the weird joint. We get all the furniture and move it together, put the sheet over them and all pick points. I stand on one leg, smoke the weird joint and feel myself struggling to balance, i say something like "ooo its kicking in now" sam leaves the room and i get off the furniture and follow him out the door.

      "you leaving, bro?" i ask and see he is heading upstairs with a girl. I smile and walk back into the living room, "hes gone off with claudia" i say, the sofas have gone and one is left so i sit down and finish the joint.
      Kate picks up my phone and tells me she is talking to Raspberry, i ask what she is saying? Kate gets annoyed and says "Not much, she only wants to speak to you"
      I get the phone and sit there, typing to raspberry, not sure what i typed but by the end of the conversation i was determined i was going to scotland to meet up for something.
    8. Space with dad, outlook festival turns into bloodshed.

      by , 09-30-2011 at 01:50 AM
      Having an argument with DV members about something, possibly the whereabouts of a member. Me & my dad commandeer a shop to find out what is happening. We somehow get returned to our own planet and told the ship we stole was designed to move planets.

      This explains the greenish force field around the ship. Me and dad begin to move a planet with a small gun we took from the ship, we are floating in space and about to enter the planets atmosphere but my alarm wakes me.

      Dream 2

      I am going to outlook festival, we arrive at a giant field in the middle of the day to try and find a decent camping spot. We walk all the way to one of the barriers and settle there, in the middle of our camp-site there is a human-sized burrow. I am with lex, josh, joe, keirnan and kate.
      I decide to have a nosey around our area and walk up to the barrier, its just a fence, i see that at the bottom there is a gap which we could fit through, i make a note of this for future reference & go to tell kate about it. As im pointing it out to her she is smiling and agreeing with me. I look up to see a friend, ben matthews, he is with a group of his friends that i d ont recognise. I tell them about the gap & that he should sneak in, he thanks me and along with his friends, climbs through the gap and begins to play a game with a small inflatable ball, kicking it about. The ball accidentally hits a few near by campers, they shrug it off and laugh and join in the game.

      The game stops & we get our camping chairs out so we can c hill in the sun. Les starts talking about how long we will be able to stay here , i find this stranger and say "dude, what are you talking about? we are here for a week!" Everyone laughs & I am confused by it all. They begin to tell me that after a few days the "tribes" that live here will ask us to move so they can reclaim their land. I think they are joking & shrug this off. I decide to see where this burrow leads so i climb down it and appear in my own back garden "hmph, this will be useful" i think to myself, i walk into my house, grab some supples from my fridge & head back through the burrow. I rush o ver and tell kate about where it leads, she doesn't believe me until i show her what i took, snacks, food and drinks etc.
      Its getting dark so i decide to back for more supplies, this time my dad is in the h ouse "Ben, what are you doing here? Your suppose to be at outlook!" I tell him about the burrow and he thinks its cool. I also tell him that the tribes will take back their land and he tells me "that seems fair" i say to him "how is that fair? I spent money to stay there, where will i go?"
      "Ben" he says, "you gotta understand that this is peoples lively hood, it may rain in the middle part where they are now and they may need to spread out."

      I tell him thats dumb as there is still plenty of room and that we shouldnt need to leave, i explain that i should get back now too. When i exit the burrow, its now night time, people around us have set up various cam fires and are getting drunk.
      Lex is sitting in his camping chair, hes looking at me but hes not saying anything, the orange glow of our campfire is dancing around on his face, it looks really pretty against his black skin.
      "LETS GET WASTED!" he shouts to everyone, this is followed by a series of cheers from us all. We head out to all the stalls that are set up to get some alcohol, the people that own the stalls remind me slightly of gypsy's. WE drink our drinks & i wonder off for a bit to browse some stalls. It is still really dark, i walk up to a stall, the woman there sneers at me & says "you will soon be gone from these lands" i look directly at her "In that case, i better not buy anything from you, wouldn't want you to prosper when your kicking us out!" i sneer back at her. She looks furious & calls out for guards. I run away from the stall, it is pitch-black now and i can hear the guards footsteps behind me. I decide if i keep moving they will hear me but if i stay still they shouldnt see me. I realise i am laying on sand so i throw more over myself to help disguise me. The guards walk past me, they are tall with weird gold adornments around their necks, and are wearing loin-cloths. I start to follow them towards a huge dome-like tent. Inside is a massive man with a weapon, like a clingon bat'leth and he looks like Goro from MortalKombat but with just 2 arms, the man he is fighting has a spear, they clash for a few mins & finally the huge guy get the spear thrust through him. The guy with the spear becomes an equal size to the Goro-like guy, gets given a weapon, a blue band and runs off into the distance.

