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    The bad part of town

    by , 01-15-2014 at 02:11 PM (596 Views)
    Yesterday I unexpectedly received a book to read, so last night I sat down and read it. It was "Proof of Heaven", a neurosurgeons journey to the afterlife, by Eben Alexander. After reading it I knew what he experienced was true and real, as I have" tasted" much of what he described myself first hand, not to the depths he had, but still enough to know what he spoke of without having to wonder at all.
    I also framed up a question, or at least a direction in mind as I went to sleep. It was something along the line of meeting the unconditional love being shown me with something of worth like trust, faith. I also sent out" a sort of question" on different levels of dimensions of reality and what of other "higher" spiritual beings along the path being there to help on the journey.
    I also had a sudden urge right before bed to look up Wayne Dyer and see what he has done in recent years. Ended up ordering a audio cd titled "I Am".

    Dreamview opens in as if I am driving along in what I seem to understand as Detroit for some reason. I am headed generally west into a very bad part of town. Buildings and empty crumbling, streets full of trash. There is no one out save for an occasional bum staggering around. The weather is overcast and dark. Its as if night is beginning to fall.
    Coming down the street from around a corner is a car chasing a couple men on foot. Both the car and men on ground are shooting at each other. They seem to totally ignore me as I weave around them.
    I go on around the corner to the north and shortly turn uphill to the east in the drive of a house.
    I am drawn inside. The inside is a big contrast to the world outside. Bright, well lit and cheery inside. Inside I find a short fat old black lady whose presence I feel and recognize as the same as that which has appeared in my dreams as many different women. This manifestation is somehow different. The love emanating from her is" tuned" a little different ... either that, or I am somehow different myself?? and such is bringing a difference to the love being received.??

    We talk, but I quickly forget what it was specifically about, though it did have something to do with what I framed up before bed. She has me follow her and we are suddenly as if flying northwards towards some sort of bridge. The city below is receiving the last rays of the days sun as it falls over the horizon to the west. All the street lights lit below as the scene darkens.
    I ask if we are flying( as in a plane) asking if she flys? She grins and chuckles as I then understand in the state we are in there is no need for planes. This manifestation is great, as if she is someones dear old grandmother wise beyond wise.
    We move lower to the ground along large power lines moving along the bridge. We end up standing on the ground under the bridge. I find myself asking about feelings, emotions and a sense of power I have inside. She again grins and is saying something. I am trying to move the energy I feel inside, as if trying to shape it and discharge it in some sort of useful direction.
    Another woman shows up. She comes in as if in a reddish stream of light from the north heading south. She stops and faces us . she is to the north of me facing south. I am facing west and the old woman is to the south facing north. This new woman is young, sexy and has long red hair. As attractive as she is she I sense almost the opposite sort of presence in her than that in the old woman. Diabolic is the word that came to mind in the dream.
    She greets the old woman and seems to be moving some energy inside her towards the old woman in a intended detrimental way. I feel this, and somehow I instinctively well up feelings and expend my own energy inside towards intervening. I create a disturbance next to this other woman disrupting her efforts. She takes quick notice of me as if she hadn't realized I was even there. At the same time I seem to know that the old woman brought me here to teach me something and also brought this other young woman here for the same purpose in teaching me something.
    The young woman says something to the old woman and calls her by name in here farewell. The old woman responds calling her by her name as well. I immediately seemed to forget both names. Eerily the young woman asks my name, but I do not respond, almost if the old woman is some how mentally compelling me to stay silent. I also have almost a sense that at this point I have no name, and that my earthly persons name is not applicable to that which I am. I smile and wave my hand and she zips away to the west and north again as again if in a blaze of reddish light. The dream ends here.

    This one is loaded with metaphor everywhere. Directional, both women, power lines, bridge, everything in it. All speaking to me in each their own way. I'll have to chew on this one later more.

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    1. NonDualistic's Avatar
      Seems both women represent some part of myself, as does the part I seem to play in the dream. 3 parts. The two women seem to be opposites of sorts, a dualistic contrast of Self/self. I as the third party seems to be an arising aspect that bridges the two in some way, or is supposed to eventually . I have had dreams to effect of that bridging before.