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    Saving Atlanis, Seeing My Grandmother, and Walking Los Angeles

    by , 07-15-2011 at 12:39 AM (505 Views)
    I was swimming in the ocean. I looked at my feet and saw a fin instead of legs. Everywhere I looked there were mermaids and mermen. (I don't remember too much in this part of the dream) I remember seeing a big glacier. I could barely see through it and saw a city. The city was atlantis. There was an opening at the top, inside, the glacier was filled with water so the merpeople could swim around. I met up with King Triton. He said, "If we don't get atlantis out of this glacier, all the merpeople will die!" And that's when that part of the dream ended. I even saw Ariel XD

    I was at my dearly departed grandmother's house. She was sitting in a white plastic chair on the front lawn. She requested ice cream and I said "I'll get you some." I walked into the kitchen and there was a palette of different flavors of ice cream. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. I took a scoop of all three and put it in a bowl. I returned to the front with the bowl in my hands. I saw my grandma take a bowl of ice cream from another person, who looked like Megan Fox. She hugged my grandma, looked at me and gave an evil smile. As if she wants my grandma to lover HER more than me. I started to cry because I knew it was true. Then in a flash a blue portal opened and out of it, stepped my mom's sister. We don't like her because she's a stupid spoiled whore... anyways she walked up to my grandma. Instead my mom attacked the bitch and threw her to in the road. There was a big block of ice in the middle of the road with a hole on the top big enough to fit my mom's sister. She threw her in there and filled the whole thing with lava.

    I was walking in a huge city. With a random DC who was my "friend." He was mexican with spikey black hair. We had a parachute backpack on our backs and we started talking gibberish. We walked on, and on and found a company. It was a hair company. I don't remember the name. We walked in and a blond woman greeted us. She told us, "We do all sorts of hair. Boys hair is free here." She talked with a New Jersey sort of accent. On counters there were blue beads and pink strands of hair. She led us to a long table where the manager was sitting. He said something which made me mad and I gave him a sort of push and called him a motherfucker. He yelled for the guards to attack us. My friend and I ran outside the building into an amusement park. I ran and ran and at some point they got my dream friend. I kept running and ran into my friend Savannah. She told me where to hide and I did what she told me. THe guards approached her and told them, "He went that way! Towards the water ride!!" They believed her and ran to the ride.

    The End
    P.S. Sphinter

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