      Goro sees me and throws me a spear, as soon as i catch it he charges towards me and begins a relentless assault, each time he attacks i only just manage to parry or dodge, we are inside his dome like tent circling eachother, i throw the spear but he dodges it and charges at me, i roll underneath his attack, pick up another spear, turn & throw it. The spear rams straight into his side, he drops his Bat'leth, motions for me to come closer and presents me with a blue band, he then tells me to join the other guy from before.

      I run off in the direction the other guy went and find him on his own, hacking & slashing into a big heard of buffalo. He tells me to join in and i tell him i dont think i can. I come back to the campsite to the others and tell them we should make a stall and sell things, then we should be able to stay. I also tell them that these guys only eat meat and not bread or anything else, we begin to boil up a broth, i pick up the container and slosh its contents around.

      2 guards walk over to us & tell us that we cannot stay, he is to the right of me, I keep stirring the broth, not looking at him. He raises his weapon to me, still not looking at him i raise my hand, showing my blue band, the guard seems un-phased and starts to swing for me, i dont move. The guard behind him grabs his arms before he can swing down "what are you doing, fool!? The blue band is a sign of friendship to the khal!!" the guard apologises and turns to walk away, he turns around again and sneers at my friends "you do not carry the mark of the Khal YOU shall die!" He is looking at kate this time, he raises his weapon once more and i see the fear in kates eyes. I don't know what to do, i grab his weapon and scream to my friends "RUN, RUN NOW!!!"
      Once they are out of sight i let go and run the other way, the guards follow me. I jump a small fence & end up in a field full of giant flowers of the craziest colours ive ever seen. This field is a circular shape with the edges being high ground and the middle being lower ground, kind of like a bowl.

      I hide amongst the flowers as i see a jeep of elite guards come down the road ahead of me, they spot me and begin to throw razor sharp discs at me, they look similar to xena's frizbee thing, but thicker. The first disc cuts the flowers in front of me but misses, there are more elite guards that begin to throw discs at me. I dodge them and pick up ones that i find on the floor and start to throw them back. On my first attempt i high a guard in the throat, blood spurts out of his wound and he collapses, the rest of my attempts miss badly. There are more and more discs being thrown at me now and im finding it difficult to dodge them, i think to myself "i need a weapon" so i make a motion with my hand as if i am unsheathing a sword, i grab a hard hilt and pull out a big, black-bladed ninja sword. I begin using this to deflect any incoming discs. (At this point im starting to figure something isn't right but i have a lot on my mind atm)

      The Guards are upon me now and i am desperately defending myself, there are about 5 guards, i kill one with a wild lunge that pierces his heart, he drops dead instantly. All of a sudden, it clicks.... I scream "THIS IS A DREAM!!" i drop my sword, blade down and it sticks into the ground next to me. I stand there, grinning at my enemies, knowing they cant harm me at all. They begin wildly slashing at me, i can feel their blades hit me, but it doesnt cut me, nor does it hurt. The guards look shocked and i cackle. They continue to hack at me, i punch the guard closest to me in the face "HOW WAS THAT, BITCH!?" I watch him Fly backwards and hit the floor hard. I turn my attention to a guard thats running in for a c loser attack, i ignore his blade and grab him by the throat, and throw him with all my might, i watch as he hurtles towards the sky, screaming and then he disappears from view. I turn to the remaining guards, grab the next by his head and his shoulder and tear his head off, i get covered in blood. The last guard sees this, turns and runs away.
      Spoiler for 18+:
      Spoiler for 18+:

      I wake up soon after.

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    9. Award ceremony, fat kids and wrestlers

      by , 09-27-2011 at 03:44 PM
      I am in some sort of small town, its night time. I have been chatting on something similar to IRC and we are trying to help this kid. We meet up with him and he is OBESE, i mean like huge. I try to tell him its not that bad and he trips me up and uses just his face as a deadweight, its crushing me and weighs SO much. "see?" he tells me.

      Dream 2.
      I move into some sort of dorm room with this girl, she seems really upset and im determined to cheer her up. When we have finished unpacking i find some radio equipment and we start blasting out tunes to everyone in the building. We are dancing around the room and laughing. Some people enter and shout things at the girl. I go over to her and give her a cuddle, cheer her up and we start dancing about again.

      We are outside. Just next to a bank and a small river. All of a sudden a car comes tearing out of a shed-like building, breaks the small fence and speeds around on a path and someone is shooting at us. everyone around us are pro-wrestlers but they cant do anything against a gun. i hit the deck, almost in the water as there is a small groove there and i can hear the bullets zipping past me and hitting close to me. When the car has gone i turn around to make sure this girl is ok. She is fine.

      Dream 3.

