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    Crazy night (long post)

    by , 07-04-2010 at 08:04 PM (473 Views)
    Okay ummmm.... WOW?! What happened to me last night? By far that was my longest lucid dream ever. OK here goes:

    Non Lucid

    Okay so the non lucid part is all mixed up and hazy but these are the parts I can remember. I realised I was in school which is kinda weird because we just left school. What's even weirder is that I was only wearing my boxers. Okaaaaay so I'm walking around school in my boxers then I think I dropped something on the floor because I remember crouching down to pick something off the floor and thought hmm this looks like a nice place to sleep. At the time I must have thought it was RL and when I woke up I thought did I sleep on the floor last night or was that just in the dream. I was really confused about what was dream and what was reality. Well anyway while I was crouched on the floor going to sleep I must have done the opposite of a false awakening. Having a dream within a dream . I try to imagine it like a normal dream is (dream) and a dream within a dream is (dream(dream)). In this case I woke up from the second dream inside the first dream. So I woke up in my boxers on the floor of my school . I hope you understand what I'm talking about here.

    So another part of it I remember is being in mud-land or something with my sister and her best friend. We jumped down some massive tube of mud that was being emptied and down some massive underground tunnel. Why? I'll never know.


    Ok so far it's all been non lucid. But now I find myself outside my old house. I turned lucid somehow. Okay now it's time to experiment with something I thought. I tried to change the scenery around me to a massive white room to try out some stuff in. It sort of worked. The view in front of me went a patchy white as if the scene had half changed then decided not to. I had to use my arms to wipe off the rest of the old scenery and turn it into the white room. I started to hear my voice echoing when I spoke. I find that saying what I want to happen in my dreams helps it happen. So I turn around and behind me I'm still on my old room. One half of my dream is in the massive white room and the other half is on my road. It's the weirdest thing. So I turned the other half of it into the white room too. Then I realise that I can hear birds singing. "No birds" I said. The birds disappear. Then there's some light rain. "No rain" I said. The rain stops. I really started to appreciate how realistic this dream was. The big white room doesn't last long. I found myself in the town centre and I try to summon people. It works but from then on it got stupid. I tried to summon some other stuff but when I started someone walked up beside me and started pointing at the thing I was summoning and screaming "MODS! MODS!". okaaay then. So everyone disappears and then it gets to the best bit.

    I'm outside a building on the edge of a lake with a pier but it looks cartoony. Like it's in Beautiful Katamari style animation. I'm looking out over the lake and behind me to my left there's a kitchen door with a person making burgers in it. He looked like somebody from burger king or something. So I think to myself how about some pyrokenisis. I cup my hand like I'm holding a football in it and really concentrate on making fire. A small blue flame appears in it like the size of one out of a lighter. I fell sort of proud of myself for doing this so I tell the guy that's making the burgers to come and see what I could do. He said something like "I can't I'm making burgers". Yeeeaaah I'm making fire with my mind and all you can think about is making burgers. Idiot. So I try to make a fireball with my mind and throw it at something. I cup both hands as if I'm holding a ball between my hands and concentrate on making a ball of fire. It works but it starts to get really hot. It's not like I'm immune to fire like you would expect. I start getting burnt so I hurry up and throw it. I end up throwing it into the water. Then I try to make lightning. I do the same thing as with the small flame but I concentrate on lightning. I make a small ball of energy in my hand and throw it into the water. For some reason I find myself falling in the water as well. OMG if I fall in that water I'll get killed by the electricity. There's people laughing at me trying not to fall in and I manage not to. THEN (and this is probably the strangest part of the dream) I find myself inside a huge monster's mouth with the burger guy. Seriously? WHAT?!?

    Then I think I must have woken up. "MUST GET ON DREAMVIEWS BEFORE I FORGET ANYTHING" unfortunately I probably forgot a lot of stuff. Also at one point I remember half waking up. I was thinking I wonder if imagining you're spinning around when you're halfway into a dream helps induce lucidity? Apparently it does but I don't know if I was truly half awake or if I was having a false awakening.

    Anyway that was the best lucid dream I've had. Glad I was able to share it with all of you lovely people .

    P.S: I listened to almost the whole of the new pendulum album writing this. Remember how I recently left school? This is the most writing I've done for a loooooong time

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