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    Dream #1

    by , 02-09-2011 at 09:07 PM (393 Views)
    From now on my dreams are going to be numbered. Ignoring that first DJ post. Last nights dream wasn't lucid but it was my first nugget of good dream recall in a while so here goes:

    First thing I can remember was being in a shower and trying to use some shampoo but I couldn't get any out (okaaaay random). Scene dissolves and part 2 begins. This part is all mixed up but I will try to make sense of it. I rmember trying to play xbox but my TV was lying sideways on the floor fo some reason. Then there were other people in the room and they wanted to play some maths game. Scene dissolves. Part 3 begins. This was the bulk of my dream. The main part I remember. I think I was on a computer on YouTube and I found a video of a final destination scene involving a revolving door. It was in a hotel lobby that looked similar to a place we went on holiday. Anyway what happened was if you imagine looking down at the door from above it would look like an X and there was a girl who I think I know in the bottom part of the X and two guys on the 2 side parts. As the door was spinning they were pushing the door in opposite directions towards the girl so here part of the X was getting smaller. As this was happening I kind of teleported to the scene. I was getting scared for the girl as the walls were closing in on her and the guys were laughing about it because in my dream it was all a joke. Anyway the door broke down and stopped with the girl trapped inside and the 2 guys escaping. For a moment I was looking at it through her eyes (pretty damn scary for me) looking up at how close the walls were and stuff. From my view she looked like she was crying. I remember hearing somebody say that there was no hope now. I was getting worried here because whenever I'm certain something gory is about to happen I can't stop it and it's always reallly gory. The revolving door started spinning at about 120 RPM which is like 1 turn every half second and it started filling with water. The girl was lost from sight but I could still hear her screaming (horrible) and there was blood. After a while the spinning stopped and... well... to be frank she was missing a head. Lovely. What a nice dream I'm having here. Anyway I look around myself and there are people looking at it in shock. In particular one old lady who keeps looking at me then the reloving door and back to me saying things like "well I never". What happens after that I don't really understand but it was sort of like there was a computer sort of to the right of the door and the video on YouTube was open and by having that open I was causing this to happen. Anyway in my thought process it was like being in a public place and watching some sick gory movie. Sort of embaressed I close down the window and that's all I remember.

    This morning I had to go to college and guess what the entrance is. REVOLVING DOORS YAAAY! I walked into it, remembered my dream and just thought "ooooh crap" lol. Nothing happened though thankfully.


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