      I am at some sort of award ceremony, in a huge dark room, there are many seats filled with people all facing a stage. After watching for some time i begin to feel hungry, i get up & walk to the back of the room, i climb a huge hill with dark carpet (still inside here) & reach a platform that is high up, i can see all the seats in the room and the stage, even small LED's that highlight the walkway. Someone else is with me, and elderly man. I look to my left and see a friend, mark standing on a platform that is a orange/red colour. He seems to be waiting for something and is looking up. I wander over to him and as i am bout to ask him what he is doing a horizontal metal bar raises up past the edge of the platform and rises above mark, it pauses for a second and mark jumps up and grabs it, waits for it to start to move again and then lets go. He mutters to himself, something about needing to make it look cool, i watch the bar as it travels up and stops at another platform which is really high up compared to this one.

      When the bar arrives again he does a back flip & grabs it again, and lets go as it starts to move.
      I understand what im suppose to do and move away from mark to let him continue and i wait for the bar to arrive again. It comes up and when it stops i jump up and grab hold of it, the elderly guy follows my lead and grabs it too. It then begins to take us up to the next platform. We get off and notice a small, shed-like structure in the middle of this platform, i recognise this as the food place and then i see a window with a cash register. I walk over and make my order, a pizza and a can of coke, i start to eat my pizza, it tastes amazing! I try to figure out how im suppose to get back, as the bar doesnt seem to go back down. I watch the elderly guy walk to the edge of the platform and jump down. I am startled and run over to where i saw him disappear and find another platform just a few metres below this one. its all padded too, so i jump down onto this platform.

      Now i notice a vertical bar we use to carry us over a gap, to ANOTHER platform and then we both run and jump, we go flying through the air and land on the carpeted hill and slide all the way back to our seats.

      After a while the event finishes and as we walk outside me, frenchy & paul notice that there are weird creatures inside a building next to us.
      We decide to take a look and enter the building. Frenchy & paul both have weapons but i dont so i am spotting and pointing out enemies. I see one to the left, then point to our 3 O' clock. These creatures look like prawns from district 9.

      Frenchy and paul are mowing down these creatures but suddenly there is an explosion, we are all blasted out of the building through a window, shattering the glass as we are forced through it. I hit the ground outside, i looke around and see frenchy and paul next to me. We seem to be ok but i pass out.

      I wake up in a house, my grandmother is there & tell her all about what happened, the ceremony, the weird bars that helped us out and finally, about the weird creatures and the explosion. She smiles at me & says "sounds really fun"
      I see josh enter the house, though we are in a room next to the hallway, i see him rush through the door, i say hello to him put he annoys me, hes holding a plastic bag with something inside it, he runs up the stairs.
      I go up the stairs and joe is there, i ask him whats up with josh, he shrugs at me. I leave it and walk back downstairs, my grandmother is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. We start talking again and i ask her if she has a cold, because her voice is off. She replies "yes, do you have one too?"
      "i think i do" i tell her.
      She turns and walks into a room directly in front of us, i decide to follow her in and recognise that this is my room. I decide that im not angry with josh for ignoring me cause he probably has a new game he is desperate to play. I notice a 27" flatscreen that is wall-hung just above me and decide to play a few games.

      I wake up.
    10. FPS and a funeral, lucid for about 1 minute.

      by , 09-15-2011 at 03:03 PM
      Paul has come over to my house. We are at my parents playing some really crappy FPS game, everyone is using automatic weapons but I'm using a pistol which seems to do way more damage and be insanely accurate.
      After a while of playing this game paul looks at his watch and tells me its time to leave, it look late, its pretty dark and im sure my parents are both in bed too. I tell him ok, so we both head to the door. For some reason i ask him "do you want any weeeeeeeeeeeeed?" (as i say weed i change the pitch of my voice to keep going higher until i stop saying the word) He laughs and turns around, "bro, check this out" He pulls out a plastic bag FULL of green, maybe 2 or 3 ounces. I hear my parents stirring in their sleep and think SHIT. Suddenly i can smell the green and tell paul to get out asap before they smell it! I get him to the door and paul says "hey wheres my car?" i look on our drive and just out front.... "i dno man where did you park?" he looks to the left to the neighbours drive and chuckles, "look" he points to the drive and his car is there. "wow, im sure they'll be well happy about that!" i say. He gets in his car and drives off.
      I go back to bed and my dad is shouting from his room, something about media studies which i did for GCSE a LONG time ago. I just want to sleep and dont want to talk.

      Dream 2

      I am at my grandma's house, a lot of my family members are there, im sat down on a couch and my aunty is talking to everyone and it is beginning to annoy me. She starts talking down to me about my job or something and i snap "your SO fucking condescending all the time! Whats your problem?" she just looks at me, blank faced and shocked.
      She tells me I am rude and i disagree, i tell her that she is being rude and i dont have to take it just because everyone is here. My other aunty, who is sitting to my left in a big leather chair leans forward and says "i agree with ben, i think he had every right to say what he did" i look around the room and can tell everybody agrees with me, but doesn't want to say anything. I get annoyed by this and tell everyone that im leaving.

