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    Dat Library

    by , 03-07-2012 at 12:52 AM (572 Views)
    I stepped through the automatic doors of a giant mall. The floor had marble colored tiles, and to my left was a department store with glass windows; inside was clothing on hangers and other stuff you find in clothes stores (I get the feeling that I'm planning my 16th birthday), Upon entering this "mall" I run up to my brother's friend, Yessica, whom I hug and shout "Hi!" to. I say hi to my brother and we walk towards the end of the mall. We walk to the end of the mall which looks like the place where people park inside. The window reveals it's nighttime. A woman who has black hair, a bit chubby, and is wearing a leather jacket appears as we walk to the staircase(s). I have the feeling that she's my sister's friend who isn't present in the dream. We follow her and she leads us to a room with multiple staircases, much like the moving staircases in Hogwarts, however these aren't stone, they're covered with a beige colored carpet and rimmed with dark brown wood. She leads us down stairs, leads us to the right down another set up stairs and into a library, or Barnes & Noble like place. A buffet-like table is covered with children's books and toys that have to do with literature. I walk over to the bookshelves and find a large, brown and black book, I think it was an Edgar Allen Poe book. I continue to walk around and come upon the end of the store. In the corner there's a toy machine that holds small mechanical figures of "The Angry Birds". I walk away and go up to the register. Bracelets are hanging on a display hanger thing, I grab one and put it in my mouth. It tastes like those chalky candy bracelets people buy each other for Valentine's Day. The clerk gets mad and attempts to throw me out. I ran as fast as I can to the Angry Birds machine and steal some. The clerk grabs them out of my hand, a girl who looks 14 grabs a few and tries to give them to me as I'm thrown out the door. The clerk gets her too, but she still hands one in her hand. She throws it to me, I catch it and find I have a blue bird, I throw it up in the air and it begins to fly. I sit "indian style" on a cement square which begins to move. I tilt to the left, making the cement block turn left as well. As I steer this cement vehicle out of the parking lot I sing and move my arms to Madonna's song "Vogue".

    The dream transitions into another and I find myself in a village of some sort. I walk down a natural ramp of rock and I enter an open cave system. Below me is water. All round the cave are natural stone pillars and holes which allow me to still see the village. I hear a roar behind a pillar and a dragon emerges. Its eyes glow red, and its black scales glow in the moonlight. It takes a breath and blows fire in my direction. I look down at the crashing of water against the cave walls.

    I wake up.

    The End c:

    I attempted a wild before I had this dream, no success obviously. But I didn't get discourage, I think it's because the alarm and woken me up and I wasn't tired. I had this dream after waking up at about 2 AM.

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