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    My Favorite Dream

    by , 07-19-2011 at 09:05 PM (653 Views)
    My friend, Kayla, and I were at my house watching T.V. I think. My dad didn't know she was here so he began to yell and say "GET OUT!! GET OUT NOW!" So we both did. We ran out of the house and hid behind a huge boulder in the backyard. My dad came running after us but couldn't find us.

    Now here's my favorite part! 8D

    My brother was driving me to his apartment. We went up the elevator and walked into the apartment. A brown rug, with white walls and brown chairs. When I walked in I saw a woman sitting in the corner. A blond woman with black streaks in her hair and black sunglasses. She was out of the ordinary, she didn't wear "normal" clothes. Instead she wore a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders and black pants with slits in them. She just sat that and began to sing. I loved her voice. She grabbed out a pen and paper and wrote something down. I thought they must have been lyrics. I said, "I wanna be an artist just like you."
    And slowly she said, "You like music?"
    I nodded and replied, "I write my own lyrics!"
    "How do you compose your melody?"
    "I-I don't...I can't play an instrument..."
    She put a stick of blue gum in her mouth "WHAT?! Well, would you be interested in playing the piano?" She gave a smile that made me realize she would be my piano instructor.
    "Hell yea!!!" I yelled.
    I felt so excited, so happy, so happy that I could die. But it was only dream, as most of my thoughts are just a dream that I have to chase. This was a dream that I was happy to experience, but sad that it had to end.

    Note: When I went to bed I did some mantras, "I will remember my dream." I picture the mantra going into the back of my mind, into my subconscious. And I guess that helps! :3

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