      I get up and go through the door in the living room, grab my coat and then say "and im definitely not coming over tomorrow either" i know there is something important we are all suppose to do tomorrow, but i just don't know what.
      I leave the house and go outside to look for my car. I cant find it and instead there is a motorbike outside the house, i know its mine so i get out my keys and start up the bike. Its really snowy and there is ice on the road, its quite dark too but i manage to make it home. I talk to my parents about what has happened they agree with me, but im sure they will never say this to my aunties face.

      Suddenly it is the next day and i decide id be stupid not to turn up, im sat an my grandmas playing guitar, i stop as i realise its time to go to the funeral. Its the funeral of my grandad (my grandad is still alive). We arrive at a huge field where hundreds of people are gathered all in black. The family goes down to the relative section, i decide to join them but i go a different way & get separated. I end up sprinting down a raised hill instead of the path which is to my left and now, below me. I cant see a way to get to the path from here so i carry on. Down to my right is a really high steep slope, with a mud river at the bottom, I can sense someone, maybe my mum knows that im thinking about getting down there and doesn't want me to do it, as it looks pretty dangerous.

      I sprint towards the edge and start to slide down. I'm desperately trying to slow my descent, reaching out and grabbing handfuls of mud/grass to try to slow me down. I reach the bottom & then walk slowly to where most of my family are stood together, only i am below them and there is a huge and insanely steep hill between us. I try climbing up but its no use. Someone is telling a story of how my grandma and grandfather met. I realise that i shouldn't be able to hear this voice at this distance and also become aware that this voice is in my head. I nose plug RC
      I can breathe! "I'm dreaming" i say to myself, i instantly think of my tasks and put my hand out in front of me, grasping and invisible control dial. I turn it and the dream begins to get bright and brighter. I hear DC's murmuring and asking whats happening. I laugh to myself and decide to fly up to them, half way up i realise that I am in my bed. Awake.
      Tags: family, funeral, games
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Spaceship, lighsabers and gladiator training... (wait... WUT?)

      by , 09-14-2011 at 04:31 PM
      I'm on a ship, there are really bright lights and everything seems futuristic.
      Me and a few other Dc's are in a room, i am saying how id like to have a weapon so that i can fight back.
      James tosses me a dual edged lightsaber (staffsaber) i take a couple of seconds to just look at it, its so bad ass.
      I flip both switches and the saber activates.... I run from the room and begin attacking guards, they are stormtroopers.

      I kill a few with some wild swings, more run in from a door that opens, i look at them and make a pushing motion with my hand. They get blown backwards. I run through the corridors and hide in a cellar kind of room.
      The stormtroopers find me, they are standing on a platform above me, this time i make a pulling gesture with my hand, they all fly towards me. As they do so i jump up and out of this room and continue on.
      I come across a voice activated elevator "first floor, please" i also find out that this elevator dispenses currency for dirty plates etc. So i go round and hoard dirty plates to make money, constantly on the run. I think this is suppose to be taboo.

      I get captured along with a load of other people and sent to a planet where we must learn to become gladiators. The training is gruelling and very harsh.
      We are high up in some sort of cave, maybe even lava below us. And there is an obstacle course set up, bits where you have to balance along, ropes to climb across, swinging from one set of ropes to another. At points there were even people taking swings at your feet to make you jump or even hitting the floor to propel you upwards. I am bleeding as im running around the course, my feet hurt and i am tired, yet i carry on.
      After some time me and another DC get quite good at manoeuvring this crazy obstacle course and begin to race eachother, now instead of being beaten we are encouraged, our captors attitudes change completely as they are cheering me, while i look around and watch other people being whipped and some people even being killed.

      They ask me to train the next batch of gladiators but i refuse to do it like they did. I set up a gym with similar obstacles but when im teaching nobody does what they're told, eventually i cave and go back to the old system, i hate myself for it.
      I wake up.
    12. Festival, hunted.

      by , 09-11-2011 at 11:52 AM
      I meet up with Joe, Josh and soph appears to come along too.
      We walk off into a forest where there is suppose to be some mini-festival. We lay down on the floor, belly down. And watch whats happening.

      Soph grabs my hand and i dont like it, i let her hold it as i know otherwise she'll never shut up. She even says something like "you know how if someone grabs your hand, you'll at least curl a finger round, well he didn't even do that to me, he just let me hold his".

      whatever we were watching ends, but we seem to have lost josh and some other people that were near us. We exit the woods and a car pulls up, Faye comes running out the car and hugs me, we say hello etc. Soph invites me to go back to her house and i make an excuse and say i just wanna go home and chill.

