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    Her again...

    by , 01-28-2014 at 02:25 PM (217 Views)
    Another longer dream that I remember only part of..

    The shy is cloudy but bright with just a few rays of sunshine coming through here and there intermittently. The are I am seeing is a compound, a few buildings, with the are between pretty much bare dirt, like a constructions site, or a well trodden crossroads, speaking of which there is a road that is running north and south in the middle. To the east and west there is a path, but it is more grassy, and seems seldom traveled, as if barely noticeable.
    My view is to the west and slightly south to start with, towards the western structure, the south half of it that is more complete. Its as if it is under construction. There is the main floor at ground level, with the ground rising up to the second floor around to the south and west sides. Seems there is a ramp built up to that second floor on the north and east sides. There is a beautiful blonde woman with long hair on the second floor
    . I recognize her form and the person I know, but the Presence is just using that image -like it does all such female images. This I am more lucid to know at this moment. There is a bed in the room. I enter the room and embrace her, I feel the bond between us that transcends the form. I lie down in the bed on to the north/left of her facing east. She move over as I lie down. The bed seems to be depressed where she was and I am now. I seem to sink into the depression. I put my left arm over myself and around her. She takes my arm in hers and pulls me close next to her. Then it seems as if I am on the floor next to the bed, still holding on to here but she is still up in the bed at the edge now.
    The dream shifts and I am out to the south west of the building looking north, northwest atop a grassy knoll. Seems there is something in the sky to take note of. All I recollect is sunlight piercing through the clouds shining down on or near me and another presence standing there. I wasn't alone, but don't readily know who was with.
    Dream shifts again, and I am on the second floor of the building on the south side of the bedroom . The woman is there with others she is meeting with. She has some business with them, and our eyes meet and stay locked upon one another as she leaves the room to the east with the others. I/ have a sense that we will meet again later. Mean while I find myself facing and looking north and east out the north side of the unfinished building.

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