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    Hiddeen stairway

    by , 01-31-2014 at 07:24 PM (372 Views)
    This one happened right aft the Old folks dream... just didn't have time to write it down earlier. These two dreams were refreshingly easier to recall than those of the last many days..

    Entered a set of double doors into a huge main floor of a huge house. The doors are set into the east wall to the north side of that wall. Reminds me of a old Victorian turned into a fraternity house is the impression I have. I am following a tour guide or someone showing me inside as if I am going to be moving in.
    I seem to be somewhat occupied as to finding the other people that are supposed to be living there already. Theses a sense that they are there, downstairs it feels like. But I see no one other than the 1 or 2 persons now guiding me. Seems as there might be others with me in a group, but it is only a sense, not really clear.
    There is a center column or pillar that runs through the center of the building, centered in the room. Around it seems to be a huge kitchen area. To the south wall there is several staircases going up and down, but they don't seem to lead anywhere upon investigating them.
    There is another pair of stair cases to the north wall that only go up. I go to see where they go, but have this feeling that they do not go where I want to go, at least they are not they way I am intended to go is/may be the feeling I am getting.
    Then The guide says to come here to the center column in the kitchen area. We seem to see a hidden stair case wrapped into and around the column going up. We push something and move a couple of things and the staircase unfolds out of the column and can be used to go up.

    The dream shifts radically all of a sudden and I am working on a lawn mower with a rototiller , trying to put the tiller on the tractor. Iam familiar with this tiller and the way it is in the dream is not the way it is in reality. I recognize this point but do not become lucid quite all the way. Kind of weird.. There is a circular part that hinges the parts together and its not adjusted right.

    Dream shifts yet again. to inside a cave or large shed of sorts, Hard to tell .seems like there is something going on down in a lower level cant really tell the direction. I seems east or north, sometimes west. Really weird the way its turned in here. The only definite thing is the large entrance into here from the south with light shining through it. There is some commotion as to some persons coming. Not sure at all what's happening, but there is some slight anxiety felt as if one is being chased.

    Dream ends abruptly

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