      Suddenly i am lost in the woods , by myself. I come across josh and the others, they've been on the run for some time and tell me to follow them. We are by a small river, the sun is blazing and its really hot. I find a small stash of equipment. I loot it like you would in a game and can instantly tell that some weapons are better than others, some are blue (blue always = good) There's a couple of semi-automatic rifles, a p-90 and a weird taser type thing, Josh grabs the taser and runs around tasering people. I get tasered and its not THAT bad. I start to laugh as josh chases frenchy around with it, i can see the panic in frenchy's eyes ( he hates electric shocks) and hes running around.

      Suddenly everyone stops after we hear a huge roar. I ask what it is and josh tells me to drop everything i dont need. we cross the river.
      After some time in the woods we come to a building. we walk through the door and into a room with objects and furniture scattered about the floor, there is a doorway leading to a bridge, with 4 people standing on it, looking straight ahead, they are all completely naked 2 male, 2 female. Out there everything looks new, brilliantly made and shiny. Its clear we have to cross the bridge but i dont think these four people will let us. Somebody reads out some text "you must find the chalice to gain passage across the bridge, and to home." I walk across the room to a book case. "this has to be it right?" I look up and the 4 people are now staring at me, with blank expressions on there face. I hand the chalice over to a guy i barely know..... They stare at him instead now. One of the girls with us is starting to get scared, the guy with the chalice tells her to calm down. He'll go first. I am standing to the far right of the room, next to the wall, there are some steps that lead up, if i turn right once im up them, id walk through the door onto the bridge. I watch as the guy walks onto the bridge with the chalice. For some reason he begins to dance, we shout at him but he does not reply. The 4 people smile.... And walk a place closer to the door. They also switch places i start to chuckle to myself as the guy nearest the door has a pretty small penis. I say "OI! i bet you feel well bad standing next to that guy, your nob is TINY!!" and start to laugh. someone screams at me and tells me this isn't the time for jokes... "its the perfect time for jokes, besides, they're not moving and we all need to calm down and think straight. Look, its tiny." everyone giggles and the tension has been cut. Someone else picks up the chalice, and instead of moving one more place towards us, they single-file march through the door and into the room. Everyone panics and disperses in different directions, i stay calm and as soon as the last one as moved through the door i bolt up the stairs through the door and over the bridge. I notice a girl holding some sort of staff come running out of a building way ahead of me, i guess that is where i need to go, but can't let her catch me. the girl says "ill get him" She seems my age and very athletic. I jump up onto a sort of Divider to confuse her. I run to the end of this, jump down, I hear her running behind me. I jump up onto another divider that has a huge bush all the way along it, i need to get to the other side so i start looking for weak points in the bush, i dont find any so go to the end grab the bush, jump and hurl myself round. I am on top another divider here, i see the room i need to get to.

      I start to sprint across the divider, i hear the woman say "and what will you do when you land, itll hurt" - i jump up quite high, i remember what she said and worry a little, then think, "no this wont hurt at all" i land one one foot and sprint into the room. And wake up.
    13. Going on holiday, meeting andy sandberg (AKA: Irken)

      by , 09-08-2011 at 05:09 PM
      I am preparing for holiday, I am out shopping with my mum, dad, joe and josh. I am walking around looking at things that i'll need, clothes, supplies etc. I realise that i dont really need anything at all because the holiday i am on will be all-inclusive. I rush round to tell josh & joe, then i leave them to it.
      We head home and start to play Naruto Ultimate NinjaStorm 2 and i keep beating them both really easily, they hate it but i am laughing.

      We decide to play some cod, at first we are all playing and then suddenly we are transported into the game and playing. I remember running round with a p90 in a sort of desert map with a huge building in the middle. I seem to kill a load of guys and i'm pretty chuffed with myself.

      *dream skip*
      I arrive at my destination, exit the plane that im on. As i get off the plane i realise we have landed in a really derelict runway that is surrounded by fields and over grown weeds, i look up to the sky and it seems pretty overcast. I walk on to the fields and for some reason begin to search for cannabis plants, i remember saying to myself "gotta make this holiday worth hit" i am inspecting a plant but someone calls my name. I look up and see my dad at the top of a hill staring down over the horizon. I get curious and want to see for myself so i walk up to him. I look down and can see a huge beach, with beautifully clear waters stretched out before me. I see hotels lined up too and begin to walk along the beach to find my hotel.
      I leave mum & dad behind and start to walk along the beach, i am just at the sea front and there are plenty of people swimming and playing in the sea.
      The waves here are pretty huge and there are a lot of surfers too. As im walking i find a shopping mall, decide to go in and take a look. For some reason i meet a monk in orange robes, he seems fearful and doesn't want to be noticed. I ask him whats wrong and explains that everybody on this island has a shard of metal implanted in their butt. I laugh when he says this but he glares at me. "its true!" he says, "as im a monk i have to have an orange shard of metal implanted, everyone else has silver" i think to myself "holy shit he is serious" and set about trying to hide the monk. We are walking through the main walk-way and a white guy, about 25ish drops down from above us, he lands right next to us and im startled.
      "what are you doing?"
      "stealing this stuff. I dont have a metal implant so i cant work"
      The monk tells me we need to get out of here.

