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    Jumbled views

    by , 01-12-2014 at 04:52 PM (486 Views)
    Went to bed without framing up a question. Been unsure of where to go with the questioning. Dreamview was fast paced and quick changing. There were several scapes that were notable..

    One was in the basement of the house I grew up in. I was with others, people I know, family and others. I was looking for something it seemed while at the same time trying to repair something. It seemed I was feeling the presence of what I was looking for somewhere on the backside of a stairwell leading up to another floor. It seemed as if hidden in the structure behind a wall, under the very steps one would walk up to the next floor on.
    The view shifts up onto the roof. I am trying to put a elaborate stone/metal one piece chimney cap on the chimney. The chimney area has some sort of temporary structure built over it. I am having to work in this tight area and it is getting frustrating for some reason. As I am looking down the chimney hole, I also feel the presence of what I had been looking for down near the chimney well, down in the structure near the stairwell I was previously at.
    The cap is tedious to put in place and just as I think I get it, it falls over and breaks somewhat. Anger arises and it then breaks into many pieces without me throwing it even.

    View shifts and I am in a industrial yard driving a load and also walking around at times. This same area is as in another dream I had months ago I now realize, when I was moving material around in a snowstorm with the snow burying everything and making moving difficult.
    View shift to driving in a vehicle with family and other stuff packed in it. Snowing, roads are ice covered. Following a empty truck & trailer under a railroad bridge up a hill. It almost does not make it up hill. We follow.
    As we go up over the hill towards a big gathering of some sorts. the snow on the road gets worse, the path narrows and comes to high impassible wall right before the turn into the gathering. We back out as the truck ahead of us is also backing towards us back out to the main road again. As we are leaving I notice a very narrow path next to a tree that leads past the mountain of snow into the gathering. One would have to leave their vehicle and all their belongings to go through it.

    View shifts back to industrial yard. Starts out fairly sunny out, then slowly begins to darken up to overcast, gray and hazy as the view unfolds as follows. There are problems with the machinery there. Cant find problem, but don't feel as though I really should or need to fix it either. Hard to tell..some sort of apprehension over it. Facing west the path leads out to the edge of the yard towards a green area, a grassy plain of sorts. To the south is a large dark building very tall. I feel indifferent to it and the plains to the west also. To the north is a large run down hotel of sorts . Double floored blocks of rooms in rows east to west with doors on north and south sides both.
    Suddenly there is a sense of urgency as droves of people are coming , fleeing from what appears to be dead people walking. Zombies of sorts, but not like you see in the movies. Its like they are alive on the outside but dead inside. They are not trying to eat people, but catch them and turn them into more zombies and carry them off to the south.
    The people fleeing these zombies are running over others with their cars and trucks while trying to save themselves. No compassion or consideration for anyone else. It seems as though some of the people are making their way to the edge of the green plains to the west, mainly those being pushed aside by the others with no concern. Those people are heading distinctly south.

    View shifts and I am up in and around the motel rooms. There are others up there armed, some outside in groups like squads of military in a defense arrangement. Others hold up in rooms organizing. My view follows searching the room and clearing them of zombies. Then a zombie dressed in a helmet and combat fatigues wearing a generals star grabs me and lifts me off the ground. I am hesitant to kill it for some valid reasoning, but then I drop the thought and see myself as being free of it. At that moment I am also witnessing my person pull a large dagger or short sword and cut into the zombies neck pulling the blade on around and severing its head. Free I move into a room through an open south door.
    others are in there with weapons, but the reality is really distorted some how. Some of the dc's are part people and part animated cartoon characters of sorts. I leave that room through a north facing door going by others who are entering rooms to clear them. Somewhere here the dream ends

    There was also a brief flash in the middle of all the above of the view of a very large ornate building structure. One with a broad base. The building was vary tall and seems as if round in shape built largely of living wood with stone floors and steps upward in a lavish staircase with linings of gold on the rails going up. All I could see was a quick glimpse of the first and second floors, maybe the third. It was like I was seeing through the wall into the first floor but only in one place. Like my view was being channeled through a pipe or tunnel or something. The second floor and up was hazy and unclear. It was a very quick glimpse and then gone....

    When I first woke up I could not seem to remember a lot of this, but as I wrote I began to recall more in vivid detail piece by piece. Also couldn't see at first any real meaning, but the first part with the house structure has a lot of meaning. There is something yet hidden within me I need to find. I need to first frame up a question as to what it is before I can hope to find it. The meaning of the chimney cap is not clear. The glimpse also has meaning in the structure seen relating to myself in a future moment.

    The zombie business also has meaning as to the world around us and what is happening..

    The snow covered road and path out of the vehicle reminds me of the bibles teaching of a camel going through the eye of a needle. IE as in having to leave your worldly self and concerns to pass through the gate , just as you would if you were a traveler with a camel going to enter a ancient city through a needle gate of a castle to gain entrance. One would have to dismount, and leave the camel outside to get in. This whole dream is worthy of more looking into..

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    1. NonDualistic's Avatar
      The zombies I now believe to be another representation of myself, though related to the world events around me. Such represents myself being carried off by my worldly opinions of current events and such. Cutting the zombies head off would suggest that I remove the problem from my mind... not get caught up in all these things that I have no control over anyhow. They are distractions that carry many off into worldly affairs" to the south".