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    So Random! 8D

    by , 08-03-2011 at 01:47 AM (694 Views)
    I was playing black ops with a few friends. I was actually in the game. I walked across a snowy map and some random guy popped out of a window. Derp

    A friend of mine, Sakina, came over my house. After a gibberish conversation she left.

    I then spawned in a classroom where a friend, Bailie, holding a brown unicorn stuffed animal sat next to me. for some reason the classroom was made of ice.

    I was in a car with my dad who was driving crazily. We passed so many places, the only one that caught my eye was a record store (I collect records).

    I was in a library with my mom and friend Liz. We sat in the cafe next to Teena Marie, who asked my mother how my grandmother died. My mom explained and I twirled in a flashback in a hospital with my grandmother laying still on a bed. My mother was crying uncontrollably. The flashback ended and I was back in the library. My friend Liz saw unicorn stuffed animals just like the one Bailie had. She begged me to buy her one and, I did. I went to the instrument section and found a, "How to read piano notes for dummies" book and purchased. Then I woke up and I epicly failed at a WILD ^_^

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