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    As likened to your children..

    by , 01-22-2014 at 01:52 PM (296 Views)
    Two nights now with dreams that were difficult and seemingly impossible to recall after waking. Last nights came only after emptying my mind completely and meditating on it several times.. and then much of the details was not retrieved. however, I get the impression that the dream was not really trying to communicate detail..

    Like the last dream entry, there are 3 components and my view. This time the three persons are my own children. the oldest is sensed as in the dream and a constant, as if unshakably dependable. He was there at the onset, unseen but his presence felt throughout.
    The second boy was there with the youngest of the three, the daughter. We were in a building and there seemed to be some sort of radio station we were just keeping an eye on. Had to make sure the radio stations call signs were transmitted at regular intervals between the music being played. This seemed to be the second boys responsibility.
    He seemed to disappear and there was a slight concern that we needed to find him so we wouldn't miss the next required broadcast. Strangely though, there also seemed to be a sense that this was just a "ghost chase" as I knew somehow that he would be there to do it when the time came , regardless that he seemed to not be there now.
    The dream progressed that we went out looking for him, and it seemed to be the daughter that was the sponsor of the need to look. I followed after her as she went here and there, but she wasn't really looking for her brother, she was doing all sorts of things for herself. She was very difficult to keep track of and kept disappearing. The feeling was that she was the one that was derailing things in truth.
    Time was getting close to broadcast time and I looked out as going by a set of doors to the parking lot, and sure enough there was the boy, right on time, waiting for his sister to get into the car to go back to the station. They loaded up and began to drive off.
    There was more content after, something about a race of sorts, and moving on a road, at which time the dream collapsed and I woke up.

    This dream also speaks to the same as the last dream journal entry. I was reading up o the the trikaya and the teachings of also a fourth kaya... the integration of the three. This dream here seems to carry one into seeing the 3 kayas with having aspects represented in the 3 children in my dream. Keys with which to perhaps unlock meaning that has eluded me.

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