      *dream 2*

      I am at school, in an I.T lesson, i am sat at a table and to my left is megan, to my right is a blonde girl i do not recognise and to her right is my ex, soph.
      Soph is trying to get my attention but i seem to be more focused on the blonde girl. She is telling me why she left me, because she had my child etc and was worried i wouldn't stay with her, but not is wandering if we could get back together again, she grabs my and and i say "maybe" we are holding hand for some time.
      I suddenly realise i have not done as much work as everybody else & the teacher is coming to check on us. I tell the teacher my first idea was stupid and i had to start again, this time im making a women's magazine.

      We leave the classroom & it is the end of the day, I am walking out of the school gates & see the blonde girl walking with another guy, this alone doesn't bother me but i look down and see a child. This child looks exactly like the guy the blonde girl is with, skin-head with a freckly face, and i make the connection instantly. I realise that she was lying to me and i get angry, she turns around and sees me... She hangs her head and i walk past her without even looking, i can hear her crying as i walk past.

      I notice there is a silver sports car with blacked out windows parked next to the exit to the school. I am checking out the car and as i walk past the drivers side window rolls down. Its andy sandberg "sup muthafuckaaaaaa!" he says and wobbles his head. I laugh "man your hilarious!" i tell him. He laughs and then tells me he knows what has happened, that im upset and that i should follow him so that we can go get really high. I jump in the car & he zooms off.
      He slows down when we reach a huge house, he opens the gate and parks on the drive. We get out and he tells me that some of my friends are already here. We walk up to the house and he takes me to his huge hot tub where i see Paul and Frenchy. I am amazed to see my friends here and we all begin to chat instantly.

      Before i know it Andy is rolling a blunt wrap, i tell him "man i haven't got any green on me and i dont just wanna smoke up all yours" He laughs and tells me "its cool, ive got so much anyway its not a problem, you can sort me out next time".
      He passes me the blunt and i smoke away, its an amazing feeling being high in a hot tub! I feel so relaxed, i realise i need the toilet and ask andy where it is, he tells me and i get out, dry off quickly and head into the house where i find the rest of the lonely island crew. "Oh, i'm with andy, i hope its ok that im here."

      "its fine, its basically Andy's house anyway man, are you looking for the bathroom?"
      I nod and Jorma points to my right. I thank him and go to the toilet.
      I re-enter the hot tub and Andy is telling everybody about a really cool course you can go down on any vehicle. I think this sounds amazing and ask him if i could luge it on my skateboard. He tells me i could and that the start is right outside his house. He even offers me a skateboard to use. I go outside and lay down on the skateboard, paul is on the back to help steer. We roll towards the edge of a hill and start to go down, we have to dodge all the traffic and a car slows down in front of us indicating right, when there is no right turn, i get annoyed at this.

      We pass the car and are heading for a long right turn i lean on the right side of the skateboard and we zoom around it. After this turn there are signs to follow that lead to a run down shed that is displaying my time. 1:08. "yes!" i shout. Everyone is congratulating me, someone tells me they did it on skates and i say "you should try laying on a skateboard. Its scary as hell!" everybody laughs.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Joining the mafia then meeting with Raspberry and Arch.

      by , 09-06-2011 at 05:12 PM
      Im in a guitar shop, there are thousands of guitars hung up on the walls and hanging in shelf like containers.

      I meet a woman there who sits me down and asks me to play her a certain rift (smoke on the water i think) and i have my guitar with me so i sit down and begin to play the rift. I'm playing the wrong notes but it sounds right, the woman shakes her head and tells me its wrong although i know it sounds perfect, she tells me to try again so i do. I end up playing it for her several times and each time she says its wrong.

      She talks to her manager and gives me one more chance, i play it again but i accidently hit the Pick up selector and it make a weird sound, i explain it does that sometimes but they are having none of it. For some reason the manager leaves and i say excitedly "can i try a different guitar?" The woman looks around for her manager and when she is satisfied that she is not around, she tells me i can. I start to run around around the shop searching for a guitar to play, I'm trying to find a Gibson Les Paul but there doesn't seem to be one here, i settle for a Flying V, reach up and take it off the wall, it feels really heavy, a lot more heavy than i would expect.

      I play the rift with this new guitar & she is still not happy with it, although i notice a definitive improvement. A old man walks into the shop, hes wearing a pink/red Hawaiian shirt on, with shorts and grey hair. He tells me not to worry about this thing, he said that he can tell i am good at guitar and that the woman doesn't really know what shes on about, i like him for that. He tells me he can also fix my guitar, i look down and a string is broken, "ok i say". Somehow he finds a 10 note on the floor, i tell him "I tell you what if you fix my guitar, I'll give you another tenner!" he laughs, "your on!" he says.

      The man asks me to follow him so i do, he walks through a door in the shop that leads to some stairs so i follow him up those, there are so many flights and its getting tedious but eventually leads on to a corridor with a load of grotty looking doors on either side. I remember telling the man "im not sure i could live here" and he just smiles and tells me to wait.
      He goes through one of the doors and its really dark, but i can see light at the end of the corridor, when we come out, we are in a beautiful courtyard, it has tone cobble floor and has a house on either side, both houses have steps leading up to the front doors.
      The old man walks in front and sits on a step in front of the house on the left, the sun is pouring down into the courtyard and its really warm.

      A bunch of kids run over right away shouting "grandpa" and the old man laughs and begins to play with them, i start joking around with the kids too and he smiles at me, i think he approves. The man seems to have a huge family, when comes in contact with the family he begins to start speaking Italian, so i switch too.
      He introduces me to his family and we both go through a side-gate and enter his garden. Whilst there he explains to me that he is the don of this mafia, says he likes me, my character and could use a guy like me. I don't even hesitate and tell him yes id join him straight away.

      The dream skips, I'm standing outside a house, its dark and im in the shadows, i have the side of my house to the left of me, and the wall of another house to the right. A guy in a hat, shirt, jacket and nice trousers and shoes is passing me a blue toy water gun, he is telling me we are going to play a joke on one of the senior mafia members. The man tells me to stay here, the Don's daughter is being moved from one location to this, he says we're pretty sure there isn't going to be a hit but just to guard anyway and get ready for the prank. I wait in the shadows so i am not seen , i see a car pull up and get ready. I recognise the guy im suppose to be scaring with the gun, so i back away a few steps until i am in total darkness, he rounds the corner and i put the gun to his face and say something about time to die, he looks shocked and really scared, i pull the trigger and squirt him in the face a couple of times. Everybody begins to crack up laughing, the Don slaps me on the back "welcome to the family, kid" The man i just scared starts laughing and then introduces himself "you nearly gave me a heart attack" he tells me.

      The dream skips, I'm standing in the Don's garden again, its day time and pretty sunny. The garden resembles my grandma's garden. The Don and some others are talking about tactics, i hear them say the japanese yakuza are causing trouble, im shocked. I dont wanna get involved with those guys. The dons wife trips and falls, i think shes broken her ankle, i rush over, pick her up and put her arm around my shoulder so i can support her, another guy does the same thing. We take her inside and she collapses on the sofa in pain. I look out the window at the car and say "ill take her".... The Don walks up to me with a very stern look "take this with you" he says and hands me a real gun.

      *dream 2*

      I am on a street, in broad daylight, it is a street that is near my house atm and has a large downward hill. I am with Arch & Raspberry and we are all in wheelchairs, none of us seem to be disabled though, it looks like we are just in them for fun. We are going on the pavement and on the road dodging cars and seeing how long we can pull wheelies for. We are all laughing and chatting away. Raspberry suddenly looks upset "i gotta go, my dad doesn't want me back too late..." She disappears and i tell arch "lets go for that joint man" he agrees and we head off.

      I get home and see joe. "hey man, this is Sean" joe says hello and we go to sit in the living room. I find my grinder and start to skin up, "where is josh?" i say to joe
      "hes in his room again" he tells me and gives me a look as if to say "yeah again..."
      I turn to Arch and say "have you met josh before?"
      "yeah i think so" he says and describes him.

      I spark up the spliff and we start passing it around, we're all high and watching tv but then i wake up.
    15. Dorm room and hotel.

      by , 09-02-2011 at 03:05 PM
      I am in a sort of dorm room, i am trying to sleep. I think i fell unconscious during SP because i can feel my body sliding to the right, its weird.

      I jolt awake to find Joe & Darvz next to me in bed, im so confused by this that i forget to RC. I get really annoyed, very quickly. "WTF are you two doing!?" They seem really calm, like they have done nothing wrong "chill out man" they tell me. I keep telling them over and over "this is my bed, fuck off!!"
      We start to argue and i find out that they literally just had sex next to my unconscious body, im disgusted. "was that why i was moving to the right? Was that you guys moving me over?" They laugh, "yeah!"

      im fuming, i storm around the room shouting and raving about just leaving it out of my bed cause its out of order etc etc. Everyone else in the dorm thinks im crazy for thinking its wrong and try to back up darvz and joe, but im having none of it.
      It seems to be our last day of living there & we are about to move out. Im still so angry with joe cause he should know better, i end up hitting him when he starts giving me cocky replies.

      Everyone has left and its just me in the dorm by myself. There are more people upstairs above us, i can hear them so i go up. I cant remember what happened up there but i come back down to the dorm and try to escape, also the cops are on their way. I leave the dorm & go outside and across the road, there is a hotel, I look up at the sign and it reads "the winston Hotel" in big yellow neon. The hotel itself is a huge complex and i wander through the doors. It all seems very 1950's with the decor and everyone is in black tie + suits etc. I come through the reception to a sort of restaurant area. I see some of my family and sit down at their table, they seem to be expecting me. There was my mum, dad, uncle and my cousin daniel.

      I have a bit of a rant to them about the situation earlier with joe & darvz and how wrong they were. Dad starts telling me thats what he was planning on doing with some random chick cause my bed is "comfy"
      "you cant have sex in MY fucking bed! Use your own!!" i shout, im really angry again. He just disagrees with me and walks off to meet his girl.

      My cousin Daniel seems to be the only one that understands & helps me stall my dad. We are standing in the restaurant, there are tables all around us with people eating at them, i stop my dad by walking infront of him, turning and putting my hand on his chest, preventing him from walking forwards. Me and my cousin begin to bullshit him to stop him from going where he is going. We succeed and he returns to the table.

      I see some stairs and i wander where they go, so i thank daniel and walk up them to take a look around.
      A waiter greets me at the top of the stairs, he notices im looking at some wooden double doors, they are slightly ajar and i'm trying to see whats beyond them. "Past the doors is a room where rich elderly gentlemen gamble away their money" I ask if its ok for me to go through, he nods.
      I climb up the last few steps and walk towards the doors, open them and wander through. I walk past a few tables, there are loads of older men playing poker and roulette etc. I walk around a corner and to my right i see an old school friend hannah, she is wearing a green/blue dress & looks really nice. Shes dyed her hair red (always a bonus with me) "OMG hannah!" i shout, she turns, shouts my name back and rushes over.

      She tells me she found some random cash on an empty table earlier and we should go see it is still there, when we get there she says we could gamble away the money, im all for it since i never gamble and ive had a weird night. She suddenly decides to tell me its her birthday, i feel a lil awkward that i didnt know. I wish her happy birthday.
      She leads me to a room full of people and explains that this is her family and they're going to give her, her birthday money. She walks through a door and there is a huge table with loads of people around it, they all have envelopes which i assume is a card with money inside. I stay outside the room as i figure its more of a family thing and wait till she returns. She comes back really happy and tells me that she has 4,000 "4k !? WTF thats insane!!!" i tell her.
      She just laughs and then walks off.

      I decide to go downstairs again and as soon as i get to the place i was stalling my dad earlier, i bump into a friend, ricky. "YES ricky, what you sayin?" i say, he looks up and laughs "Safe ben, whats gwanin?" i laugh this time then walk up to him. I remember about the money and whisper in his ear "theres some random cash lying around upstairs and bare poker tables" he looks at me "im in" he says.

      We go upstairs but the money is gone, i apologise to ricky & he says its cool. We start to walk around, we see two guys playing chess & sit down with them, offering them advise. i tell one of them to move their knight to a certain place and its checkmate! The other guy argues until he realises hes lost. We all laugh and me and ricky move on.

      We see about 4 old guys playing blackjack and ask if we can sit down with them, they all nod so we sit down.
      I notice two black guys just sitting further away and not really talking to anybody, they look bored. One is older & clearly hotel staff, the other is just a kid. I say hello to them & they seemed shocked. the older man asks what he can do for me & i tell him "well id like to see you both smiling so are you gonna sit down and play blackjack with us or what?" Again they seem shocked, they're looking at me like they think im crazy. "come on, sit down, have some fun.... For me?" They look at each other and the older one chuckles, "thanks" he says. They move over and sit down. I ask the kid if he wants to play, he just keeps saying "oh no i couldn't" But the older guy says "no do it, id like to see you play".
      The kid joins in on the game and we are enjoying some friendly banter. The older guy tells me that people in this hotel are pretty racist still and hes basically a slave. I am disgusted. "is there nothing i can do?" i ask him. he just looks at me solemnly and says "no".
      "then i think ill be coming to this place a lot more to see you guys, sounds like you could both use a drink, they're on me" i wink at the kid and they both laugh.

      The older guy gets called over by a really miserable looking woman, when he leaves the table the dream follows him in 3rd person. He begins to clean some stone steps, he is crouched at the top with a wooden bucket and soapy water, with a sponge cleaning away and minding his own business. The woman walks over and says he should of been doing this instead of playing around with me all night and starts to beat him, he cowers while she punches him a couple of times then gets up. He hits her once and knocks her to the floor. She gets out a knife and lunges at him, he grabs her wrist and throws her down the stairs. When i see this happen, i can't help but feel really satisfied.

      Then i wake up
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